Hair Transplant in DHA


Getting your hair transplant in DHA Lahore, Pakistan ought to be your robust consideration at Aesthetic Experts, if you are an expatriate Pakistani residing abroad and want hair transplant surgical treatment at a fraction of the value which you would otherwise pay in most international locations of Europe and North America. While maximum facilities in the United States with good popularity would normally price you around $6000 – 7000 for a habitual consultation of 1500-2000 grafts, you could get the same fine of surgical craftsmanship for much less than this quantity in Lahore, Pakistan. That is exactly why we cater to a massive quantity of expatriate Pakistanis who come to visit their families for excursion and time table their hair transplant surgery throughout the identical trip. Lahore is domestic to a number of the best and most skilled hair transplant surgeons within the world, together with Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Saleem, who has a vast enjoy of over remaining many years working within the distinct hospitals in Lahore. In closing eight years of his exercise in Lahore, he has treated lots of sufferers with hair diseases and has accomplished surgical procedures on many countrywide and worldwide icons. Unlike many other hair transplant facilities which both make fake claims of treating a few media personalities who they pay to be on their advertisements, or in fact may have handled a number of the media icons free of fee to be their spokespersons, we consider in strict professionalism and patient confidentiality and do now not market it our most sacred assets – our sufferers. Rest assured, we will never make it public that you were ever dealt with via us – as a guarantee of pinnacle confidentiality to our patients (except required by way of regulation in certain and extraordinarily rare circumstances). There are many alternatives to be had to get a low-cost hair transplant in Pakistan. Horrifically, from an unqualified wig-professional or a barely qualified doctor to a well-trained and across the world acclaimed skilled cosmetic healthcare professional who honestly specializes in hair transplant in DHA. In Pakistan Hair transplant surgical procedure isn’t always strictly regulated by way of the fitness ministry, and maybe confidently completed by using absolutely everyone really— qualified or not. You as a patient are recommended to thoroughly recollect and verify the credentials of your Hair loss remedy professional specifically when selecting a hair transplant doctor in Lahore or any different town of Pakistan. Unfortunately, many hair transplant facilities in Pakistan also cheat their patients by making fake claims of planting more hair, the use of a particular technique and, lots to our surprise, appoint funny and ridiculous ways of charging them for every unmarried hair separately. This is done handiest to camouflage the value of the hair transplant in DHA.

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