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Foot Pain Management: Preventions of Swollen Feet and Legs during Travel

Do you know an interesting fact that a human foot and ankle is a strong mechanical structure that encompasses 26 bones, 33 joints, around 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons (ORTHOPEDIC & SPINE INSTITUTE)?

It clearly signifies that healthy feet and strong ankles are imperative to perform our daily life activities prolifically. But sadly, we have started overlooking our feet as we don’t care for them properly. According to the recent research study by ILLINOIS PODIATRIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (IPMA), only a minor percentage of the population experiences foot problems but negligence and lack of proper care the major foot issues.

Have you ever looked down at your feet and ankles, but you failed to recognize them because they are swollen badly. Swollen feet are quite common, whether you have a hectic travel routine or recently undertook a surgery. If you are not pregnant and still wondering why does the top of my foot hurt sometimes, you need to check it with your doctor.

Undoubtedly, swollen feet and ankles make you uncomfortable, and you can’t move easily. But with technical advancement, Foot Pain Management has become quite easier now. There are endless ways to relieve the cause of swollen feet, and factually, you can prevent them too.

Here, in the current discussion, we highlight some of the most effective ways to prevent swollen feet and legs during the travel time.

Swollen Feet & Legs: How to Prevent Them

That’s how you can prevent your swollen feet by taking these precautionary measures seriously.

  • Keep on Changing the Cabin

Generally, people experience swollen feet when they keep on sitting on the airplane for a longer time. It mainly causes their blood to pool in the feet. Resultantly, it makes your feet & ankle swollen (this condition is also known as Gravitational Oedema).

One of the finest ways to get rid of this issue is to prefer moving on a plane after an hour. Surely, it isn’t easy to move around in a flight, so it is suggested to flex your feet throughout the flight. It will keep blood flowing, and you can avoid pain.

  • Exercise Daily

Exercise is one of the most important things to keep our body active and healthy. Most of the research studies have confirmed that if you don’t take time for exercise, you can experience gravitational oedema. Moreover, if you are traveling to a new area, you will surely have to walk a lot during sightseeing. So, If you don’t exercise daily, it can negatively affect your feet. That’s why; it is preferable to takeout time for exercise; otherwise, sightseeing can make your feet swollen.

Generally, people who go for a morning walk or manage time for routine exercise experience no problem while traveling because exercise makes them strong to perform daily life activities easily.

We recommend you to develop the habit of exercise or morning walk. You must take out 20 to 30 minutes for it else you can experience swollen feet and ankle.

  • Don’t Consume Salty Food.

If you visit a place that is best known for its amazing food and cuisine, it becomes quite challenging to avoid that food.  So, what could be the ideal solution for it? We know it is not easy to avoid food, but you can try avoiding salty food while traveling. It means that you shouldn’t eat snacks and peanuts throughout the air travel. Eating salty food may cause you to retain more water and makes your feet swollen. However, you can eat fruits and healthy food to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Avoid Compressing Yourself

If you want to enjoy your traveling time, then no need to compress yourself while traveling. So, it is better to constrict yourself as little as possible when you are traveling by air. There is no need to wear tight clothes while in the air. Secondly, don’t wear closed shoes because tight shoes are the major cause of swollen feet. Lastly, don’t cross your legs when you are sitting on the plane.

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If you avoid these things, then you can enjoy your traveling time without any issue. This way, your blood also circulates properly, and you feel no pain in ankles and feet.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated while traveling as it is one of the finest ways to keep your blood circulating. We understand that drinking enough water can make you uncomfortable, but it provides you a good reason to leave your seat and use facilities. This way, you can take-out time for moving while you are on the flight.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, no one wants to experience the pain of swollen feet as it’s quite devastating. However, you can avoid this problem by taking all the precautionary measures seriously. Additionally, you must see a pain management specialist if you experience something complicated.

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