How Technology Can Help Improve Business Processes

The rapid advancement of technology has revolutionized Human Resource (HR) business processes in the recent years, from manual labour and stacks of overflowing paperwork to automated processes and intelligent software that takes care of every nook and cranny of businesses. Today, technological aids are increasingly being employed by organisations to further enhance HR processes. Sometimes, it seems that just about anything can be improved simply by incorporating the latest high tech gadget or software analytics to solve that persistent little problem for your company.

Many organisations have already engaged sophisticated technology to improve their complex HR processes. While technology certainly is transforming the way we work, in many ways to allow companies to increase their productivity, there is still a group of minority whom are skeptical to accept this growing trend. Let us delve deeper into the various options deployed by companies to tackle the myriad of complex HR processes.

Payroll Outsourcing

A common choice opted by majority of the companies, payroll outsourcing has definitely proved to significantly improve payroll processes. The procedure is simple: the HR department simply needs to collect employees’ data, input the data into the system provided and the external payroll service provider will take it from there. All the HR department has to do subsequently is to confirm that the figures computed are correct, and the salary can then be disbursed to the employees. Generating of payslips, government tax filings is easily taken care of by the external payroll vendor. Given the ease and convenience, there is little wonder why companies choose to outsource their payroll.

Standard Payroll Saas

Recently, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) HR has been gaining ground among companies, due to lower costs, more nimble technology and faster implementation times. The primary advantage of SaaS HR is that it delivers HR software in a cloud computing environment, allowing payroll to be done on-the-go as long as there is a wireless connection. The HR department has full control over their payroll, and do not have to go through the multi-step process of submitting data and verification checks to an external payroll vendor.

New Payroll Saas

With the move to the Cloud, IT providers are looking at more ways to further enhance these HR cloud payroll processes, making payroll simpler and streamlined. A more viable option these days would be the better and improved version of payroll Saas, which encompasses integrating employee benefits such as leave benefits into payroll. Payroll software providers are coming up with more innovative packages to integrate HR processes on the cloud to create a central hub for cloud HR. This makes payroll SaaS even more attractive to companies given the multiple possibilities that it provides.

Undeniably, payroll software delivered via the Saas model is rapidly regarded as the preferred mode of automation for organisations worldwide — regardless of the company size and geographical location. However, in the absence of clear guidance, companies may end up making ill-informed decisions. They may either switch to Saas payroll prematurely or avoid it altogether. For organisations to fully benefit from these new initiatives i.e. payroll software or payroll Saas, the first step is to introduce a trust model before engaging companies to embrace this new cloud technology.

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