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Here are some real YouTube video promotion tips to help you

The success of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as YouTube’s constant rise, all point to one thing: video is one of the most popular ways to consume information today. This makes videos an important medium for businesses to use to educate their audience, promote their product or service, and improve their bottom line. Video has aided 80 percent of video marketers in increasing direct sales. This post will walk you through some of the greatest video marketing strategies for real YouTube video promotion to help you plan and optimise your strategy and maximise results, whether you’re trying to scale your video marketing efforts or are just getting started. Stick

1.Establish your video’s objectives

Consider the purpose of your video before you start making it. What do you hope to achieve with the video? And how will you define success for yourself? The type of video you make, its content, who it’s for, and where you upload it will all be determined by your aim, so identifying it is a must-do first step. Understanding where your video sits in the marketing funnel is a wonderful approach to define its aim. Stage of awareness: Do you want to make a music to use real YouTube video promotion service, or products to a bigger audience, pique their attention, and increase brand awareness? If that’s the case, snackable social videos, brand or business culture videos, and explainer videos may be the way to go. Stage of deliberation: Is it your intention?

2.Know exactly who your target audience is

After you’ve determined why you’re doing a video marketing campaign, the next step is to figure out who it’s for. Always keep in mind that who you’re speaking with is just as crucial as what you’re saying. Here, you should identify the demographics of your video’s target audience, such as gender, age, occupation, and interests. However, you should also be aware of the challenges they are trying to solve and how your product or service can help them. You can also build a persona for your video, which is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal viewer/buyer who will ensure that each video is targeted to them in order to achieve results. Take a look at the diagram below for a better idea of how this can be accomplished.

3.Make an informed decision on which marketing channel to use

Consider the channel where you want to post your videos before you start making them, and proceed forward with that in mind. You might be making a testimonial video for your landing page or site, for example. In such situation, you’ll want to keep it short—ideally, less than 2 minutes—in order to convey crucial data while keeping your audience’s attention and preventing them from leaving. The networks you choose will be mostly determined by your target demographic and their preferred social media platforms. If your target demographic is more active on Facebook than on TikTok, for example, you should generate video content and run video advertisements on the former to get the most bang for your buck.

4.Create a budget right away

Next, we suggest establishing a video marketing budget early on so that you don’t overspend on video production and can better track their long-term ROI. Keep in mind, though, that spending a lot of money on videos does not ensure success. Investing in talent and some basic equipment can be worthwhile if you want to make videos that retain your audience’s interest and offer high-quality images and audio. This will provide you with an excellent starting point for determining what needs you can meet on your own and what you’ll need to outsource in order to properly construct a budget.

5.Don’t get too caught up in the equipment

Many firms are hesitant to create and use videos because they believe they require expensive technology. While you’d like to produce high-quality movies that accurately reflect your company, equipment shouldn’t be a stumbling block. Editing is also an important part of generating clean and entertaining videos, and while we’re talking about equipment, you should consider purchasing video-editing software as well. InVideo is a simple and easy-to-use video editor that includes music, text, animation, voiceovers, and overlays to assist improve the overall appearance and feel of your film. 

Video messages with your name on them

Your sales and customer support teams can also utilise videos to communicate with prospects and customers and create a memorable experience for them, in addition to these marketing videos. Your salespeople can send personalised messages to prospects (through email or text) using tools like Loom or Hubspot Video, reviewing their call and providing recommendations or reasons for collaborating with you or utilising your product. In the meantime, customer support representatives can send customised films to customers to address any queries or concerns they may have. It’s a fantastic method to excite customers while also fostering loyalty! You don’t have to start from scratch when creating personalised video messages. Simply select a template from InVideo’s library, edit the footage and text to make it your own, then hit “send.


Live videos are a great way to communicate with your audience in real time while also giving them a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company. You can even invite industry professionals and executives to participate in live video discussions. These can provide a lot of value to your audience and help you gain their trust and authority. The nicest aspect is that one live chat can be repurposed into a variety of smaller pieces of content. To mention a few ideas, you could share excerpts or phrases from it on social media, upload it to YouTube, or create a blog out of it. “Just Between You and Me,” our Facebook Live series, is a fantastic example of this. We dug deep over the course of 13 episodes.


You may utilise films to give visitors a view into your brand—who you are, your mission, values, and workplace culture—rather than immediately emphasising your product or service and guiding them toward a purchase. These videos can help your audience connect with your business, increase the “know, like, and trust” factor, and improve current customer relationships. All of this can assist your bottom line in the long run. Netflix went above and beyond with its corporate culture films, even developing a YouTube series dedicated to it. It’s a fun watch to wear and a terrific method to increase brand loyalty. Even if you don’t have videos like this, you can publish behind-the-scenes movies of your company (such as a bring your pet to work day video) to highlight what goes on behind the scenes.


Video testimonials allow the viewer to put themselves in your customer’s shoes, comprehend their difficulties (which are similar to their own), and how your product/service can assist them solve them. So, gather your most satisfied or loyal customers in front of the camera and ask them to tell you about their experience with your product or service. You can ask your consumers some questions or provide them with some recommendations so that they can prepare what they’ll say ahead of time. Apart from that, it’s best to keep these videos as real as possible so they appear believable and relatable.


Product update videos are another form of video you can make to help and please your current consumers while also enticing non-users. These movies keep your current customers informed about any changes or enhancements to your product, allowing them to use it more effectively and fully to reach their objectives. One of the better instances of this is Facebook, which has created multiple short movies in the past to showcase product features and announcements and encourage product adoption.


How-to films show your viewers how to do something, such as applying makeup, baking a dessert, or making Reels. The Learn with Shopify YouTube channel is an excellent example of how how-to videos can be successful. They’ve made a number of videos, such as the one below, to teach their viewers how to operate a business. These movies demonstrate their skills while also including their eCommerce platform (Shopify) whenever possible to raise awareness.

Bringing things to a close

Videos are here to stay, and in the virtual world, they are becoming increasingly significant in terms of establishing a relationship with your audience, generating trust, and promoting your brand. Read this post to learn more about how to create a video marketing strategy for real YouTube video promotion. Our blog is full of content on how to market and build your business, whether you’re in the fashion, fitness, healthcare, real estate, or any other field. Be sure to check it out. We also have a YouTube channel where we chat about all things video and give you the latest video-editing tips and tricks if you’re a visual learner.


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