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How attractive is freelance android development as a career option?

Every day our life is improving through different kinds of technology. These things are making our daily life easier than before so naturally we are depending on them more than ever. In a natural way the more dependency leads to more demand, more demand means more production and for more production we will need more android app developers. If we put it in simple words then in today’s world iOS programmers is a great and brightest choice of career. We all know that choosing a career is not a joke so we need to take the decision very carefully.

Android developers basically develop various types of mobile applications. Nowadays we use mobile applications for everything. For example, we prefer to order our food from a mobile app, book a cab from a mobile app, and even we can switch on or off lights using a mobile application ideas. Naturally the market has blown up with android applications and demand for android developers increased. Freelance android developers are in huge demand because they offer their service at a reasonable cost. Mobile gaming apps are another cause of increasing demand. There are different kinds of applications but android applications are dominating the market alone.

If we go to numbers, we will see1.4 billion people using devices with android development according to the study of 2019. Android development ranked on number 2 on ‘10 hottest jobs of 2016 list.’ According to a recent published article in Inc. 83,649 additional jobs are open for app developers which is not a small number. As per the U.S. Bureau of labour statistics, the requirement of app developers has grown unbelievably and will grow more in the next 5 years.

Advantages of being a freelance android developer –


Every good career comes with great challenges and the career of an android developer is not different from that. But it has a lot of potential because of the growing demand of applications and can give you big rewards. An android developer can work in two ways either with a company or they can do freelancing. Both are very attractive but freelancing has some extra perks in its pocket. It can provide you multiple benefits which are almost impossible to get while you are working with an app development company. The most renowned advantage of freelancing is it gives you a lot of freedom which is impossible if you are working with a company on a 9 to 5 schedule. Here we are going to tell you some advantages of it in detail.


  • Working from home or from your convenient place –Every day getting up and going to the office is exhausting for all of us. Moreover, there you will need to work with other people and they can interrupt your work no matter if you like it or not. But it’s totally different when you work from home or from a place which is convenient to you. You can sit however you want and maintain your daily routine in between working. If that’s not good enough then we don’t know what is. There is nothing better than working from the most comfortable place, working from home.


    • No fixed shifts – Most people get bored by fixed working shifts and it can also be inconvenient to some people. If you are working with a company you have to work in a fixed shift for sure. But if you work as a freelancer, you can work according to your convenience. You can change your working schedule based on your needs and projects. If you have more projects at once you can work longer than usual then take a day off on the next day. You don’t even have to take permission from someone to take rest.


    • Negotiable salary – If you work in a company, you will only get fixed salaries and increment from time to time but that’s not the case with freelance developers. First increment their compensation consistently. They can procure by taking more undertakings or less by taking less ventures. They can likewise increment or diminishing their charges at whatever point they need to. So, how much you earn as a freelance developer depends on your working capacity and experience.
  • You will be your own boss –This is the most satisfying reason for people to choose freelance development as a career. They will be their boss and no one can order them from an upper position. The shifts, salary, place all will depend on them.
  • Freedom of choosing projects –If you are choosing to work as a freelance developer you get the liberty to choose your projects. When you work in a company you have to do the projects, they provide you whether you like it or not, but here you can choose your projects freely according to your convenience.


  • A chance to show creativity –Freelancing is the best way to satisfy your creative mind. When you work with a company you have to work as per the order you get from the team leader. But as a freelancer you can invent some ideas and bring your creativity out obviously with the permission of your client.


  • Learning new things –Changes are inevitable in every aspect of life and same in this field too. But through those changes you get to learn new things daily. When you handle different clients directly, you naturally get to know how to deal with clients in this profession. Moreover, it will help you in your personal life too as you will learn more about people.

Hiring an Android Developers from Company


But there are few things which you need to take care of before starting working as a freelance android developer. A freelance android developer should be an expert and have to have good reviews about his works. This is the main point of being a freelance android developer. It is a little hard to get projects when you are a fresher but people tend to trust you more when you are experienced.

When someone hire android developer through a company then they get assurance from that company where multiple people are working but it is different when someone hires a freelancer. It is obvious for them to want the best finished product and for that they want a person with experience. So, our advice is if you are a fresher than first gain some experience by working with a company. From there you will also get to know about the work procedure and how to handle clients. After that you can start freelancing and enjoy your career as you want but a good start is indeed necessary for a freelance career.

No matter what career you choose whether it is a freelance android developer or anything else be sure that you have a passion for that and you enjoy that work. The reason for this is that it is impossible to get success in a field without enjoying that work. If you are generally interested in app development career then you can look out for other platforms too. There are more platforms of developing apps other than android, for example iOS, Windows etc. The freelance iOS developers earn pretty good money too. In every field passion and convenience comes first, so take decision carefully after evaluating every aspect of that career.

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