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How an eCommerce Development Company Helps to Sustain Your Business

Businesses all around the globe have witnessed a tough time due to the recent pandemic crises. A significant number of companies had to shut their operations due to hardships during this period. 

Surprisingly, some companies have managed to sustain their revenues even during the pandemic. They managed to get sales, even when most brick-and-mortar stores were facing an inevitable shutdown.

Do you know any business that was able to maintain its sales even during strict COVID restrictions? If yes, there are 95% chances that it was backed by a good eCommerce development company. The world has seen a dramatic shift from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to digital platforms. 

More than five Billion people prefer to shop products and services using digital or eCommerce platforms. Having a professional eCommerce development company by your side will be an advantage for your enterprise or startups. 

Today we will discuss how you can achieve better numbers on your revenue sheets by using eCommerce development services. Before we jump into it, let’s have a look at some interesting facts that make eCommerce a bright solution.

Facts about eCommerce that every business owner should know

  • Over 90% of internet users make at least one online purchase using eCommerce platforms.
  • The total purchases done using eCommerce will reach about $6 Trillion by 2022.
  • It is expected that by the year 2050, more than 98% of total retail sales will be done through eCommerce.
  • More than 80% of people with shopping needs believe that they get a better deal while shopping online.
  • There will be around three billion online shoppers by the end of 2022.
  • Using eCommerce solutions like websites or apps can cut the distance of your customers and business to just one click.

Ways eCommerce development company helps to shape your business.

Delaying to consider the option of digital presence for your business can turn into a loophole for your business strategies. Just analyze the industry trends. You will find out that most of your competitors are already working on digital platforms to reach customers. 

Hiring an eCommerce development agency may seem an extra burden on your budget but, it brings numerous opportunities to get much bigger benefits. Let’s find out how an eCommerce development company helps your business:-

Custom development to match brand values

We know there are eCommerce development platforms to set up your online store easily. You may use free themes and tools to build your store, but you are going to need experts for creating unique solutions that match your brand values.

You need changes even if you use readymade themes and extensions for your online stores. Factors like target users, the scale of business, nature of products, and others need careful consideration. 

It is wise to hire an experienced company or developers unless you have good proficiency with eCommerce technologies. They will assist you in making your eCommerce store as per your expectations and industry standards.

Tapping the Right Audience

Catering to the features and functionalities that suit the target audience is vital for your success. If you want to move your business online, your store should have a good user experience. As eCommerce development companies are well-versed with the industry, they can help you identify the appropriate functionalities.

 It will enable you to tap the right audience while ensuring a convenient experience while shopping on your eCommerce store. They also know the ways and marketing channels that work best for businesses similar to yours. You can benefit from their skills and experience to ensure that your business is on the right track.

Multi-lingual support for better reach

Expanding the presence of your business beyond geographical and political boundaries is one of the best benefits of eCommerce. Your business will get exposure to millions of users worldwide but, the absence of multi-lingual support will hurdle the sales.

No matter how good your products and services are, there are low chances that a person speaking a different language will buy it in your store. The chances of sales increase by almost 90% if your store presents its services in their language.

Customized Payment Gateways

Payment gateways you offer are crucial to determine the success of your online venture. You need to ensure that your customers don’t face hassle while making payments and, they should have enough options to make the payments.

If your customers resist using the payment gateway you provide, you are going to struggle with a high cart abandonment rate. An eCommerce development company can help you provide more flexibility with options like PayPal, consumer financing, and many more.

Scalable Solutions for your Business

Once your business starts getting more customers using your eCommerce store, you may need to scale it for more revenues and target new consumer segments. If your store is not scalable enough, you might find yourself restricted at a certain point.

eCommerce developers can help you build scalable solutions so that your business can expand its product lines and services with the breeze. They can help accommodate the growth and expansion you wish to achieve for your business.

Solutions like CRM, CMS, ERP, and more

Apart from an online platform, your business may need the solutions like Customer relation management and enterprise resource management software. These are effective tools to manage business operations and customers.

eCommerce development companies have an experienced and diverse talent pool. They can assist you with such solutions for interacting with customers, employees, or vendors. These tools are also helpful for tracking sales, shipments, and other business functions.

They can help you devise a custom solution that matches the needs and expectations of your business. There are pre-built tools too but, we hope that you understand how custom solutions can work in your favour.

Robust Analytics to monitor performance

Having an online store to promote your products and services is not enough. You need to monitor the performance to improvise on weak points. Integrating analytical tools can help you to keep a watch on your performance. It helps to take corrective measures before it gets too late.

eCommerce development experts will help you integrate the right analytical tools so that you should remain aware of the performance of your online store. They can also help you create custom analytical tools for better insights into your business and industry.

Improving Customer Relationships

Your business cannot survive without happy customers. You need to work on customer relations to maintain goodwill and trust. There are lots of ways to improve customer relations and, being seasoned with the industry, eCommerce development companies know it much better than you.

They can help you to add functionalities like customer support, referral programs, rewards, promotions, and much more. It will help your business maintain good relations with customers for fruitful benefits.


These are a few ways an eCommerce development company can help your business achieve its goals. If you are yet to decide on an eCommerce store for your business, you are losing precious time. Each day of your delay can make you lag in the competition.

By choosing to take help from an eCommerce development company, you can get an eCommerce platform that matches the expectations of both your business and customers. It also ensures that your online store will be able to endure the tough competition while expanding your reach significantly.

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