Forex Trading: Four Basic Trading Strategies for Beginner Traders

Are you thinking about trading on the foreign exchange market? If so, Forex Trading is best. We inform you that it’s definitely a wise option to trade on the market for foreign exchange. When compared with Forex trading: Four Essential Trading Strategies for Beginners in Traders in the world of stock markets, transactions on the forex market are performed throughout the week at various timings. This is due to the fact that the forex market is open and closes according to the time zones of different nations.

If you’ve chosen to enter the market for forex there is a good chance that you will gain benefits in the long term. However, for a beginner, it might seem too difficult to enter the market for forex. It may seem like it’s difficult to grasp the market.

It is possible to believe that you must look at an endless chart of trades to be able to trade effectively. This isn’t the scenario! There are some basic strategies you can employ to make money in trading on the foreign exchange market. This gives you time to study and increase your skills and knowledge and ultimately become skilled trading forex.

However, before we reveal the four fundamental strategies for trading for beginners, let’s take a glance at the fundamental principles and two key factors you should consider prior to you begin trading forex.

Important Factors to Consider Forex Trading

If you inquire of any professional forex traders what advice they would give novice traders? They are likely to mention the following two aspects.

Percentage of investment:

The majority of forex experts recommend that to reduce the risks of investing in general You shouldn’t put in more than 5percent of your total capital per transaction. This is to ensure you don’t lose a lot of money because of fluctuations.


Another aspect that experts suggest novice traders take into consideration is leverage. They advise that any novice trader should not exceed 1:10 leverage. This will also ensure that they don’t suffer massive losses as a result of fluctuation. It also permits the novices to make margin calls so that they decide to take their investment out of the market or be patient with the possibility of a change in the market.

These two elements were regarded by all traders since the beginning of trading in forex. However, there were times when traders who planned to take greater risks omitted these aspects, which cost them huge amounts of money.

Particularly, following particularly, following the Great Recession in 2007-08, the majority of traders have begun to take into consideration these two elements. No matter, if you’re a novice or an expert, taking note of these two aspects prior to forex trading, will always be beneficial. Ovik Mkttchyan

Basic Forex Trading Strategies

We’ll now move on to the main topic of this blog post, and it is the four fundamental trade strategies for forex that all beginners should be aware of.

Moving Averages

If you are a novice trader, you’ll always need to earn money. As such, making profits is certainly a positive thing for traders making use of strategies like the Simple Moving Averages (SMA) strategy could be helpful.

As the title suggests you must find the average closing price for the currency pair over a period of time. This will provide you with an idea of the trend that is followed by the pair of currencies. Ovik Mkttchyan

In the beginning, you’ll be able to estimate how much SMA over 20 consecutive days. All you have to do is record the closing prices of the chosen currency pair for the past 20 days. Add these values, then divide the sum by 20. This gives you a sign of the strong trending over the next 20 days.

Expert traders use longer periods of time, such as 200 days for calculating SMA. However, as a novice, it is possible to begin small and gradually increase your investment.

Carry Trade

This is one of the most well-known beginner trading strategies for forex that you can use to learn about the market and make first profits without sacrificing any principle.

This strategy is based on utilizing the fundamental idea of purchasing a high-yielding currency along with a low-yielding currency. The broker will pay the difference interest to the customer until the trade is completed. To help you understand this strategy here’s an illustration.

As an example, suppose you are able to have two currencies, for example, USD/RUB and USD/JPY.

For USD/JPY, the is in the range of Federal Funds is 0.25% while in the case of Japanese Bank it is -0.1 percent. The rate of the differential is at 0.35 percent.

For USD/RUB as well, the rate is in the range of Federal Funds is 0.25% and in the case of a Russian bank, it is at 6 percent. That means their differential rate is about 5.75 percent. That means that a novice trader such as you could make up to $15.75 each day or $5,750 for the year.

The most important thing to be aware of is to not trade in new or emerging currencies because they carry an increased risk because of the high volatility.

Purchasing Power Parity

Another simple forex trading strategy can be Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) which allows you to evaluate the current exchange rates against the PPP. This helps you identify what currency is valued too high and undervalued.

The currency that is moving 20% higher than the price of petroleum per barrel is undervalued while those that is 20% lower than the PPP are valued at a lower.

The PPP may not be utilized by the market for forex, however, the most well-known currency pair will either be 20% higher or lower than the PPP. This is done to help traders to select the currency pair they want to trade.

Additionally, PPP is an excellent method to follow if plan to trade in the long run. It is then possible to examine the length of PPP to the exchange rate currently in place to gain a clearer picture.

Interest Rates

Every forex guide will tell you that high-yielding currency is more attractive when compared to currencies with low yields. In the same way, trading on the rates of interest for currencies can be an excellent strategy for traders who are new to trading.

All you have to do is look up your Consumer Price Index of the central bank of that country to find out what annual inflation rate they’re striving at. But it is important to know that changes to the country can impact the CPI.

This can affect the performance of the currency. It may either increase or decrease its appreciation. Additionally, other economic variables like the growth of the Gross Domestic Product rate and unemployment rates can impact the CPI.


The currency that is the official currency of Japan is the Japanese yen gained importance throughout the Meiji restoration plan that was designed to make the Japanese economy more modern and westernized. The currency has experienced steady growth after its decline in World War II and the 1973 oil crisis.

Because of the Japanese government’s stability intervention policy, The Japanese Yen is subject to daily fluctuations on the market. However, the central bank of Japan helps keep the rate under control by buying and selling the currency on a massive scale.

If you use USD as your currency of choice You can earn huge profits trading in a currency called the Japanese Yen. However, this is only possible when you make your trades at the right timing.


It is the most frequently traded exchange rate in the market for forex. This is because the Euro is the main currency of members of the European Union. In the 28 countries that are members belonging to the European Union, 19 of them make use of the Euro as their primary currency for transactions.

Both currencies are greatly dependent on the political events that are taking place in the US and the European Union. For instance, if, for example, you believe that the European Central Bank interferes in markets to boost the Euro then you can expect the dollar-to-euro ratio to decrease.


Canada is the fiscal neighbor to the US. It is not a need to wonder that these currencies are inextricably linked. A slight shift in the economy of one of the countries will alter the currency pair.

However, most importantly, the worth that the Canadian dollar is highly dependent on the price of oil. any slight variation in oil prices can affect its value. Canadian dollar.

If you’re selecting to use this pair of currencies, be sure you keep a check on the market prices for oil. This will make sure that you earn profits.


The currency that is used in official transactions in Switzerland has been designated as Swiss Francs (CHF) which is considered to be the most secure of the currencies.

This is due to the fact that CHF is able to appreciate even when other currencies are depreciating. Particularly in periods of political turmoil, CHF has proved to be the currency that is stable in periods of instability.

Therefore, if you’re planning to start trading on the market for forex, you may prefer CHF.


The currency used by the United Kingdom is the British Pound Sterling (GBP) which is the 3rd most-traded currency around the globe. The country did not switch to Euro although it was part of the European Union until 2016.

However, the GBP has been impacted over the last decade due to two significant circumstances. The currency was subject to major cash-outs through investors during 2007 and 2008. Great Recession of 2007 and the 2008 financial crisis.

The currency experienced a massive cash-out by investors once more in 2016 following the country’s decision to vote in favor of Brexit. Investors kept cashing out the currency in order to invest in more stable currencies in the following months after Brexit.


A sixth-highest traded currency around the globe The Australian Dollar is highly dependent on the Canadian Dollar. This is because of the interdependence between the countries when it comes to items like coal and iron.

If you’re thinking of trading in Australian dollars be sure to keep an eye on these commodities. Then, you can be sure to earn a profit.


In conclusion, if you’re just getting started in the market for forex, you should think about the leverage and the investment percentage. This will help ensure that you don’t suffer any losses.

Additionally, you can pick from four fundamental strategies for trading forex to make your trades more efficient in the beginning. You can also learn more about trading and make more profit.

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