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Food Photography Tips: It is not difficult to Eat food.

Making mouth watering, heavenly looking pictures of food is significantly more enthusiastically. Disregard essentially holding your camera over your food and anticipating the best.

You should give your food pictures a similar love and care you give in its planning. Furthermore, that is the watchword – arrangement. Mind boggling food pictures don’t simply occur.

In the event that you appreciate advancing by watching, I’ve likewise gathered 7 nitin tandon food styling & consulting recordings (some extremely nitty gritty, others more direct) that exhibit all that you really want to consider and do to turn into a connoisseur picture taker.

Ensure you are centered around the right pieces of your food. On the off chance that you are shooting close up pictures and particularly on the off chance that you are shooting with a large scale focal point you should give close consideration to your profundity of field.

As you move in increasingly close to your subject your profundity of field gets increasingly thin making it harder to accomplish center from frontal area to foundation. You can utilize this for your potential benefit particularly assuming you are shooting with a focal point that has a wide gap like f/2.8 or lower.

Focal points with wide gaps frequently produce the absolute best bokeh. It is the point at which you take shots at wide openings (f/2.8 or lower) that you get that lovely foundation obscure, which is what bokeh is.

Give close consideration to where you are really engaged. On the off chance that your center is off, the message of your image is off also.


All photography tips include a notice of light on the grounds that without light there is no photography.

Search for light that is coming from behind your food or spot your food so that light is fighting against eminent loss to track down special features of your food. This is particularly helpful assuming steam is ascending off your food. Backdrop illumination will catch the steam and add a powerful enticement for your food.

Utilize delicate light (diffused light) to make delicate shadows. You can skip light (mirrored light) to assist with making milder lighting.

Try not to utilize your camera’s blaze. Furthermore, try not to point any light source straightforwardly at your food except if you diffuse it. Cruel, direct light doesn’t regularly make food look extremely engaging.

Assuming you utilize an outer blaze, point the glimmer away from your food and let it bob off the walls or roof to permit the light to diffuse. This will likewise permit your light to come from the side and that will forestall level looking pictures.

Assuming that you are shooting outside have a go at shooting in the early morning or night hours when the sun is nearer to the skyline. This will assist with making delicate shadows. Unforgiving (or hard) shadows can make the image befuddling to see on the grounds that the dull and hard lines of the shadows can distract from your subject.

In the event that you are shooting inside abstain from utilizing the lights coming from a higher place (like roof lights). Place your food close to a window to get a diffused light source that will make gentler shadows.

A speedy note: I referenced “diffused” and “diffused light”. Diffused light is basically light that is separated. You can diffuse light by putting a sheer item (like a dainty glossy silk sheet) between the light source and your subject. You can likewise “separate” light by bobbing it off of non intelligent surfaces.

Skipping light off a mirror, for instance, won’t diffuse the light. Bobbing light off a painted, non-lustrous surface will diffuse your light making milder shadows and permit the light to fold itself over your subject.

In the photograph above hard light was utilized and that made shadows with hard lines. For this situation, it worked on the grounds that the foundation was perfect and flawless and that permitted the shadows to fall in a space that additional no disarray.

Similarly as with each standard at any point composed by man, there are exemptions and each standard can be broken. Some preferable executed over others.


Try not to put your food in that frame of mind of your edge except if it’s a good idea for a specific circumstance, for example, the photograph underneath. Utilize the standard of thirds to make a fair sythesis. You can move your camera to get better structure and you can move your food too.

Move your food around until you get a pleasant harmony between variety and lines. For instance, in the event that you are taking photos of a plate of steak, potatoes and asparagus line your asparagus in equal lines. Try not to have them confound in that frame of mind of haphazardness.

At the point when eateries and food organizations takes photos of their food, a ton, I mean A LOT, of consideration is paid to food position. In all honesty, we start eating with our eyes, not our mouth.


Perhaps this should be obvious yet I will say it anyway…make sure your plates and utensils are spotless.

Assuming you need to, clear away any drippings of food or sauces off of the sides of your bowl or plate. This is all around as significant as food arrangement and association.

Assuming you have smircesh of sauce around the edge of your plate or bowl your watcher’s eyes will quickly go toward that and it will make an unappetizing appearance to your image.

Treat your food, your plates and your blades, forks and spoons like supermodels. Assuming there are any blemishes they will demolish your shot.

Ensure you have a great deal of variety in your food pictures. I will rehash this: we start eating with our eyes, not our mouth.

What we see food has an immediate mean for on the amount we like the food. Not to limit our taste buds, but rather before we taste, we see.


Your experience gives your food a spot to live. Clean the region around your food and search so that points that permit your watchers might be able to see the wine glasses or different food varieties in your food photography setting.

To get into the settings for your food (to give it a wonderful climate) don’t utilize a similar slicing board you used to set up nitin tandon food.

Put your food on a perfect cutting board or in a spotless skillet. Recollect that whatever doesn’t look tantalizing or interesting to our eyes will occupy from our longing to make a plunge and eat the food that you are shooting.

In the event that you are snapping a photo of a succulent, flavorful steak set out a glass of red wine and spot that behind the scenes to provide your watchers with the full insight of the delightful, mouth watering steak. Mmmmmm, steak.

Your selection of varieties in your experience will likewise straightforwardly affect your food photography. Search for or make foundation colors that praise the shades of your food. It could be basically as straightforward as adding a red or orange decorative spread to complement the red varieties in your food.

Speedy TIPS!
Dried food and tasteless hued food looses its eye advance right away. To give your food somewhat more life, splash some olive oil or preparing shower on your food to give it a little shine and sheen. This will likewise assist with drawing out the delightful tones in your food.
While making soups and stews take your photos just after you add them to the pot. This is the point at which they have their freshest allure. As your things cook they will start to lose variety. Keep things as brilliant as could really be expected.

Set your white equilibrium to a hotter setting. This will give your food more allure. On the off chance that you are shooting with a cooler white equilibrium variety your food pictures might look like were taken at the supermarket. This is one more valid justification to take your photos at nightfall or dawn hours. The light during this season of day is normally hotter. You can likewise diffuse or skip light with hotter hued reflectors or with warm hued window conceals/wraps.

Place uncooked food around your prepared and arranged food to tell your watchers all that went in it. Particularly with soups and stews things will more often than not get pretty soft and soft isn’t pretty. Having the crude fixings around as a component of your experience and generally speaking setting give dull looking feasts more allure. This is a superb method for adding an extra story component to your food photography.

Take your food pictures before the food is finished cooking. This is particularly valid for steaks (what is it with me and steaks today?). Take your food off the fire/skillet and take a speedy picture while it is as yet mouth watering and delicious. Dried steak, regardless of how flavorful, isn’t quite so engaging as steak sparkling with delectable fat. What’s more, recollect, attempt to see as light fighting against eminent loss, this light will catch the steam falling off your meat.

This next food photography tip can be valid for all photography. Find instances of food pictures that nitin tandon

like and attempt to reproduce what you see. Notice where the light is coming from by seeing which bearing the

shadows are projected. Notice how the food is organized and attempt to mirror that game plan in your photos.
At last, practice practice. A cook gets better with every feast made. A photographic artist gets better with each

image taken. Commit errors and learn illustrations.

Your focal points are your infants and you ought to regard them accordingly. Give them rests in the early evening and taken care of them early.

Since you have practically all out command over your food, your experience and your lighting, I will prescribe

that you utilize prime focal points to get the most snap, pop and jump out of your food photography.

A superb focal point will furnish nitin tandon with a more extensive gap. This will complete two things that are

useful in food photography. Prime focal points give probably the best bokeh (foundation obscure).

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