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Give Your Car a Custom Look with Demon Eyes

There’s no shortage of custom accents and accents lights that you can use to trick out your ride. There are engine bay accent lights, underglow lights, decals and many other simple upgrades you can give to your car to give it a custom look. Many vehicle owners go with a relatively simple upgrade known by the name of demon eyes.

Demon eyes are an interesting upgrade you can make to your vehicle, taking the form of small lights that mount inside the headlight housing and shine backward into the reflector. This output of light, though small, fills the reflector and makes it glow. Many of them can be customized according to color and brightness and some of them can even be controlled remotely.

Some of the best of these are made in RGB and RGBW models so that you can produce a rainbow of color and alter it as you please, often remotely, as stated. If you’re looking for the industry leader in demon eye accent lighting for your car, truck or Jeep, then don’t look too far – just open another tab and visit

There you can investigate options like their Pro-Series Multicolor Demon Eyes to make a colorful and unique upgrade for your vehicle. These LED Demon Eye Headlight accents provide a full range of color as well as pure, bright white backlighting if that is your desire. You can change the color and brightness via the use of an app and a bluetooth controller, but it doesn’t end there.

These LED lights are also programmed to provide a variety of patterns that can be controlled remotely via the same Bluetooth app. These lights are preset to provide strobe and fade patterns, but the best part is that they are customizable. If you don’t see a pattern that you like, simply program your own and save it for later?

As far as setting up these LED accent lights, professional installation is recommended because you need to open up the headlamp to install them. Once inside, you can use the included H1 bracket to mount the lights to an H1 or H1-style projector. Otherwise, you may need to perform a custom install for these demon eyes, after which point you’ll want to connect the shutoff wire to your low beams, so that you are wasting energy and overheating the lights when your low beams are on and you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway.

User-friendly and performance boosting features like these are some of the reasons that Diode Dynamics’ accent LED lights are some of the best around, but their guarantees are impressive as well. These lights come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that is a representation of the phrase “to put your money where your mouth is” – they also come with a 3 year warranty and a 30 day return policy with no restocking fee.

Some of the unique accent lights like these that you’ll find at Diode Dynamics might be able to give you that edge or cool custom look you’ve been trying to find, and now you’ve found it. Just visit or call them at 314-205-3033 today if you have questions.

For more information about LED Light Bar and Automotive LED Light Bulbs Please visit : Diode Dynamics.

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