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While surfing the web a while ago, I found out Nairarush posted a question “Wants to get paid to surf the web?”

I was shocked at first because I never came across such a question not until I typed it in Google and saw that there are some sites that really pay you to surf the web.

And that triggered me to share some of my experience and results after trying these sites.

So, if you want to make money online just browsing and taking surveys, this post is just for you as you’ll see all the best websites that pay you just to surf the web.

Without wasting time, below is the full list of sites that pay you to surf.

List of Get Paid to Surf Websites

Get paid to surf the web

From Qmee, to Swagbucks, there are tons of websites out there that pay users just to surf the web.

Not only that, most of these sites also let users earn money with other features like; taking surveys, testing sites and apps, completing simple tasks and so on.

Now, let’s see the full list of the websites that pays you to browse, and how to earn money with them.

Microsoft Rewards

While google is kind of the best search engine, Microsoft’s Bing search engine is just as good. Plus you can earn rewards just for searching, shopping or playing games with Microsoft.

These rewards are point that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, nonprofit donations, and more. You just have to sign in to your Microsoft account and search on Bing to keep putting points in your account.


Leapforce is another fantastic website that was introduced to me by a writer at Networkwayout

This website lets users earn money for surfing the web. You can perform searches via this platform and share details about your findings.

If you are interested in becoming a search engine evaluator, then you should take advantage of Leapforce and get paid to surf the web.

Users earn up to $13 per hour when browsing the web using Leapforce.


Not only surveys, there are several ways you can make money with swagbucks. This includes watching short videos, taking short 5-10 minutes surveys. Downloading and playing games, referring your friends are also some of the ways to earn on swagbucks. Of course, they also pay you for browsing the web.

  • Swagbucks will give you a $5 signup bonus, and pay you up to $10 per task completed.


Toluna is another site that pays you to complete simple tasks, mainly surveys. Not only that, you can also participate in daily lotteries, invite friends, and earn points that can be redeemed for any rewards of your choice.

Of course, surfing the web is among what this website pays you to do.


You can sign up for InstaGC, complete some tasks in your spare time and earn some points. The points earned can redeem for gift cards, or bitcoin. They offer a variety of tasks, which means you can never run out of tasks.

You can get paid to test mobile apps, get paid to shop, earn money to watch short videos, and even earn more points from the people you referred. Each completed task is worth 10-100 points, which is equivalent to $0.10-$1.

Survey Junkie

If you have no problem giving feedback to companies, you can sign up for Survey Junkie.

This site pays you for answering companies surveys in the form of feedback, so as to help them improve. They pay you 100-200 points per task completed, which you can then convert to gift cards, or even withdraw straight into your PayPal account.

Unlike other survey sites, survey junkie minimum withdrawal is $10. This means you need to have an available balance of $10, before you can withdraw your earnings.


Another site where you can make money online as a teen is InboxDollar. This is a very popular site that offers hundreds if not thousands of different tasks which you can complete to earn point which you can convert into money, and cash it out through PayPal, gift cards or even direct deposit.

Some tasks InboxDollars offer are; Watching videos, taking short surveys, playing different games, surfing the internet, shopping online, and even reading emails.

It is one of the sister companies for InboxDollars. Here you can earn by taking online surveys from this website or by surfing the web, watching movies, etc.

You can earn real cash for searching the web or the data you need on InboxPounds’ search page. The more you search using this search page the more you earn! Signup to earn a bonus of $5.


If you want an amazing money making and high paying mobile app and browser extension, Qmee is definitely a must try for you, as the browser extension of this platform alone pays you to surf the web.

That’s not all, as the Qmee app shows you selected ads on brand or products which you can engage with to make money with your phone.


This site offers a lot of ways where you can earn money on the side. One of the ways is by searching the web.

This site gives you “Zoombucks” to do your usual searches every day through its interface. Though how much you earn with search depends on your frequency of searching.

This website also has some other ways to earn like surveys, watching videos, cash back, etc.

It is also open to audiences from all over the world.

Nelson Consumer Panel

Earn money surfing the web as you normally do on all your phone, laptop, PC, and/or tablet and you can get paid with Nielsen Consumer Panels.

This company tracks consumer behavior for more than 250,000 households in over 25 countries. But how does that make you money?

I’m glad you asked, well if you are willing to download its free app then you can get $50 per device.

That’s right. Simply register your devices on Nielsen, and they’ll pay you $50 per year for having the app installed on your phone or laptop.


Shareyt is a social media following and traffic generating website. This site let users earn points for liking social media posts, following social media accounts, and of course, visiting websites.

The points you earn on Shareyt can be converted into money when you reach the threshold. Although it may take months.


Another website that gives you extra money to search is CashCrate. You don’t have to install any toolbars or download any apps; just do your daily search through its website and the points add up.

You can earn $0.01 per search up to 10 times per day. It might seem low, but consider how many searches you do every day and how using a platform like this would make those searches paying ones.

CashCrate sends you a check once you accrue a minimum of $20 in your account.


ClickWorker is a small NASA experimental project that uses public volunteers for scientific tasks.

Clickworkers are able to work when, and for however long they choose, doing routine analysis that would normally require months of work by scientists or graduate students.

You can get paid weekly via PayPal just for creating texts and documents, and proofreading and making corrections to data. You can earn around $9/hour here.

Panda Research

You can fill surveys daily to earn cash. Receive amazing coupons, discounts, giveaways without any participation. Also earn money by referring friends.

Receive $3 to $5 for every survey or offer completed at Panda Research. To start a side hustle you can also know how to earn from affiliate marketing from this website.

Other Get Paid to Surf Websites

  • Usertesting pays $10 a test.
  • UserBrain pays $3 a test.
  • Userlytics pays $5 to $20 a test, with some projects paying as much as $90.
  • UserCrowd gives you $0.10 for each credit you earn, and you get one to two credits per response for most tests, but some can pay more than that.
  • Perk
  • QuickRewards
  • Viggle
  • GrabPoints
  • iRazoo
  • SavvyConnect

How Much Can You Get Paid for Browsing the Internet?

The amount of money you can earn surfing the internet varies.

Get paid to sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars won’t pay tons per search, but you’ll make some extra spending cash.

On this Reddit thread, people say they earn from $30 to more than $125 a month with Swagbucks.

On this Reddit thread and this one, people say they make $30 to $120 a month with Perk.

Our biggest tip with get paid to sites is to join a few of them. If you join a few of these sites and do tasks on all of them, then you’ll make much more money.


As you can see, there are so many ways and websites on which you can get paid for using the internet. From making money searching Google, to earning cash by testing out websites, there are plenty of ways you can make money right from your phone or PC.

So, give some of the places above a try and start making money surfing the web.

Those are the website that you can use to get paid to surf.


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