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Google Ads Editor Latest Version

Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor is a powerful, feature-rich tool that is used almost unanimously by PPC marketers.

Whether you’re a long-time user or hoping to download for the first time, you want to be sure that you’re using the latest version. Google continuously updates this advertising tool with new features that make the job of a PPC manager easier and more convenient.

This page will examine how to find the latest version for the Google Ads Editor and how you can use this helpful tool to empower your campaigns and make your job easier.

How To Check What Google Ads Editor Version You Have

To find what version of Google Ads Editor you have, you need to locate the software program on your computer and run it. Once inside the editor tool, you need to find the “About” menu.

For Windows, this is found under “Help” in the taskbar at the top of the screen. Mac users will find it by clicking on “Google Ads Editor” at the top and then “About Google Ads Editor.”

The “About” information pane will detail what version you are using. You can then compare that to the Google download page for the tool itself. On this page, the current versions for both Mac and Windows are listed.

If you’re using a past version, you can easily update it to the latest on this page.

What Is The Latest Version Of The Google Ads Editor Tool?

The latest version of Google Ads Editor is 1.0 for both Mac and Windows. This newest version was a rather big update that requires a 64-bit operating system. If your computer operates with a 32-bit Windows system, you will have to download the previous version (12.6).

Do You Need To Update To The Latest Google Ads Editor Version?

In most cases, it is not mandatory to update to the latest version of the Google Ads Editor. That said, neglecting to do so could mean that you are missing out on new features that could make your campaigns even better!

As more versions are released and you continue to ignore updating, the changes become more dramatic. When you finally perform the update, it may be overwhelming to get used to everything that has changed.

Automatic Updates With Google Ads Editor

Some updates will occur automatically, even without you knowing it! These are very small changes that don’t impact your campaigns or add any new features. Instead, these updates are designed to fix bugs or smooth any rough patches that users have reported.

These silent updates ensure that the Google Ads Editor always works optimally and doesn’t require constant updating to fix the smallest of issues.

What You Need To Know Before Updating Google Ads Editor

Larger updates to your Google Ads Editor tool will prompt you before making the change. You may have to re-download your account data in this process. You can accidentally lose unposted changes and comments you’ve made on your account.

To ensure that this information is not lost, Google will ask if you want to create a backup file. Once you’ve updated and downloaded your account data once again, you can import the backup you’ve created to add any unposted projects to the newest version.

Alternatively, you can select not to upgrade the Editor right now, post any pending changes and then update to the new version.

What To Expect From The Latest Google Ads Editor Version

If you haven’t used the Google Ads Editor in a while or you’re curious what this new 1.0 version has in store, here is a quick rundown of some of the features and tools available:

  • The latest version is 100% free to use
  • Make offline changes to your PPC campaigns and view metrics from anywhere
  • Bulk editing tools like search and replace allow you to enable mass changes easily
  • Export and import files, make comments and share with colleagues
  • Manage multiple accounts from the same tool
  • Draft new ad copy before uploading it
  • Much more!


Managing your Google Ads account(s) is a time-consuming task. With the latest version of Google Ads Editor, making account-wide changes is easier than ever. You can even do it offline and upload your changes later.

There is a reason that this tool is so widely used! Don’t wait to upgrade to the new 1.0 and miss out on new features to bolster your Google Ads campaigns.

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