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How to build a user-friendly website: Top 5 tips

Websites have advanced so much over the years. It’s not about words and images anymore. Rather, it is more of an experience. The web development process also has evolved to cater to these changes. The look and feel of your site along with the placement of impressive CTAs and other elements are all crucial. These factors are important to make your users stay for long on your site. It will improve the conversion rates drastically. Here are the top 5 tips to design and develop a user-friendly website that you can employ in your website. 

Easy navigation:

The navigation of your site should be simple and spontaneous enough to predict the visitor’s typical behavior and adhere to their established habits. We all know, developers are so fond of creativity and innovation, but this is one section where they need to ensure predictability. A good navigation flow will not be an innovative one. You need to systematize your navigation without any significant innovations to follow a standard flow that the visitor is already aware of. It must be straightforward for the user to understand the entire website explicitly.

If there are too many pages on your site, you can incorporate them into a drop-down menu. The navigation bar is crucial because it is the prime source that will guide your users to different pages. And help them find what they want without being lost and wandering. A/B testing with your bar with a few adjustments accordingly is something you can do to arrive at a promising outcome for your navigation bar. It is better to have a search bar alongside the navigation menu which will ensure a hassle-free experience for your visitors.

Content readability:

As a brand, you will have plenty of information to give out to your audience. But not all the content that you share on your site will be useful to them. People do not want to thoroughly read the entire content of a web page. They just pay attention to structured headings and pointers that are easy to grasp. Split your core message that you want to convey into different paragraphs as necessary. Ensure contrast between different sections in terms of color, layout, and background. Don’t use lavish font styles that might look attractive but not readable. Also, avoid using multiple font styles all through the page. Utilize formatting techniques such as headlines, subtitles, highlighted words, and bullet points to enhance the importance given to major contexts.

Load time of pages:

Nobody likes to wait so long for a page to load. Especially as there are millions of other options available on the internet. The amount of time your site and pages take to load is a significant factor in the success of your website. According to most of the expert web development services, any site that takes more than 10 seconds to load will have significantly higher bounce rates. To reduce load times, you can try removing unnecessary elements like videos and multimedia that don’t add value to the page content. Compressing the images without affecting the quality before uploading does the magic as well.

Colour schemes, palettes, and design layout:

Stick to choosing a color palette that goes along with the theme of your business verticle. The use of a dual-color theme is preferable over the usage of multiple colors all at once. Ensure the theme consistency of your brand in all the places to improve your brand awareness rate. There’s also a concept called white space or negative space. It is the vacant space between two different design components. A carefully crafted layout will be pleasant on the reader’s eye thus enhancing their experience. This way, all your texts would look legible and comprehensive for the end-user. Research shows that user attention goes up if the white space around the titles is optimized pleasantly.


People accessing websites through mobile phones has been increasing and it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Be it desktops or laptops, their usage is comparatively lesser than that of mobile phones among people. Searching for things on one go is what your potential clients prefer. Hence, all your web design efforts should also have mobile optimization as a prime focus. A mobile-friendly website design will help you put your site’s best image across any platform or browser there is. Also, note that each and every aspect of your site from navigation to section alignments must be taken careful note of across different browsers.

Bonus tips for revamping your existing website:

Describe your end goal:

There are different kinds of websites for different business goals. Revamp your website according to your end goal, your consumer point of view, and current marketing trends. Focus on building a medium to engage a community and develop a loyal following for your brand. The right team from an experienced web development company will take it upon their hands to find you the right hosting according to your bandwidth needs and to fix you up with the proper domain names.

Generate marketable content:

Content is the pillar that websites stand on. With proper content creation and content marketing strategy, you can see fruitful results on your website. Analyze your target customer persona, their interests, demographics, and most importantly their pain points. Fix upon an impressive tone in your content that would make your persona move and use that for the entire website consistently. Using formal assertive sentences won’t help to connect with your audience. Do complete research on market trends before you get into content creation. Use online tools to pick out keywords that are high-performing in your niche and use them at the right intensity on all your pages.

Conversion and sales from your website:

If your website doesn’t have enough visibility on search engine platforms, you might lose your customer to your competitor before they find you. Your website must look credible and appealing enough for the people to spend their money on you. The ultimate end goal for any business is to see comprehensive results from every corner they spend money on. Websites are no different. If you have a website that you’re spending on SSL and hosting for years and reap absolutely no returns from it, then why have one at all? So, start to think about making sales from your website and revamp your site for that.


You might prefer to go for relatively cheap sources for building your website. But that is going to take a toll on your return on investment (ROI). This is why you should consider getting the experts’ advice for your web development and choose to get the work done by them. There are tons of web development services out there and choosing the one for you might not be an easy task. 

We iTrobes take pride in being one of the leading web development companies. Be it any requirement that you have for your dream website, we are here to give you the best possible results than any other player in the market. You can always ask for the portfolio of previous works to understand our working style and quality results beforehand. From basic wireframing to website conversions, iTrobes can assist you with the complete web development process. Clinging onto things for far too long does no good. Especially when it comes to your business websites. It’s time for a new beginning. Are you ready for the ride? Get in touch with us today.

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