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How to Be More Sustainable: The Ultimate Guide

According to, 2020 was the 2nd warmest year on record. Are we still arguing about whether or not global warming is an issue worth our attention? Besides the fate of the world, there is what’s best for your health and wallet as well.

Today, we are cutting trees to build malls, houses, complexes, and buildings. By this, we are harming not only the environment but also ourselves. We know that trees give us oxygen and when we cut down trees, we are making a shortage of oxygen. Trees also give us a shed. If we grow more and more trees, it will not only give oxygen but the area will be cool in summers.

For those of us that want to do our part to better the planet and ourselves, changing our habits is all-important. So, how to be more sustainable? Keep reading as we are here to talk – sustainable lifestyle choices you never think about.

Living a Sustainable Life

Not to be overdramatic, but living a sustainable life isn’t as much about the planet as it is about who we are as individuals. We all make our mark on this world, good and bad. If you want your life to have a more positive impact, here is how.

Eat Less Meat or Go Vegetarian/Vegan

The meat industry is responsible for a substantial negative impact on the environment. Switching to a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for the environment, not to mention your health. If giving up hamburgers all together doesn’t seem possible for you, cutting down is the next best thing.

Do you have room in your yard for a vegetable garden? Nothing says “I am living a sustainable lifestyle” like growing your own organic food. For more information on preparing your own healthy meals, check out these benefits.

Be Mindful of Your Garbage

Believe it or not, Americans generate 254 million tons of trash a year. How much land can we fill before we are all choking on that nauseating smell of indifference? The next time you take out the garbage for its magical disappearing act, ask yourself – could I lighten the load?

Repurpose and Recycle

A sustainably-minded individual takes responsibility for everything they consume. If done right, we could potentially recycle or repurpose virtually every product we buy.

But, you don’t have to take it that far to make an impact. Plastic is 99% recyclable. Yet, 91% of plastic waste has not been recycled.

Conserve Energy and Water

Helping the environment means reducing your carbon footprint. Our modern-day lifestyle comes at a cost and the world’s energy demand keeps rising steadily.

The fact is most of us consume far more energy than we need or even use. One day, technology may get to the point where energy is so abundant it doesn’t negatively affect society.  We are not there yet.

The good news is green energy sources are growing as costs of solar, hydro, and wind decline. We are smack in the middle of a global energy revolution. But, until the complete widespread adoption of green technologies, fossil fuel reliance delivers an unsustainable blow to us all.

Go Plastic Free

Don’t use product which harm nature. Use of plastic disturbs the environment. Use ecofriendly or environmental friendly products. Stop using plastic bottles, straw in restaurant, plastic shopping bags. Instead of plastic, carry reusable shopping bags. Plastics are harmful not only for environment but also for human health. They are unhygienic.

Walk for health and environment

Go by walking rather than using bike or car. This will save cost of petrol and will also improve or benefit your health. While walking you’ll be losing more calories faster. If the destination is far, then use bicycle which is also type of exercise and environment friendly.

Sustainable Tips You Never Think to Do

With the above undeniable pressing issues in mind, switching to a sustainable future starts with each individual’s decision to change. There is nothing to give up or sacrifice. In fact, a sustainable lifestyle is more healthy, cheaper, and simply a wise way to live.

So, how to be sustainable with your day-to-day choices? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

The Products You Buy

Your shopping habits are a good place to start. If you make sustainability a factor, it isn’t hard to find products that are environmentally friendly.

Look on the package for recyclable symbols and support companies that produce their products with green energy. Even moderate changes in your buying habits will push for change.

After all, business is all about giving the consumer what they want so they buy it. Consider these product alternatives:

  • Energy-saving appliances and fixtures
  • Products packaged with recycled paper
  • Electric cars
  • Paper bags instead of plastic bags (reusable bags are best)
  • Second-hand products (thrift stores)
  • Bamboo toothbrushes rather than plastic
  • Use reusable alternatives
  • Use recycling
  • Reusable hand towels are better than paper towels
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Recycled notebooks and copy paper
  • Save energy
  • Go paperless rather use letters over email
  • Use renewable energy
  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables
  • Save water
  • Save electricity
  • Donate your unused products
  • Don’t waste food or leave food
  • Use eco-friendly products
  • Grow more and more trees

If enough of us demand eco-friendly products, they will become the norm instead of the exception.

Use Less Energy and Water

There are hundreds of ways to cut down on energy and water consumption. Here are a few you might not have thought of:

  • Replace your inefficient toilets with WaterSense ones
  • Install a low flow showerhead and reduce shower time
  • Only wash full loads of laundry or change the water level (smaller loads)
  • Use LED lighting and natural light in the daytime
  • Turn the water off while brushing
  • Weatherproof doors and windows
  • Use solar lighting for outdoor spaces

Food for Thought

In order to become more sustainable, we need to offset our impact by giving back. Grow your own herbs and vegetables when it is feasible.

Shop at local farmer’s markets when you can. Support your local community and eat fresh organic food.

Compost all your food waste. Simply add a bin to your trash area and dump leftover food waste in it. Take it to a nearby compost bin or even a hole in the ground.

Buy in bulk. The less packaging you buy the better. Choose to buy products packaged in tins or paper rather than plastic. Most of plastic pollution comes from discarded packaging.

How to Be More Sustainable

We are creatures of habit. Make sustainable choices and set the example for others to do the same. Turn every product purchase into an exercise in how to be more sustainable and you will create buying habits that serve the greater good.

For living a sustainable life means leaving a couple of conveniences behind, but it surely’s so worth it in future or the long term. Ultimately, you’ll regulate to the new lifestyle and will be able to sleep better at night time. You will understand that you’re making a positive change for our planet, Earth our home.

For more ideas on how to contribute to a better tomorrow for us all, keep reading our blog.

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