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How Do You Make an Effective Ad on Instagram

You can’t deny the power of Instagram ads. It is the most effective way to generate your business sales and build up high engagement. 

Are you looking to make your Instagram ads more effective? If yes, then you have just tapped over the right place. 

Whether you are a newbie to Instagram marketing or just started adopting Instagram ads, we have gotten your back.  

If you have a hectic routine and don’t have time to post, you can simply go for the Instagram management tool and save your precious time. 

Here is a rundown of all the substantial things you need to know to make your Instagram ads strategies more practical and start creating your ads. 

Let’s roll.

What are Instagram Ads? 


Instagram ads were started in late 2015, and the most exciting part is Instagram advertising has adopted Facebook advertising which is more robust and comprehensive. Since the launch of Instagram ads, it would be no wrong to say that it has driven over one billion user actions.

Ever noticed when you are watching stories or scrolling through the Instagram news feed, a sponsored post or stories pop up. These are paid stories or posts that any business or agency pays to promote over the user’s Instagram feed, and they are always labeled as ‘sponsored.’ These post ads appear as carousels or a single image. 

These sponsored or paid posts can be accompanied by a call to action button such as ‘Shop More’ or ‘Learn More’ depending on the campaign’s objective, whether you want to have an entire-fledged conversation with your audience or want to earn more traffic. 

According to reports, 75% of Instagram users take action as they visit the website and end up purchasing after looking at Instagram ads. That’s how these Instagram ads work out smoothly. 

 According to last year’s data, these Instagram ads have driven double engagement compared to the previous years. Hence, Instagram ads are one of the most popular social media advertising choices. 

Explore the Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are in the vasts categories, but below are some engaging Instagram ad campaigns that may help you get your target audience and engagement all at once. 

  • Stories Ads 
  • Explore Ads 
  • Shopping Ads 
  • Collection Ads 

Let’s roll out some information about each type. 

Stories Ads

Stories Ad pops up in between the Instagram stories on full screen. The call to action in the Instagram stories empowers the audience to ‘Swipe Up’ to shop or visit the website. Also, this advertisement campaign allows you to use all the potential of Instagram stories, including video effects, filters, or adding gifts or emojis to grab the attention of your targeted audience. 

Explore Ads

We all know that Instagram has a separate section to explore the new things of the user’s interest in the feed. So the section is referred to as ‘Explore,’ but hold on to these Instagram ads that don’t pop up there; instead, these ads appear when users click on the image or video from the explore section. Also, you can run your Instagram ad campaign as alongside an ad by picking up the Explore as an additional ad placement. 

Shopping Ads

Here come the third popular niches of the Instagram ads. Undoubtedly, shopping ads gain out more reach and look more attractive to people. When any user views a shopping ad, it directly takes the user to the product description page just on Instagram. 

Now users can explore the website or end up buying the desired product. That’s how shopping ads work well when comparing these ads to the other type. If you are a shopping website owner, you have the power to create your shopping ad and hop on the train to earn more engagement and reach. 

Collection Ads

Last, here dives into the Collection ads. You may have been wondering about the collection ads if you are new to these ad campaigns. Collection ads enable the users or your targeted audience to view and buy the product on the go. 

These ads work out perfectly when the user clicks on the image or video. Then it redirects the user to the instant experience, or which you can say is a type of ecommerce storefront using the Instagram app. These productive ads include a variety of images and videos. 

At the primary level, running Instagram ads is the most effective and productive way to display your product in front of a vast audience. 

Although Instagram ads have vast categories and types, we have come with the best and popular ones. 

How You Can Create an Effective Instagram Ad

Being a hub of visual platform Instagram ads gives you the power to show off your brand or your product to the world. Also, Instagram shopping ads help you convert your viewer into your customer right off the bat. 

Make sure you put your money on the right ad campaign to perform up to the mark organically. The best hack is to test everything before it goes outlive. Have a quick experiment on everything to see what performs the best and which one is the most dedicated ad to go with. Measure your success and take notes of things that didn’t go right, just the way you hoped. 

Now let’s get inside the world of Instagram to shed light on the creative Instagram ads. Here are some top tricks and tips for your Instagram ads that will maximize the effectiveness of your ads in a better way.  

  • Your Every Second Counts 

Think of yourself as a user first. While you are scrolling your Instagram feed or swiping the videos when an ad pops up, you quickly skip it right away; that’s where your branding fails out. You need to create your Instagram ad; whether it’s a video or an image, you need to make it more expressive in a way enough to catch all the eyes. Remember your ad’s every second count. So try to create something bright and enough to capture all the attention in a glance. 

If you are trying to promote your ads in videos, then make sure that the first seconds of the videos have enough movement so that viewers can quickly identify it as a video. If the video has no subtle movement in the first few seconds and appears to be an image, then a viewer will scroll it right away without realizing what he had missed out on. Be more expressive and creative while making an Instagram ad and make your video ads to compel the users to stop rapidly. 

  • Addition of Text 

Although Instagram is good at promoting your ads as we move ahead with the video ads, we are all well aware that Instagram audio is muted by default. Now, what’s next? Play with the visual text then. Grab the attention of your targeted audience by conveying your product’s message by providing captions for your ad videos. 

Generate dynamic text effects and highlight the points you wish to get noticed by your audience. These textual concepts can help pique your audience’s interest. In this way, they can watch the full video of your product and end up turning on the sound later. Don’t add too much text, as over flooding of texts can make the video look clutter. If you are running a video ad, the last thing to mention is to make sure you get a high-quality video with some dynamic text effects. 

  • Pick out your Ad Objective

Before running your campaign, you need to have your entire focus on your ad objective, and your ad objective must include the following things: 

  • Engagement 
  • Video views 
  • Traffic 
  • Lead generation 
  • Traffic 
  • Reach 
  • Brand Awareness 

When choosing your ad objective, then show off your smartness and pick up the right one. If you are on the road to pick up your ad objective, that makes little sense, like creating an Instagram ad for getting more traffic or an Instagram placement, then your ad can be denied right away. 

Also, you can’t waste all your money in the ad budget that doesn’t create any sense or have the chances to be declined. 

  • Decide Thumbnails 

Once you have decided the objective of your ad campaign, now it’s time to work on it to make it successful. Talking about thumbnails, then Facebook and YouTube give you the power to customize your thumbnail, but you have to pick it from the ad video you will run with Instagram. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that while you are creating or shooting for an Instagram ad, your thumbnail plays an important role. Your ad thumbnail will decide everything, whether the Instagram user will watch out your product video or not, taps on your profile, explore your product, or ends up being your customer. 

So, save your time for the other things later and try to make your thumbnail more productive.

  • Elect your Ad Placement 

Instagram ads idea

As we have been talking all about the videos to engage your audience, let’s now discuss more ad placements. Though selecting your audience comes on the top, but it’s good to discuss Instagram ad placement.

You may have been wondering about the Instagram d placement. First, let it make clear to you. Instagram ad placement enables you to run your ads over devices or different platforms. As Instagram and Facebook are connected, you can run your ads on both platforms or choose Instagram only. 

If you are willing to run your ad on Instagram only, you need to change ad placement settings. Simply uncheck Facebook and other platforms so that your ad can efficiently run on Instagram. 

  • Your Targeted Audience

Finally, here comes the good part you have been waiting for so long. Before you are all set to run your ad campaign, you need to dive into your targeted audience, and undoubtedly it is one of the significant parts of your campaign. 

You don’t want to waste your money by trying to get everyone’s attention through your ad campaign, and this is an enormous opportunity to list down the interest, demographics, and behavior of your targeted audience. These are some audience categories you will find in the ad manager: 

  • Location 
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Interest 
  • Behaviour 
  • Language 
  • Connection 

The categories mentioned above are the primary targets. Also, you can make your custom audience based on pixels on your website. Last, these users will view your ad and visit your website to have the same behaviors and interests. 

  • Select your Ad Format 

Once you are all done with your ad campaign now, it’s time to present it to the Instagram audience, but hold on! You still haven’t decided on the ad format? Let’s talk about it.

Since different formats are available for your ad campaign, but you need to decide the best one based on your objective. Some basic formats of Instagram ads are: 

  • Carousel ads 
  • Photo ads 
  • Collection ads 
  • Video ads 
  • Stories ads 

Once you have decided on your ad campaign’s objective, you need to choose a perfect ad format to run your Instagram ads successfully. 

Summing Up! 

To run a successful Instagram ad, you need to focus on your objective and then create an effective ad to target your audience and earn more reach.

 Compiling these practical tips and tricks would lead you to a successful campaign that brings you to result for years to come. Also, you can seek little help from Instagram automation tools and stay productive.

Are you using any other strategy to make your ads more expressive? If yes, then do share in your comments.

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