Flying Sports Flags and 4 More Ways to Show Your Team Support

Flying a sports flag can be a great way to show support for your favorite team. It can help tell the whole world which horse it is you’re backing. It can also be a great way to get you and your pals excited for the big game.

Sports flags aren’t the only way to show support for your favorite sports team either. Without delay, let’s discuss some of the many ways to express your sports love, whether you’d like the subtle approach or intend to go all out!

Option #1: Flying Sports Flags Loud and Proud

Almost every major team these days has an official flag of some sort for fans to fly. Whether you intend to go big with a large football flag or want a smaller pendant, flying your team’s logo or colors can be an easy way to show you’re a proud fan.

All you need is a flagpole you can trust (such as those available at and a flag to fly. Put that baby up and you’re good to go.

If you’re intimidated at the concept of installing a big pole, flag poles actually aren’t all that hard to install. The hardest part is probably digging, which is easy in concept, just laborious. You can also pay to have the hard parts done for you if you’re so inclined.

For those living in apartments or other areas where a flag pole isn’t an option, plenty of fans put flags on the walls of their game rooms or similar areas. It can also be a more subtle approach to fandom if you’re not ready to go so big.

Option #2: A Million Things to Collect

Possibly more than any other kind of brand, sports teams go big when it comes to collectibles and memorabilia. This is great news for fans because it means you can collect memorabilia of your favorite teams and display it as you see fit.

What’s fun about collecting is that it is scalable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars trying to get every knick-knack your team has released. (In fact, getting everything is pretty much impossible for fans of major teams that have tons of collectibles and memorabilia going back decades.)

The fun is often choosing a niche, like cards or mugs, and picking up more and more over time. Occasionally you can dip your toes into the expensive, limited edition items, but it’s also fun just to collect the newer, easier-to-get stuff.

Collecting stuff doesn’t have to be a job. It can be a fun hobby, like antiquing, where you pay attention to auction sites and release dates and try to pounce on good deals.

Over time, collections can grow pretty extensive. If you spend even a small amount of money each month for a few years on the collectibles coming out from your favorite team, you may be able to decorate a whole room (or multiple rooms) with the stuff. That said, you can keep it scaled back to whatever size you want; it all depends on what you’ll enjoy most.

Option #3: Your Body is a Canvas

One of the most popular ways to support one’s teams is stuff you can wear. While a lot of sports clothing qualifies as collectibles or memorabilia, it’s still worth discussing separately.

After all, people who collect clothes often don’t wear them. That can be fun in its own way, but there’s something special about wearing your support too. (For the record, you can buy two of something if you want to collect it and are nervous about wearing it down.)

Even small teams will often sell jerseys letting you wear the names of your favorite players. Hats are very popular as well. Some teams even sell custom belt buckles and shoes; as a rule, bigger teams offer more variety.

Superfans have another option (although it isn’t for everyone): tattoos. Tons of fans getting ink representing their favorite team’s logo or some other symbol meant to represent star athletes or big moments. Just remember that tattoos are permanent!

We’ll also note the legality of getting a team’s logo tattooed on yourself is…dubious? People have been sued for using trademarked images in certain contexts without permission, although it’s rare for tattoos. While it isn’t likely to cause you issues if we’re being honest, you’re safer getting a tattoo representative of your team but without straight up using their logo.

Option #4: Big Ticket Items

Finally, some fans enjoy expressing their love for their team through things like season tickets and other big buys. These sorts of purchases can be expensive but allow you experiences in a way some of the above expressions of fandom don’t.

You may not care about stuff but, if you love your team, you probably wouldn’t mind seeing their games in person. It can a fun experience and one far different from watching them on TV.

Season tickets can be great because going to only a game or two per season is a mixed bag. After all, even the best teams have bad days and some games wind up duds. At the same time, the thrill of being there in person for big upsets and huge victories is hard to compete with.

Show Support Your Way

In the end, only you can decide the best way to show support for your favorite team. You might want to fly sports flags, collect memorabilia, or anything else we discussed. You can do it all at once too; only your budget and the room in your house are the limit.

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