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How to Convert vCard Files to CSV for Email Contacts on Mac OS?

Mac users are well aware of vCard or VCF files. vCard file format is used to export contacts from Mac and store the information. At some point, we all wanted to import our contacts to another email service or account. But to do so we must convert vCard to CSV Mac and then migrate the contacts.

Summary: Get the perfect solution to convert vCard files to CSV format. Export the vCard files in a different version to *.csv format on Mac OS.

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Overview of vCard/VCF and CSV Files

vCard files or VCF files are often used to export or import the contact to address book. Open vCard file on Mac OS using any contact applications. The VCF file is plain text files including some details such as Contact name, email address, phone number, address, business number, and other information.

CSV Formats or comma separate values file consisting of a large amount of data. It is plain text with a bunch of information is it separated by a comma. Use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet to access CSV files on any OS.

Now, let me walk you through some of the major traits of the CSV files and the reasons why users are converting vCard to CSV format on Mac.

Why You Should Convert vCard to CSV on Mac?

As the blog explains the solution and procedure to convert vCard to CSV Mac OS. Before going into the solution let’s learn why CSV is the commonly used file format.

Safe & Easy to Use: Compared to other data storing file formats *.csv format will stand out. The file is human-readable files, it is not encoded to binary before storing like other files. This makes the file easy for users. It is safe and be differentiated between numeric values and text values.

Simple Text Files: CSV files can be opened or read using any text editor. Since the file format is a simple plain text file. 

Apt for Large Organization: Each VCF file consumes very little memory and therefore can be migrated easily to any email service. The importing and export of large information in business data such as customer details can be done effortlessly with CSV file formats.

All the above mentioned are some of the hand-picked traits of CSV files, while the file format possesses multiple features.

Convert vCard to CSV Mac – A Reliable Solution

After getting contacts in VCF format convert the files to CSV using vCard Converter for Mac. An all-in-one application to convert, split, or merge the vCard files. Convert different types of vCard files whether the file is exported from iCloud, Gmail, etc. The product has a very simple software interface, which implies anyone can use it effortlessly.

The application is compatible with all the Mac OS latest versions from OS X version 10.8 Mountain Lion. The tool does not require any outside support or services while performing the process of conversion of VCF files. Change one or more vCard files to CSV formats on macOS without hammering any contact information in the files. To operate the app there is no requirement for any external services or source. A computer novice to a computer expert can operate the utility without any hassle.

With the tool, there is no limitation in converting the VCF contacts files to a different format. Add multiple files to the software panel and convert the files in batches in a single attempt. No need to repeat the process again and again.

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Change vCard File Extension using the Steps mentioned below:

Download the tool from the site and carry out the steps. These steps are the ones that I have adapted while using the tool;

1. Start adding vCard contact files to the software using the Add button in the main top menu.

2. Use either Add File or Add folder, both the button works for the similar cause.

3. The tool will display all the contact information in the software. To view all the details, click on the required file. The complete information will be displayed at the bottom.

4. Go to the convert button and choose a location to store the converted VCF files.

5. Then, go to the “convert to another format” radio button and select CSV format.

Convert vCard to CSV Mac

6. Click the Ok button to confirm the process. Soon a few messages including conversion completion will pop up.

Soon you will get the folder with converted vCard files in CSV format. The folder will open up instantly after the conversion completes.

How vCard to CSV Convert is Different?

The application has multiple features when it comes to conversion. Here I will explain some of the reasons why you must get this application or at least test its working.

Bulk vCard Conversion: vCard contact files consist of multiple contact lists. It can go more and more depending on the field. Thus, it has an outstanding aspect of converting multiple VCF files to another format in batches without the loss of any data.

Convert vCard to CSV with the accurate result: Even after conversion of contacts files on VCF format to CSV, the tool maintains the data integrity. The exact file will be obtained with another file extension.

Get other Solution: other than converting vCard to CSV on Mac OS, you will get other functions too. There are different searches based on how to split or merge vCard files, convert the versions, etc. Thus, the vCard to CSV converter is a one-stop solution. The following are the other advanced feature of the tool:

  • vCard Splitter: Split VCF file to multiple formats using filters such as split by each contact, split by several contacts and split by keywords. Via the tool, you can divide a large vCard file.
  • vCard Merger: Also merge or combine multiple vCard files to a single file. 
  • Convert vCard version: Change the version of vCard to 2.1 or 3.0. VCF Version 2.1 is applicable for mobile desktop applications. VCF version 3.0 will support cloud and Webmail services.           

Display all the vCard information: Before the conversion begins you will get the complete details in the VCF files. Click on the file to get all the information in the bottom panel of the tool.

Trial Version of the Application

Visit the product’s site to get a tool to convert vCard to CSV Mac for free. The demo version of the vCard converter will allow the user to export the VCF files to CSV without any restrictions. All the features are included in the Demo version as it has in the professional or the upgraded version. You will get a complete understanding of the tool’s workspace and will get the steps to change the file extension.


Putting all together, the article is a one-place solution to different user’s search and queries. Convert vCard to CSV Mac or split the CSV files or merge multiple VCF files into one. Moreover, I have explained the entire procedure to convert VCF files and as per the experience I had, the tool is a solution trusted by many users and myself. Being a regular customer of MacUncle, I vouch that the tool is worth having if you work in a large organization.

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