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Fun Trivia Questions with Answers

Fun Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Is it true that you are on the chase for a free broad information test for your bar, gathering, social, or school gathering? Look no further!

The accompanying test questions are reasonable for all age gatherings and range from simple to significantly interesting, covering a wide scope of points so everybody can participate in the good times.

The Answers for fun trivia question is in the bold text after the question mark.

Don’t hesitate to print this fun, no-cost test for any not-for-profit reason.


Test A: Ice-Breaker Questions

  1. How numerous legs do the Legs of Man have? Three.
  2. How numerous tails does a Manx feline have? None.
  3. How numerous teeth does an aardvark have? None.
  4. Which ocean animal has three hearts? Octopus.
  5. Which instrument has 47 strings and seven pedals? Harp.
  6. Whose face was said to have dispatched 1000 boats? Helen of Troy.
  7. In the customary rhyme, what the number of mice was visually impaired? Three.
  8. How numerous bones does a grown-up human have? 200 and six.
  9. How numerous pedals do most current pianos have? Three.
  10. Water bubbles at 212 degrees on which temperature scale? Fahrenheit.



Test B: Easy Nursery Questions

  1. Who went to class with a sheep? Mary.
  2. Who sat in a corner eating a Christmas pie? Little Jack Horner.
  3. Where did the woman wearing rings on her fingers and chimes on her toes ride to? Bunbury Cross.
  4. Which thing of nursery furniture was determined to head off a tree? Support.
  5. Which conventional youngsters’ rhyme was about the plague? Ring O’Roses.
  6. Name the previously well-known kid’s structure game which was pointed toward building up a comprehension of mechanics and hardware. Mechano.
  7. Name the doll which was acclaimed for crying. Small Tears.
  8. Which hairy animals lived on Wimbledon Common? Wombles.
  9. If you rode a Chopper, what was this? Bike.
  10. What was absorbed vinegar at that point held tight a string? Conker.

Test C

  1. What is the Italian word for pie? Pizza.
  2. What is the public bloom of Wales? Daffodil.
  3. Which Australian marsupial appreciate eating eucalyptus leaves? Koala.
  4. Which reptile, as indicated by the melody, would it be a good idea for you to never grin at? Crocodile.
  5. Alfred, an old King of Wessex, is celebrated for consuming what? Cakes.
  6. In nautical terms, what is something contrary to the port? Starboard.
  7. How numerous bones are there on a Skull and Crossbones banner? Three.
  8. What was Marilyn Monroe’s common hair shading? Ginger.
  9. Name Fred Astaire’s acclaimed red-haired moving accomplice. Ginger Rogers.
  10. What is the world’s tallest tree? The coast redwood, one of three sequoia animal categories.

Test D

  1. What name was given to the warriors who ensured Roman sovereigns? Praetorian Guard.
  2. Which two metals is pewter produced using? Tin and lead.
  3. What was Louis Armstrong’s picked type of music? Jazz.
  4. Name the port of Rome. Ostia.
  5. Paul Newman ate fifty eggs in which film? Cool Hand Luke.
  6. Don Alfonso is the lead part in which show? Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart.
  7. Which city does the River Lagan move through? Belfast.
  8. Who sang about being an Egg man and a walrus? The Beatles.
  9. What happens in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley? Pony hustling.
  10. Which nation does the game of pelato originate from? Spain.

Test E

  1. What would one say one is a quarter of 1,000? 250.
  2. Which is bigger, half, or five eights? Five eights.
  3. How numerous sides, altogether, would three triangles and three square shapes have? 21.
  4. Who changed the name of his boat from The Pelican to The Golden Hind? Sir Francis Drake.
  5. What is manzanilla? A light sherry.
  6. What is entomophobia? A nonsensical dread of creepy crawlies.
  7. Name the entertainer who kicked the bucket in 1984, and who likewise featured in the film named 1984? Richard Burton.
  8. Who created the two-piece? Louis Read.
  9. Which Scot established the Presbyterian Church? John Knox.
  10. When did the French Revolution end? 1799.

Test F

  1. Which sea encompasses the Maldives? The Indian Ocean.
  2. What is the name of Europe’s most northern town? Hammerfest, Norway.
  3. The last detainee to be held in the Tower of London was who? Rudolf Hesse.
  4. Which Tasmanian marsupial is known for its blazing temper? Tasmanian Devil.
  5. Who was the admirer of the Roman known as Marc Anthony? Cleopatra.
  6. Which summer treat is frequently eaten during Wimbledon’s tennis matches? Strawberries and cream.
  7. What happened to the racehorse named Shergar in 1983? Captured.
  8. In J.M. Barrie’s epic, where did the Lost Boys live? Never Land.
  9. Name the specialist played by Tom Baker, William Hartnell, and Patrick Troughton, among others. Dr. Who.
  10. Which word can be set before container, ringer, and winged creature? Blue.

Here are some of the funny and tricky Knowledged Trivia Questions with Answers.

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