How a Dimmer Light Switch Works

A disclaimer is in order because there is more than one type of dimmer light switch out there and some of them work differently. However, there are a few different processes by which most dimmer switches work that we will enter here.

Originally, most light dimmers worked simply by lowering the current to the light the switch fed. When light is fed less current, it will glow less brightly, creating the dimming effect. Actually, it’s not an accurate blanket statement, as some lights will only work at all under a specific range of currents, but generally speaking, this is how the original dimmers worked.

Today, most dimmers work by alternating the current that is fed to a given light bulb, which has the effect of lowering the brightness of the bulb. When the circuit is open, no current is fed to the light, and when it is closed, the light turns on. By alternating the current, the light’s brightness lowers. It’s a relatively simple concept that could be made a lot more complex by explanation.

The fact that a dimmer light switch will enable you to immediately match the look and feel of a setting is only one of the advantages that it can bring to your home. True enough, you will be able to meet the needs of a setting with the dimmer switch, but there are some other reasons to connect one to a circuit.

On top of giving you control over the mood and feeling of a setting, a dimmer switch will also extend the useful lifespan of your lights while at the same time saving you energy. In the first place working a dimmer into the setting and lowering the brightness of the lights periodically will put less of a strain on them, which will eventually and ultimately lead to a longer lifespan. By the same token, as you feed them less energy, you’ll save a little on electric

Though the principles behind their operation remain the same, not all dimmer switches are useful for all different types of lights. For example, LED lights need special LED dimmers built into their circuits that are different from dimmers that you would use with incandescent or halogen lights. In addition, today there are smart dimmer switches as well as dimmer switches that work via remote control in order to facilitate your lighting control.

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Turning the lights up or down in brightness goes beyond ambiance. It is better for the life of your lights and it might be able to save you money as well, but to get there you will need to know what you can use with your system. Finding a compatible dimmer light switch is not a matter of guesswork. Electrical work requires understanding and precise applications, and for both of these, you may need a partner that has experience. It pays to find the right materials and equipment the first time around, and for that, you can get in touch with a member of the customer service team at Atlanta Light Bulbs at 1-888-988-2852.

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