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Give Your Outdoor Living a Welcome Accent with a Copper Torch

Give Your Outdoor Living a Welcome Accent with a Copper Torch

Homeowners are always looking for fresh ways to revitalize their designs and to cultivate their personal vision as represented by their homes and gardens. Furniture, decor, fixtures, and lighting all play into the mystique of a setting, and the world is wide open with opportunities for decoration.

It’s not just all about the pavers, the woodwork, or the sitting arrangements that define your outdoor living. It’s also about how you accent it with decorative features. When you find a decorative feature that does more than look nice, spring for it.

A copper torch is one of these. Able to provide a sense of refinement to a setting while doubling as a functional tool to provide light, a patio torch would be a welcome addition to a setting that would receive it. Although, even having considered that, you can help to enhance the spirit of a setting with the torch itself.

Yet you might have thought why copper would be most fitting when any torch would make a setting more desirable. That can be answered rather succinctly – there is nothing inherently superior about a copper torch or any torch with a metal finish, however, high-quality materials will last much more admirably in the face of the elements. In addition, when you work durable materials like stainless steel with a copper finish or hand-blown glass into a setting, they will accumulate character as they age.

So, truthfully, your outdoor entertainment area might benefit better from the inclusion of a hand-blown glass torch or a brass torch than it would from a copper version. Either way, you’ll come across patio torches and tabletop torches handcrafted from the highest quality materials available online at H Potter.

When you align the nature of a torch with the other elements of your design aesthetic, the entire setting will vibrate with a harmonic spirit. For example, if your outdoor furniture, fittings, or decor has exposed copper elements, they will synch wonderfully with the copper finish of a torch or even the suggestion of a copper snuffer cap.

By the same token, the black wrought iron of some of their other torches will perfectly complement any of your exposed ironwork, whether decorative or functional. If your outdoor areas feature glass ornamentation or elaborate glasswork, a glass torch will match that setting with ease.

They’re not just about form, however. There are two very advantageous uses of patio torches that you just won’t get from conventional light fixtures. One is that the firelight they will throw off at night will create a sense of intimacy and mystique that electric lighting struggles to create. Firelight is gentle and inviting, not to mention warm. Maybe your backyard cannot accommodate a fireplace or a fire pit, but there’s a great chance you can bring in some torches for a similar effect.

Additionally, with the use of the right torch fuel, a backyard torch fuel can be an amazingly useful instrument in keeping away biting bugs and pests in the summertime. Mosquitos, flies, and other biting bugs simply hate the influence of citronella and cedar oil and they will stay well clear of areas where they are burned. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons people use torches like these, even despite the allure of their gentle glow.

Best of all, making an upgrade to your setting doesn’t require any serious legwork the way some home improvements do. Just visit where you can learn more about their unique torches and other gifts for the home and garden. Get ready for next season with a couple for yourself or for friends, and remember, you can always reach their customer service at 208-640-4206.

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