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How Do I Automatically Perform a Scheduled Backup?

Scheduled Backup

In QuickBooks, the scheduled backup function are often wont to automatically perform a backup of the QuickBooks company file (.qbw) supported closing the corporate file or on a group interval starting from 1 to five weeks on any combination of the times of the week.See our related article on QuickBooks file naming restrictions for a way violating these restrictions can cause scheduled backups to fail.

A backup are often performed to an area hard disc , a network drive, or a USB drive. For a scheduled backup to require place, the pc on which you scheduled the backup must get on , but the QuickBooks company file (.qbw) can’t be in use.

Scheduled backups are going to be created within the location you specify and can have a .QBB extension. this is often one among the file types employed by QuickBooks.

A scheduled backup’s filename are going to be within the form:

  • SBU_n_[companyID] [optional: date time].QBB

where n is that the sequence number of the backup. That is, the 10th scheduled backup for TestCompany with the optional date and time stamps disabled are going to be named:

  • QBB

When you want to schedule an automatic backup, firstly click on the File menu after that Save Copy or Backup menu. Press the following button to display the Backup Options window.

To schedule an automatic backup, start by clicking on the File->Save Copy or Backup… menu selection.Specify the situation to save lots of your computer  data or file by typing the entire path to your backup location or by clicking the Browse… button and browsing to the specified location. Beyond specifying the situation wont to save your backups, you’ll control:

  1. whether the date and time is added to the name of the computer file
  2. whether the amount of backups within the backup location is restricted
  3. whether you’ll be reminded to manually copy when closing the corporate file
  4. the degree of verification performed before backup

Verification is that the process of checking the corporate file and therefore the internal database for possible damage. Complete verification isn’t available in multi-user mode. If you decide for a minimum of some data verification before backup, QuickBooks will automatically create a transaction log file (.tlg). The transaction log file records changes to your company file since the last backup and may be utilized in extreme circumstances to recover data from recent transactions.

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If you decide to save lots of your backup on an equivalent drive that holds your QuickBooks company file (.qbw), you’ll be warned to settle on another location. counting on the role that a scheduled backup plays in your overall backup strategy, this warning might not be relevant. you’ll either click Use this Location and continue or choose a special location by clicking Change Location.

Once you’ve chosen to use the situation you’ve entered, you’ll still either perform a manual backup, perform a manual backup and schedule future backups, or just schedule future backups. To proceed to schedule backups, select the radio button for less than schedule future backups and click on Next.We’re now able to schedule our backups. we will create a schedule supported backing up the corporate file when its closed (i. e., not supported the calendar) or on a calendar-based schedule happening on a group interval from 1 to five weeks on any combination of the times of the week.

Scheduling a backup supported when the corporate file (.qbw) is closed has the advantage that one among the wants for performing a backup (i. e., that the corporate file not be open) is satisfied. However, because the corporate file might be opened and closed several times during a short period of your time , backups could also be performed on data with minimal changes, thereby reducing the worth of the backups.

On the opposite hand, scheduling a backup supported the calendar insures that an inexpensive amount of your time has elapsed between backups, but because the corporate file may are inadvertently left open, there’s no guarantee that a scheduled backup will happen as planned. Once you’ve decided which backup approach fits your computing habits, click New… to line a replacement schedule, Edit… to switch an existing schedule, or Remove to delete one.

Enter an outline to assist you describe this backup schedule. Specify a Location or click Browse… and navigate to the specified location. If you’d wish to limit the amount of backups made under this schedule within the backup folder, click the checkbox and specify variety to stay . Record the time to perform the backup. Choose the frequency in weeks from 1 to five to perform this backup, and therefore the days of the week the backup should be performed. To insure that a backup are often performed if the Windows user is logged off, QuickBooks stores the Username and Password of the Windows user. Select store Password to type your Windows User name & Password. Don’t forget these user name & password you employ to log in to Windows not QuickBooks itself. Click Ok when you’re done.The backup schedule you only created will now appear within the list of obtainable backup schedules, showing subsequent date on which this schedule are going to be performed.

Click Finish to save lots of the scheduled backup. QuickBooks will report that your backups are scheduled.our scheduled backups will now happen as planned. Just make certain to exit QuickBooks so your company file (.qbw) isn’t in use at the appointed time!

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