How Portable Solar Panels Ease Your Life?

Solar panels are an excellent way to save money on electricity, minimize your home’s environmental effect, and give a variety of additional advantages, including supporting local businesses and helping to energy independence. We choose portable solar panels for generators and campground hookups for a variety of reasons. Solar power not only saves the environment, but it also allows us to get off the grid and away from crowded RV parks Solar panels are available in a wide range of prices and capacities to suit all budgets and power requirements. Here’s why using portable solar panels to power all of your basics is a good idea.

  • Eliminate or Reduction in Energy Bills

Even if it’s cloudy where you live, you’ll get more than two hours of sunlight every day, whereas sunny areas get an average of 5.5 sunlight hours each day.

Solar panels will keep drawing energy even though the weather is gloomy, despite the fact that sunny days yield more solar energy. Even if the sunshine is indirect or dispersed, it will still aid to power your house. On cloudy days, 10 to 20% of the electricity produced on bright days is created.

  • Saving from day one

Each year, tens of thousands of dollars can be spent on energy. In fact, including commuting and residential energy, the average yearly power consumption per person is $3,052. As soon as portable solar panels are installed, these costs can be reduced or eliminated. They also save money in the long run because capturing the sun’s energy is nearly free.

Solar panels significantly boost the resale value of your home. Most purchasers are aware of what a property with solar panels entails, especially because the equipment is already in operation, and they don’t have to pay for the initial investment or installation.

  • Helpful in every environment 

Solar power systems use the sun’s clean, pure energy to generate electricity. Installing a portable solar panel on your house helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels as a whole. Coal and natural gas have traditionally been used to generate electricity. When fossil fuels are used to generate power, toxic gases are released, which are the leading cause of air pollution and climate change. Fossil fuels are not only damaging to the environment, but they’re a limited resource. As a result, the price fluctuates often and might skyrocket in a short period of time.

  • No need to run after wired and drill holes

Even if you don’t have much experience, setting up portable solar panels is pretty simple. Renogy, a well-known firm, makes suitcase-style folding solar panels with charge controllers that attach to your deep cycle batteries in seconds. A USB outlet on Acopower’s portable solar panel allows you to charge items such as your phone or laptop. For your ease, you may use RedeemOnLiving coupons to add a portable solar panel to your cart.

  • You will have the power, while you’re in a shaded area

A campsite with no shade is the last place you want to park on a hot day. If you rely on your rooftop solar panels for power, however, this is normally required in order to receive enough sunlight. While parked under some wonderful shaded trees, you may simply take out your portable solar panels and place them in direct sunshine. UV damage can be avoided by keeping your portable solar panel out of the sun.

  • Less Spacious

Many smaller RVs, such as Class B’s and camper vans, don’t have enough roof area for a large solar panel array. However, there’s a good probability that a foldable and portable solar panel will fit inside your space. When not in use, they can be stowed anywhere, from underneath the bed to inside cabinets. This will also free up room on your roof for other items such as kayaks or surfboards.

  • Maintenance is nearly effortless

If you have rooftop solar panels, you’ll need to climb up and clean off any snow or dirt that has accumulated from time to time to keep them in good working order. Solar panels that are portable are even easier to maintain and do not require access to the roof.

  • Portable to move

Because your solar panels are already transportable, transferring them when you purchase a new RV will be a breeze. They’re just as straightforward to remove as the rest of your belongings. Renogy, Acopower, and Eco-worthy all make high-quality portable solar panels. If you already have rooftop panels, try this simple modification from Do It Yourself RV to make them portable.


Some Other advantages of installing a portable solar panel

  • Solar electricity is pollution-free and emits no greenhouse gases after installation, reducing reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels.
  • Even on overcast days, renewable clean energy is accessible every day of the year to offer some power.
  • There is a return on investment, unlike paying for electricity.
  • Solar panels have a life expectancy of approximately 30 years and require essentially little maintenance.
  • It generates employment by hiring solar panel makers, installers, and other related businesses, which benefits the economy.
  • If the grid inner tied, excess electricity can be sold back to the grid company.
  • Ability to live off the grid if all the energy produced is sufficient for the residence or structure.
  • Solar energy may be used to heat water, power homes and buildings, and even power cars.
  • Utilize batteries to store extra energy for later use.
  • Because efficiency improves over time, a solar panel of the same size today will be more ensure reliable.
  • The electric current that is safer than standard electric current
  • Federal subsidies, tax breaks, and refund programs are available to help with the early costs.
  • Aesthetics are improving, making solar panels more adaptable than prior versions; for example, printing, flexibility, solar shingles, and so on.


Where there are a ton of advantages, there must be some disadvantages as well. 

  • Material and installation costs are high at first, with a long return on investment. However, as the cost of solar has decreased over the last ten years, solar is becoming more cost-effective every day.
  • Because efficiency is not yet at 100%, it necessitates a large amount of room.
  • A big battery bank is required at night.
  • Some people believe they are unattractive; I am not one of them!
  • The cost of devices that run on direct DC power is higher.
  • The size of the portable solar panels varies depending on geographic region for the same amount of power generation.
  • Cloudy days don’t produce quite so much energy as sunny days.
  • Due to a shortage of materials and technology. Portable solar panels are not produced in large enough quantities to be economical.
  • Solar-powered automobiles do not have the same speeds or power as conventional gasoline-powered automobiles. This, too, is beginning to shift.
  • In the winter, solar generation is lower.

Wrap up

Every day, more solar energy hits the globe than the world’s overall population can still use in a year. Let us continue to work together to harness this immense power and give something back to use. It will be interesting to watch where the solar industry is in the next few years. RedeemOnSports is another platform, that allows you to make an affordable purchase of installing portable solar panels in your area.

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