How To Choose The Best Bath Towels

How To Choose The Best Bath Towels

Bath towels are highly used linens in homes. When you buy a bath towel, you need to consider many aspects to make the right choice. Bath towels are exposed to repeated washings and hence they must be durable enough to withstand a tough usage. It is always good to select a soft and absorbent towel that can easily absorb mildew and odors. Here are a few tips to choose the best bath towel that you will love using for a long time.

Choose the right fiber
Bath towels are made from a wide range of fibers. Choose quality materials that will ensure the best performance, durability, better water absorbing capabilities, and will work hygienic on your skin. The four popular materials opted in bath towels are Turkish cotton, bamboo fiber, Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. Turkish cotton absorbs water so very well. It does not hold moisture as Egyptian cotton does. They are known for their softness and the best absorbency. However, the best choice when it comes to bath towels is organic cotton that is grown using organic methods.

Choose the right towel size
The second aspect in choosing the right towel size. While purchasing a bath towel, the size of the towel is an important consideration. Taller and larger people will need extra-large towel that can comfortably wrap around the body. If you are not going to use larger towels, go for the average sizes. Bath towels and wash clothes are best purchased in standard sizes so that they can suit most members in the family. Bath sheets are oversized towels that can be wrapped around the body after bath. Many people prefer this type over regular bath towels.

Keep this in mind regarding colors
Towels are available in almost all colors and patterns you can think of. Organic towels are made from organic materials and hence they come in a select range of organic colors only. Decide if you will like solid colored, double colored or patterned towels. Also figure out if decorative ones will suit you. Based on your preferences, you can go about choosing the color of the bath towels.

Embroidered towels
Embroidered Towels can be made to order and hence can be customized for your specific needs and tastes. You can also get your initials monogrammed on the bath towels you order. Embroidered towels carry embroidered designs on the towels that are stitched on them in a decorative way. Embroidery is stitched over a fabric border like satin, silk, rayon, cotton and others. You can choose the designs you want on the towels and place a custom order based on your preferences. Embroidered towels can make value additions to your bath room. You can also think of getting embroidered towels for the guest bath rooms so that you give something special they will like when they visit your home.

Make the necessary ground work and choose the right kind of embroidered towels that you and your family will love to use.

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