How is the Magento 2 Store Locator Module beneficial for you and your customers?

This is the dawn of a new age! A period in which businesses sell through both physical storefronts and eCommerce platforms. Instead of having two separate sales channels, they see the potential in integrating their platforms into an omnichannel experience. Having a shop finder is a simple way to connect an online store to real-world locations. Yes, the Magento 2 Store Locator module will be discussed in this article.

It’s a simple option for shops with several locations to help customers find your stores when scouring the internet. In this article, we’ll go over why the Magento 2 store pickup module is such an important eCommerce extension for your company.

This blog talks about the benefits of having the Magento 2 Store locator module by Knowband. In fact, I will lay down the key features of the Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension as well.

The merits of having Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin

  • Boost foot traffic to your shop

It’s a mistake to believe that online and offline clients are unrelated. Customers at stores use their smartphones to calculate expenses. In addition, internet shoppers look for businesses near them to visit. A Magento 2 in-store pickup extension on your website will allow people to discover the closest store to their location, whether they’re purchasing on your site or looking for your brand name online. Consumers will get the finest shopping experience if they order the items online and pick them up later.

  • In a jiffy, provide clients with instant results

For example, instead of receiving delivery, a consumer opts to pick up the merchandise from a store. The Google Maps integration shows the stores that are close to the specified location. As a result, the buyer may quickly pick up the items using Magento 2 pick-up module.

  • Make your ‘Purchase Online, Pick Up In-Store’ experience even better

Buy online, pick up in-store is a cross-selling strategy that is becoming increasingly popular. It is now popular because of the epidemic. Customers who shop online may rest assured that the item they want is in stock. As a result, individuals might avoid searching for what they require. They may also get up at their own convenience rather than waiting for shipping. Magento 2 store pick up plugin can help buy online, pick up in-store sales by showing clients the nearest open space. Additionally, immediately transfer value to both physical and online retailers.

  • Enhance your online market research

Consumer knowledge gathered from online store visits helps you gain a better understanding of your customer base. In addition, we will aid you in developing your approach. Understand where your consumers are coming from to get to the store finder, and which real businesses are being visited the most. Furthermore, whether or not clients who use Magento 2 store locator and pickup module make purchases online.

  • There is no delivery charge

Last but not least, no one likes having to pay for delivery. Your consumers will appreciate the free delivery you provide. However, if you charge them a high shipping fee for their items, they will flee. As a result, you may empower them to pick up their purchases personally using the Magento 2 pick-up module, saving you money on shipping.

Integral traits of the Magento 2 Store Locator Module

  1. The Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension integrate a store locator and pickup functionality into your eCommerce store. Further, allowing customers to choose the nearest pickup location during checkout.
  2. Administrators may add an unlimited number of physical stores to their online appearance and management using the Magento 2 Store locator module.
  3. The Magento 2 store pickup module offers a new transportation method checkout page that allows customers to pick up their orders in-store.
  4. The Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows you to quickly build, modify, and delete actual retail locations for your online store.
  5. Administrators can use the Magento 2 in-store pickup extension to establish the Google Map API Key required to provide a list of pickup locations supplied by the brand to customers.
  6. The Magento 2 pick-up module allows you to enter all of the location details for a surrendered pick shop, such as the store name, address, postal district, country, scope, longitude, and shop image.
  7. The Magento 2 store pick up plugin allows you to display the store area on a Google Map with a pointer. The administrator only needs to move the pointer over the instructions to choose the location.
  8. From the administrator interface of the Magento 2 store locator and pickup module, retail vendors may also provide more. Further, explicit contact details for actual stores. For instance, site, contact number, fax, and business email.
  9. The Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin automatically displays the most significant pickup suggestions based on the client’s location provided after item checkout.
  10. Administrators can use the Magento 2 store finding and pickup extension to physically add an additional store or to add many stores by simply shifting an.xlsx record from the back office.
  11. From the backend interface of the Magento 2 Store locator extension, a toggle switch is provided to quickly enable or disable the whole store finder functionality.
  12. This Magento 2 shop get module also allows administrators to enable or disable store pickup for specified disconnected stores.
  13. Using the Magento 2 shop pickup module, the administrator may specify any image as the Google Map Marker.
  14. The administrator may define a standard zoom level for the Google Map featured on the store finder page at the front using the module.
  15. The administrator can display the real shop distance from the client’s location in miles or kilometers away using the Magento 2 store locator module.
  16. Store locators and pickup destinations can be displayed on the homepage as well as in the footer. The administrator can change the text in the footer whenever they want.
  17. This Magento 2 get module’s footer link text is taken from the back-end.
  18. The Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator module allows administrators to customize the store locator page’s Url key.
  19. The shop locator page can now have a greeting page photo, thanks to Magento 2’s in-store pickup enhancement.
  20. Store merchants can display store pickup options for specific countries.
  21. The Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows you to specify the expenditure type and pickup amount.
  22. The Magento 2 Store Locator Module provides compatibility with a variety of languages and stores.

Let us wind up now!

Thus, the Magento 2 store locator and pickup extension by Knowband is a must-have. In fact, the Magento 2 store pickup module enables you to turn physical stores into a precious resource for your internet business. So quickly introduce in-store pickup as an additional method of transport for your online store. Magento 2 Store Locator Module is a flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use plugin. Customers are opting for stores that provide in-store pickup as well as online shopping. As a result, having the Magento 2 Store locator extension installed on your website is important. Customers may use the plugin to select a store for pick-up and view the distance from their current location. It’s a great choice for your shop because it eliminates the need for you (or your customers) to pay for delivery.

If you feel that this module is for the best of your eCommerce business, get in touch with us at In fact, it is available at an additional discount of 20%. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits at $44.79 only.

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