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How Can the Logo Color Influence Your Brand

The world is filled with unique sets of colors. A person is born with such a retina that can detect various colors at once. Therefore, the world is not monochromatic, rather loaded with rainbow spectrums. This is probably enough to direct people towards the significance of colors in brands too! Certainly, there can be more than one product a company sells but what is the secret rationality behind using a specific color and How can the logo color influence your brand? Get to know this and a lot more in this blog and get familiar with some enticing color schemes that might help you work on your existing or upcoming brand in the market.

The use of color in visual communication plays a profound role in subconsciously influencing the observer’s psychology. This information, which has a significant effect on brand recognition can influence your members’ relationship with your business. Colors are associated with a variety of emotions and memories. People interpret color differently depending on their age, nationality, profession, interests, and personal preferences.

Egyptians used color psychology for holistic development and studied the effect of colors on moods years ago. The colors red, yellow, blue, purple, and orange all represent specific things. Accordingly, red represents blood circulation, yellow represents purification, blue represents pain relief, purple represents skin problems, orange represents energy, and black represents life and rebirth.

Upon surfing the internet, you will come across free online logo makers and free download without registration. And each of these has an option of templates and backgrounds for logos. As you take some steps further, there will be hundreds of colors to choose from!

1. The yellow color tones

Is the sun making yellow so bright? Ask yourself: every time you look at the color yellow, what comes to mind? Many would vote for the happy, sunny face. It is because when we perceive things in a certain way then those are the elements that make space in the head and hence, the mind is entailed to think like that. Numerous brands utilize this color in their logo so that it brightens up your mood and gives a sense of reassurance. Some examples under this umbrella would be, Consumers are most likely to be drawn to yellow color because of its warmth and youthful energy. Yellow color also contributes to establishing a memorable brand identity.

2. Blue color to the rescue

Even when you dress up with different outfits, people feel blue is the way to go because it makes you feel, think and look versatile and classic. While there are hundreds of shades in this range, the in-depth meaning behind this color is mostly confidence and faith. Seeing blue gives a person a feeling of calm, spiritual awareness, and confidence. It is often suggested that blue is a soothing, healing color for brands in the medical and healthcare sectors. For example, if you are a diet brand that comes up with diet meals, if you add the spark of blue in your logo it will give an impression of reliability to your consumers. It is hands down, a tried and tested experience by thousands of brands.

3. Pastel colors

Newest in trend, the pastel colors have been rejoiced by people across the industries. This is why you will see a rise in its application in recent years. Some of the brands that use these fall in the makeup, and skincare industry but they are also implied in the confectionery brands too. Logos with soft colors and pastels are becoming more popular! A pastel color palette is relaxing to the eye and has a friendly feel to it. You can add a sense of lightness to your logo with a pastel logo. Business involving photography, wellness, weddings, and beauty often uses pastel colors. They are popular among bloggers and food companies, kid-friendly businesses, and events. What these do is give a soothing and fresh look overall that makes you more intrigued to those brands. These are the total opposite of bold colors, with less contrast and more opaqueness. So if you are someone who wants to begin with a brand that will go with a theme of pastel colors then this is the way to go!

4. Black and white Colors

The conventional sense of professionalism and seriousness that black logos and products convey is pretty well known and well understood. As it can convey feelings of elegance, strength. It is said to be believed that black and white can never go wrong. It is a combination that allows you to experiment even if you are trying on logos for the first time. What a lot of brands do is that they opt for this because it is a safe option. You must have seen a white color word mark on a black slated background or perhaps a black color word mark with a white background so it actually depends on what you are opting for. With a blend of appropriate font styles whether in bold or italic, you can make a perfect monochrome logo that interprets class and nostalgic memories associated with some brands.

5. Earthy colors in logo

Some of the brands are too serious when it comes to colors that they opt for them because they feel their products and the whole range suits them best. If you check the organic brands for plants or even seeds, the colors they choose have to play around green and brown. Of course, the color range is diversified and it makes it easier for the potential customers to have a fresh perspective towards a clean and earth friendly brand. However, to make it look even unique, it is advisable to choose some of the distinctive color shades so that your logo radiates exclusiveness.

6. One color game

For many, a single color tone is enough. And there are countless options you will see around you. Whether it is a fast moving consumer good, or a furniture item, and even a luxury product; some brands are pro-actively emphasizing on the usage of a particular color for their logo. For instance, if you are opting for sea green as a background then perhaps a dark green would look good with the word mark, showcasing the brand name. You may also go for this if you have faith in your creativity especially when it comes to color games. Blue or white, all is good if done right. If you feel puzzled at any time, you can discover ideas as much as you want.

The takeaway

Remember, a brand name is not enough to captivate the audience towards your brand. People are quick with remembering visuals for the longest time; so bring your ‘A’ game to the ground when deciding the color pallet for your brand.

Knowing how certain colors affect people’s emotions could help you develop the most effective branding strategies. People subconsciously judge the quality of a product within 90 seconds of viewing it, according to research by the web design and marketing company logozila.

Business owners, advertisers, designers, Brands, and office leaders should be aware of the fact that colors really have an impact on consumer attitudes, and emotions. So choosing the right colors will lead to a more successful venture.

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