Free health facilities in Lahore | Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation


Eight free basic health care dispensaries are working in different areas of Lahore. It work under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. These areas for instance: Baja LinesFazlia Colony, Mian Mir, Munawar Sultana Road, Slide Park Road, Achnat Garh, Basti Syedaan, and Hope Road. These are the vicinity. In conclusion, where most of the people belong to the lower middle class. Who earn their livelihood through extremely hard work. Despite all these efforts. In the same vein, people living in these areas still struggle to make the ends meet. In case of any health problems. It is extremely hard for these people to access free health facilities. Such a situation is a major blow to the finances of these households. These are the people. Who are the target of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation’s free dispensaries?


Besides free medical check-up. These dispensaries also provide free medicines to the deserving people. The medical staff is hired on the conditions prescribed by PMDC. The medicines that are provided are made by the lading and well-reputed pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies include AbbottBosche, & GSK among many others.



The dispensaries have a highly trained paramedical staff that renders its duties under the special care of doctors. A computerized database of all the incoming patients is also maintained. Each dispensary treats around 5000 patients per month. Until now, free medical services have been provided to almost 5 Lac patients. It’s the vision of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan to provide the best medical care to people. These efforts of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan have been commended by the people of these areas.

Islam teaches us, to share our blessings and help humanity, in any way that we can. Providing these facilities, to the people is surely an act of pure kindness.

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