Hidden cameras at the service of video surveillance.

Hidden cameras can also be used as surveillance cameras. The role of these hidden cameras is to monitor places by looking like commercial or household objects without anyone detecting them. The camera blends into any background without attracting anyone’s attention, and nowadays hidden cameras come in the form of several products that have been introduced to the market. This makes it possible to monitor activities taking place in a particular place without anyone noticing it. In a hidden system, access to recorded material must be limited in order to protect the privacy of those likely to appear in the video. . Normally, strategies are generally introduced so that the camera images are used for useful purposes. These rules are intended to ensure that the images produced are not used for the purposes of video surveillance.

It is from the principle of the “orifice” camera that hidden cameras are designed. The aperture camera has no lens, but a tiny aperture, called a pinhole. One of the main characteristics of this type of camera is that it can take cylindrical or spherical perspective photos simply by bending the plane of the film.

Where to use a hidden camera?

Hidden cameras are generally used for surveillance at home, in the workplace or in other public places without anyone noticing. In order to monitor any form of vandalism, theft, break and enter and much more, hidden cameras are usually installed in several places.

Here are some strategic locations for hidden cameras:

The front door

This is the main entry point, and having a camera there allows you to monitor entrances and exits. To do this, you can use a projector with a hidden camera by hanging it in front of your front door, your porch or at the edge of the roof.

Lounges and bedrooms

The living room is the main room of the house where family activities take place, it is important to place a camera there. You can place a hidden camera in objects such as a wall clock, a photo frame or even an air conditioner.

Bedrooms are also important places to keep cameras secret to keep an eye on what’s going on.

Reception areas

The reception is the first place of entry to work. A camera in this busy location will help you monitor who is going in and out, and when such movements are taking place.

Home offices

If you have an office at home, this means that many sensitive documents must be well protected. Therefore, it is necessary to install a camera there. This will help you get an idea of ​​who might be responsible for the theft of documents, files, records and other important items.

The importance of hidden security camera systems in Chicago at home and in the office cannot be overstated because of the crucial role they play. If you are concerned with the subject of family and property security, then a hidden camera may be your solution.

What applications for facial recognition?

Facial recognition is often considered to be reserved for secret services and high security affairs. However, it is a technology that has a certain future in civil applications. Here are some applications of this new protection technique.

How does facial recognition work?

Face recognition technology allows your cameras to recognize faces. These systems use biometrics to map facial features from a photo or video. The system then compares these faces to known faces in its database.

Applications in events

While the uses of facial recognition are limitless, their greatest commercial potential may lie in the event industry. Event organizers will soon be able to use technology to speed up the registration process at conferences or the ticketing lines at concerts. The technology would require participants to submit a photo of themselves when purchasing tickets. These photos would be entered into the database used to identify participants when entering the event.

Economic applications

If your employees are constantly forgetting security badges or their key rings, facial recognition systems can be useful for securing sensitive data while allowing employees to focus less on carrying accessories. Once you have created your database of employees who are authorized to enter sensitive areas or to access your warehouse, you can control who is authorized to enter your facility or secure rooms.

Improving the search for criminals

Facial recognition technology has been a major innovation for the police and security services. Using these systems, the police can find wanted men and women, find suspects via photo ID, and search for people who are the subject of arrest warrants during events. Airports and border crossing points have also made this technology available to security to search for false passports and false identity cards, ensuring that the person in question is the one who is matching the card.

Protecting seniors: 7 tips to improve their safety.

The elderly are unfortunately increasingly targeted by burglars. Sometimes more distracted and having valuable decorative objects, it is important to adapt their protection and to ensure that their place of life is secure. This article gives you 7 tips to maximize their protection.

There are several important precautions you should take to keep yourself safe at home:

Even when you are at home, make sure all doors are locked. Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, have a peephole installed on your door. If you hear a knock on the door, first identify the person, then decide if you want to be present or not. Remember, you should be wary of anyone who asks to enter your home for any reason. There are many instances of impersonation of electricians or gas pipeline inspectors that prove to be dangerous. Always ask to see an official company identifier.

Always choose solid wood or metal for any door to the outside. The door frame must be solid. You must therefore reinforce the current frame or install a metal one. Reinforcing your front door with a security door support is an effective and inexpensive way to protect your home from forced entry.

Install automatic and efficient outdoor lighting. The exterior of the residence must be properly lit to minimize falls. Falls are one of the main causes of accidents. Adequate lighting will also deter intruders. Outdoor lighting in your home should be used to deter intruders, not to attract them. So if shade allows intruders to hide, too much light allows potential intruders to easily see the various entry points to your home. To avoid these two extremes, equip your house with outdoor motion detection lamps that illuminate well when the sensors detect movement around the perimeter of your house. Such lights can serve both as a deterrent and as a surprise,

Windows also need protection. Place plexiglass or a security film inside to increase their solidity and make it more difficult to break the glass.

When you hear a knock on the door, bring your phone in case you need to quickly ask for help.

If you live in a house with a gate, always keep the gate locked. If you live in an apartment complex or in a residence, do not let in someone you do not know.

Never leave the door key under the carpet or in any hiding place. Give copies of the key to family members and a trusted neighbor.

How to protect your garage from burglars?

Garages are spaces frequently visited by burglars because they are often less protected than houses. However, garages are a gateway to your home and collect valuable goods. Here’s how you can monitor your garage.

Install CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras can be just as effective in protecting your garage as your home. Although your garage is probably a much easier target for burglars than your home, the presence of cameras will force them to reconsider their decision to tackle it. If they don’t notice your cameras and go after your garage, the evidence gathered will prove essential to bring them to justice and recover your stolen goods.

Keep your garage in good condition

For many burglars, your garage can be an attractive target. It is often much easier for them to enter a garage than a house without alerting anyone. This is partly due to the fact that the garages were not provided with the same level of security as the house. But what attracts burglars is also a poorly maintained garage that is showing the signs of the times. If it is not maintained, your garage will therefore become a target because it will seem easier to break into. Burglars are opportunists, so if your garage looks modern and secure, you’re less likely to be seen.

car park sticker under video surveillance

Install motion sensors

Burglars want to go unnoticed. They therefore move with caution and walk more or less slowly, which is a boon for a well placed motion detector. A motion detector placed above your garage that will light a lamp at the slightest passage is a great way to deter burglars. It will make your garage less attractive to burglars looking for an easy opportunity.

Secure your garage windows

This point does not concern everyone, but those who have windows in their garage will have to be interested. Windows are simply one more access point for burglars. Even the most fortified doors will not be enough if the windows next to them allow easy burglary. Windows also allow burglars to scan your garage for valuables. By using frosted glass or one-way windows, you reduce the risk of attempted burglary. Burglars are less likely to want to break in if there is no guarantee of the value of their action.

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