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Full Form and Single Pitch Thread Mills

Full Form and Single Pitch Thread Mills

When it comes to producing threads, tap and die tools used to be one of the most common options. Now that computer guided mills have become one of the most common industrial production tools, the use of specialized end mills are one of the most efficient ways to produce threaded components. Both full form and single pitch thread mills are great options for producing precise threads very quickly and efficiently.

During the milling processes, speed and accuracy are essential. If your shop is looking to significantly speed up the process of thread production, a full form thread mill will produce the best results. Whether you want to cut internal or external threads, full form tools can complete the task in only one 360 degree pass.

This quick threading process is achieved thanks to the unique design of these tools. They feature a series of small teeth like cutters. When these “teeth” cut into your workpiece, they are spaced to achieve the desired thread pitch. By lowering the tool by the distance of a thread pitch during its rotation, every cutting “tooth” terminates where the cut of the one below it began. This process helps to form a helical thread surface rather than a series of round cuts.

Though these tools are the fastest means of producing threads, they do have their limitations. Every full form thread milling cutter can only mill threads of a single pitch. They can produce this pitch across a wide range of component diameters, but the pitch has to remain constant. If a component requires threaded surfaces with different thread pitches, tool changes will have to occur if using only full form thread mills.

While full form thread mills are the clear option in terms of speed, single pitch thread mills are far more flexible in their applications. These cutters have only a single point instead of the series of tooth-like points on full form tools. This means that it is possible for a single form thread mill to mill and pitch of thread. The process does take longer, due to the fact that the cutter has to travel the entire length of the threaded surface.

One advantage of using single pitch mills is the fact that they exert far less force on a workpiece than a full form tool. This makes them ideal for threading components that have an unstable overhang or components that are thin walled. Because they can also be used to prepare a wide range of threads, these tools are a great way to cut down on the number of tool changes that will be needed to complete a job.

If you are looking for high quality full form or single pitch thread mills for your shop, Online Carbide has some incredible options. As an American manufacturer of solid carbide end mills and drill bits, Online Carbide is dedicated to producing high quality milling tools and offering them at manufacturer direct prices. Their tools can help you create threaded surfaces for your shop’s components quickly and easily.

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