How do Diablo 4 campaign co-op progress & D4 Gold work?

As we all know, Diablo 4 is coming soon. Just like the previous Diablo series, Diablo 4 also allows you to team up with other players to fight against the enemy, but what happens when you team up with other players, let us find out together .

The game feature of Diablo 4 is that you need to complete a very long task line, and constantly get Diablo 4 Gold and equipment to become stronger during the battle. Of course, you will definitely encounter very challenging enemies. When you When you can’t beat him, you can ask your friends for help so your campaign can continue.

Here’s everything I know about how Diablo 4’s co-op campaign is progressing.

Blizzard said that when you play Diablo 4 alone, you find it very interesting, but now we want to do the same when you play with friends. Now distance Diablo 4 is less than a month away, and general manager Rod Fergusson has already explained some information about multiplayer online on Twitter.

The progress of the game is synchronized with the creator of the party. When your game progress is the same as that of the creator, you can get game rewards normally, but if you are less than or more than the creator’s progress, then you will get nothing. Until your game progress catches up or the creator’s game progress catches up.

Therefore, Blizzard suggests that if you are only a temporary team and the game progress is different, you can let the player with the least game progress create the game, so as to maximize the profit.

The best state is of course that all members of your team have the same progress in the game, but this is unrealistic and difficult to achieve, but Blizzard said they will do their best to make Diablo 4 multiplayer online for all players Everyone is happy, even if the progress of your team is uneven.

Fergusson said that now when you are in a team, you can expand separately, that is, open the game in a new tab, so that you can play the game with players at level 1 and level 30, and players at level 1 will also be very Happy because he doesn’t have to hide in a corner of the map because the monster level is too high.

Diablo 4 is still a while away, but Diablo 4 Open beta and Server Slam will make the wait a little more interesting.

Although you can play with high-level friends, if you don’t want to lag behind, you have to become stronger, which requires a lot of Diablo 4 Gold support, I can recommend you a website – IGGM.com, which sells many cheap D4 Gold can help you grow stronger faster and catch up with your friends.

Of course, if you want to become stronger, you also need to know Diablo 4 very well, which may take you a lot of time to collect and learn this knowledge. Fortunately, there are many useful Diablo 4 game guides on IGGM, all written by experienced game masters, it is definitely a fast track for you to understand the game faster and become stronger.

That’s all I know, thanks for reading.

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