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How Many Specializations Provided Under IGNOU MBA?

There are many specializations offered under the IGNOU MBA course. Students have the choice to choose the one in which they want to make their dream professional career. The specialization of IGNOU allows the candidates to specialize in a certain field. IGNOU provides a wide range of specializations in MBA degree courses. These programs are offered by the School of Management Studies. Through IGNOU MBA, students will be able to learn how to manage a specific department to serve the company better. Every specialization provides a specific set of skills, training, and professional education to prepare students for various career options 

In this blog, you will know what are the specializations provided by IGNOU under its MBA degree program.

MBA in Banking and Finance 

This MBA specialization is made to equip students with analytical and thinking skills apart from the knowledge of finance and the banking sector. It was made to target the banking and financial sectors as a whole. It is very beneficial for bankers and financial executives. A large part of the country is involved in the banking and finance sector. Everybody needs to engage in financial activities every day. So, the demand for this specialization is increasing day by day. 

It’s a two-year PG degree program in MBA. you can check the syllabus and course structure using the official website of IGNOU. 

MBA in Aviation Management 

The demand for aviation management is growing because it provides many career opportunities to students. It’s a two-year PG degree program that helps students to be prepared for many career goals in aviation management and other operations. 

One of the fastest modes of transport is the air travel and aviation sector. People want faster transportation to reach quickly from one place to another. 

The course MBA (Aviation Management) helps the candidates to learn various skills and education to hold various types of job responsibilities after completing the course of Aviation management. 

MBA in Healthcare Management 

If you want to become a healthcare professional, then IGNOU MBA in healthcare management is one of the best choices to pursue. You can easily pursue this specialization to hold various types of positions in healthcare organizations and hospitals. The course helps the students to know various things related to healthcare operations and their management. After completing an MBA from IGNOU in the field of Healthcare management, you can easily y hold various types of responsibilities in either private or government hospitals or healthcare facilities. It’s a two-year MBA specialization for young minds who want to hold managerial positions in private or government hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

Logistics and Supply Chain

This sector is one of the popular that provide various career scopes to the candidate who has passed the MBA degree program in Logistics and Supply Chain. This two-year MBA specialization equips the students to become perfect managers and executives in supply chain and logistics operations. They are trained by professionals that help them grab top positions after completing the course. If you want to become a good supply chain manager, then this job is made for you. If you want to check the course structure and syllabus of this program, visit the university website that is ignou,ac. in. The complete details regarding the admission procedure are mentioned in the prospectus. 

MBA in IT Management 

Master of Business Administration in IT Management is one of the best and highly preferred specializations out there. It provides various types of career options. There are many companies that are looking for IT professionals who have perfect knowledge and skills related to the IT sector. You can search the jobs after completing MBA in the IT management sector. For more details about IGNOU MBA in IT Management specialization, you can easily contact the university of refer to the official prospectus. 

MBA in Retail Management 

Candidates who have selected Retail Management Specialization in MBA degree program from IGNOU will be eligible for many career opportunities arising in the same sector. MBA Retail Management is one of the best and highly preferred specializations out there. Retail Management helps the candidates to learn many techniques in the retail sector and also know how to manage the retail investment and operations in the retail segment. 

MBA in HR Management

HR Management is one of the highly preferred jobs after completing an MBA degree in HRM. The position holder will be responsible for making employee-friendly decisions and managing various activities to provide perfect growth to the organization. If you want to know the career scopes after an MBA in HR management, then you can search the name on GOOGLE. The complete instructions related to course structure after this program are provided in the prospectus of this course. 

MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing is very important nowadays and everyone wants to have a perfect growth in marketing. Through Marketing Management, you can easily hold and manage various aspects of marketing. You will get to know various things about marketing and its related aspects. The students who have enrolled in IGNOU MBA in Marketing Management will know the basics of marketing through various skills and training sessions. 

Finally, we can say that IGNOU provides many specializations under the MBA degree program. You can easily take admitted to IGNOU MBA because the IGNOU conducts two different admission cycles, one in January and the second in July. 

MBA in Corporate Management

The corporate sector is one of the fastest emerging departments in the country as most the MBA passed candidates want to have a good salaried job and thus they pursue MBA Corporate Management. This MBA specialization has various knowledge and skills related to corporate sectors, their ethics, and governance. If you want to take admitted to IGNOU in corporate governance, then you should check the syllabus of Corporate governance. For more details, visit the university website Candidates after completing the program with this specialization will be able to know various aspects of corporate management and they will be eligible for many career opportunities. If you have passed a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks, can easily take admitted to this specialization. 

MBA in Travel and Tourism

Students who want to make their career in Travel and Tourism management can easily apply to IGNOU MBA in Travel and Tourism Management program. They will learn various aspects of the travel industry and how to manage various activities of the travel and tourism sector. They will know how to manage travel costs with customer-oriented features and services, and how to provide the best services to customers for a good revenue to the government. This MBA specialization is made for the increasing demand in the tourism sector. 

Today, many students are looking for a bright future in the travel industry. For more details, you can easily visit the official website of the varsity. They can become a good professional in travel and tourism to provide good hospitality services to new visitors either foreign or Indian visitors. The complete information related to this specialization is provided on the IGNOU website. You can check the same for complete course structure, fee, and eligibility criteria. Students after completing the course can become Travel advisors, tourism managers, travel guides, and so on. 

MBA in International Business Management 

The Indira Gandhi National Open University also provides MBA in International Business Management. Candidates can easily apply to the course if he/she wants to become a perfect business manager. Today, companies are looking for high-quality and skilled business managers who can easily manage various types of operations for the growth of the company.

In International Business Management, students will learn about various things like how to manage a particular department, how to bring a business to the next level, and how to encourage employees to provide extra output according to their efficiencies. This MBA specialization is highly popular amongst students. So, if you are looking for a bright career in becoming a good business manager, this university provides a good platform for all students. The complete instructions related to the course are provided in the IGNOU MBA prospectus. 

MBA in Project Management 

Every company works with various projects to play with their daily targets. They want good professionals in their workplace in order to execute everything better and in a managed way. In the project management specialization. Candidates will know how to work on projects in order to provide better growth to the company. 

They will learn project management skills with relevant IGNOU MBA training and seminars. If you want to become a good project manager who can work for the better execution of various types of projects for better customer reach and leads, then this MBA specialization is made for you. 

The basic qualification for this MBA admission is you should hold a bachelor’s degree in any specialization with at least 50% marks in aggregate. If you have already some experience in project management in any business organization, then you will get relaxation in admission procedures. 

Note: Apart from this specialization, there are many others provided by IGNOU. You can check the details using the MBA prospectus of IGNOU that can be easily downloaded from the varsity website. 

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