How is the Prestashop Store Locator Module a beneficial choice?

The Prestashop Store Locator Module is a powerful tool that simplifies providing in-store pickup effortless. Further, Google Maps is usable by the eCommerce store management to display many locations on the site. In fact, shoppers can also utilize the store finder tool to find out more about certain establishments. Add a place where people can pick up their orders as well. Clients can, in reality, buy things online and avoid paying delivery fees. As a consequence, an eCommerce store owner can use the Prestashop Store Locator addon to add a store location to the checkout page.

The Prestashop store finder plugin is well-liked by both customers and store owners. This Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin is simple to install and set up for the business owner. The back-end allows online consumers to evaluate shop information. For instance, title, position, contact details, corporate picture, and work schedules. As a consequence, shoppers will enjoy a better consumer experience. Check to check whether the online business has an in-store pickup.

This blog talks about the benefits of the Prestashop store pick up plugin by Knowband. Moreover, we will also talk about the stunning features of the module. Let us go forth and check them out below.

Benefits that Prestashop Store Locator Module provides

  • The online shop admin can also provide item pickup to customers with this PrestaShop in-store pickup module.
  • Shoppers can sometimes also see the position of the neighboring store.
  • On the shop locator, the admin can display store information such as the name of the store, distance, and phone number.
  • The administrator can set as many pickup locations as they desire.
  • The PrestaShop in-store pickup extension allows you to schedule a pickup day and time.
  • Shoppers can look for the local store by putting the store’s location on Google maps.
  • Admin can add as many actual stores as they like, and their positions will display on a Google map.
  • An entrepreneur can implement national restrictions by activating this option in the Prestashop pick-up module’s admin console.
  • The store administrator can provide a link to obtain routes to the shop.
  • On the checkout page for order pickup, the admin can display or conceal the date calendar.
  • Prestashop in-store pickup addon by Knowband is very customizable and works well.
  • With this Prestashop Store locator addon, you can effortlessly allow all of the accessible stores.

Striking features of the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin

  1. The admin can provide in-store pickup to customers with this Prestashop Store Locator Module. Further, he can simply display several storefronts on the front end for the customer to choose. In fact, he can do this with the help of the Prestashop store pickup module.
  2. By toggling a button, the admin can enable or disable the Prestashop Store locator addon. Further, he can simply click the button from the backend. Moreover, the functionality will switch on and off accordingly.
  3. The shop location and pickup capability are both readily available by the admin. Further, he can do this effortlessly without any special knowledge.
  4. The admin can readily generate the Google map API key. Further, he can do it without any issues. In fact, he can refer to the User Manual in doing so. Additionally, the manual can be really helpful in installing and configuring the plugin.
  5. The admin can use the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin to configure an image. Furthermore, like a Google map marker and the map’s zoom level.
  6. The Prestashop in-store pickup addon allows the admin to specify the distance to the store. In fact, he can display the distance in kilometers or miles by the marketer. Therefore, the customer will be able to understand which store is the closest to their location.
  7. The Prestashop store pickup module allows the administrator to choose which stores should display on the Google map. In fact, he can choose the default storage using the Prestashop store pick up plugin.
  8. The store admin has the freedom to display the store’s contact information. Further, he can do this from the backend of the Prestashop Store Locator Module. In fact, he can display the contact details of the selected store. For instance, the name, the location, the phone number, the distance, and more.
  9. The Prestashop store locator addon lets you display a “Get Directions” link. Further, the customers can see the route to the store by clicking on this link.
  10. The Prestashop store pickup module permits you to display website links. Further, you can do that next to your store’s location on Google Maps. In fact, the shoppers can also see the URL for the store’s website with the other information.
  11. The shop administrator can include a store picture in the store locator block’s store list. Further, the admin can enable or disable the options for displaying. Moreover, he can even conceal the image using the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin.
  12. While integrating in-store pickup capabilities, the Prestashop in-store pickup addon allows the store admin to impose national limitations.
  13. The owner can enable or disable the capability to display a shop locator banner on the store locator page.
  14. The date calendar for order pickup can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.
  15. The administrator can specify the number of days to wait after placing an order before picking up the delivery.
  16. The admin can specify the limit pickup days using the PrestaShop in-store pickup extension.
  17. The date and time format is customizable by the administrator.
  18. From the admin interface of this Prestashop pick-up module, the admin can activate the configurations to exhibit the pick-up time slot.
  19. After making an order, the admin can set the minimum wait time.
  20. The admin can send an email to the pick-up businesses informing them of the order. Further, the Prestashop store pick up plugin includes email templates that are ready to use.
  21. The admin can retrieve a sample file in CSV format using the Prestashop store locator and pickup module. To import store contacts, the admin can alternatively upload a CSV file.
  22. By entering the length, the owner can get the delivery receipt.
  23. The Prestashop pick-up module supports many languages.
  24. The standard checkout page is compatible with the Prestashop Store locator addon.
  25. Customers can view a list of stores as they walk around the Google Map if the function Search As I Move the Map is enabled by the admin.
  26. Admins can quickly activate all accessible stores using the Prestashop Store Locator Module by simply toggling a button.

In the End

Thus, if you want to offer in-store pickup, you can easily do that using the Prestashop Store Locator Module. Further, Knowband is a stunning place to shop the module for your business. Why? Because the company believes in providing the best customer support even after the module’s sale. Therefore, once you buy the Prestashop store locator and pickup module, you get 3 months of free customer support. Moreover, you can have additional months of support if you wish to. Further, you can get your hand on the Admin Demo and the Front Demo as well. Additionally, you can see for yourself if the module works. Moreover, check the Prestashop Store Locator Module for yourself before you invest in it. Last, if you have any queries, let us know at

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