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Give the classification of human kidneys and also describe their functions?

Kidneys are the natural filters present in the human body to pull waste material out of the body. These bean-shaped organs are situated in all vertebrates that maintain the electrolyte levels and refine the blood pressure for smooth functioning. Kidneys are one of the essential internal organs in the human body. Without it, humans will not stay alive. Sometimes, we hear that someone’s kidneys fail, and he dies. If there is any minor illness in your kidneys, you can consult with a Kidney specialist In Ludhiana.

Moreover, numerous individuals have stones in their kidneys. These will not cause frequent pain, but they may become more extensive in size with the passing time and harm your kidney’s working. Therefore, you do not ignore it. Masses can find our best kidney stone hospital by typing rg stone Ludhiana on the google map. It will show you the location. Ancient Egyptians believed that the brain and kidney were more significant than other body parts. Therefore, they believe in leaving it in the embalming position during their death.

What is the location of the human kidney?

Kidneys locate on both sides of the spine under the rib cage in the human body. These are the same in shape and design but vary in size. The right kidney is small in size as compared to the left. The right kidney confers some space from the liver. Therefore, it is tiny in size. Its notations are three centimeters thick, twelve centimeters long, six centimeters wide in length, one hundred twenty-nine grams heavy (right kidney), and one hundred thirty-seven grams (left kidney) heavy in weight.

There are numerous pyramid-shaped lobes present in the inner sides of the kidneys with the internal renal medulla and outer renal cortex. It helps to flow the Nephrons. These nephrons consist of glomerulus and tubule filters that purify the blood and push waste material out from the body through urine. Here, the tubule attains essential substances in the blood.

How do kidneys function?

The primary work of kidneys is to manage the level of homeostasis in the human body. To maintain it, they control the electrolyte balance, fluid levels, and several other factors to keep the inner functioning of the body comfortable and consistent. It performs the following functions:

Waste excretion: It eliminates the urea (breakdown of proteins), uric acid (analysis of nucleic acids), and different drugs and their metabolites.

Maintaining pH: It also manages the pH level in the human body between 7.35 to 7.45. If these levels increase or decrease from this state, it causes acidemia or alkalemia. During this process, the enzymes and proteins start breaking down and do not function for a long time, and in severe conditions turns fatal. Therefore, the lungs and kidneys try to manage pH levels in the human body.

Reabsorption of nutrients: Kidney tubules transport the critical nutrients to all parts of the body after blood filtration and also observe several other substances to maintain homeostasis levels such as glucose, bicarbonate, amino acid, chloride, potassium, and so forth.

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