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Finding The Best Automotive LED Replacement Bulbs

Finding The Best Automotive LED Replacement Bulbs

You have probably had to deal with having a fog light or tail light burn out on you. These moments can be both annoying and potentially dangerous. The lighting is one of the most crucial safety features on your vehicle, so making sure all of your lights are in good working order is crucial to staying safe on the road. If you have recently experienced a burned out bulb, it’s time to consider automotive LED replacement bulbs to take their place.

If you are wondering why LEDs make such a difference, let’s take a look at the halogen bulbs your vehicle is most likely using. These bulbs operate in a manner similar to your average household light bulb. Electricity is passed through a tungsten filament until it glows bright enough to produce the desired levels of light output.

The light halogen bulbs emit requires the filament to get extremely hot, which eventually causes the filament to break andthe bulb to burn out. The slow evaporation of the filament can also darken bulbs, which is where the halogen component of halogen bulbs comes into play. A pocket of halogen gas around the bulb produces a chemical reaction that deposits evaporated tungsten back onto the filament itself. This helps to extend the lifespan of the bulb while also keeping it from dimming over time.

LEDs, on the other hand, operate using special semiconductor materials. As energy travels across the LED, the electrons slot into open “electrons holes” in the semiconductor and release energy in the form of light. This process is extremely efficient and focuses most of the light produced into the visible spectrum, avoiding the extreme heat production of halogen bulbs due to their infrared output. The light they produce is also closer to a true white than the yellowish light on a halogen bulb.

Even though the technology behind LED bulbs has been superior to halogens for some time, many of the automotive LED replacement bulbs from other companies have been oversized and difficult to install. Diode Dynamics has designed their automotive LED bulbs to work seamlessly with vehicle systems.

One example of this is theSL1 LED bulbs from Diode Dynamics. These bulbs are designed to fit perfectly in your existing fog light assembly and offer superior output over a OEM halogen bulb. Their team of engineers have created a bulb that is compact and powerful. The SL1 can fit anywhere a stock bulb can fit and the advanced heat sink is small and powerful enough to keep your bulbs cool.

These bulbs have been extensively tested and they can perform in conditions ranging from -40 to 185 degrees fahrenheit. Not only will these bulbs keep shining whether you’re driving in the desert or the tundra, but they will outlast halogen bulbs more than ten times over. A pair of halogens might last for 1000 hours, while a set of SL1 bulbs can easily last over 40,000 hours. That lifespan, combined with Diode Dynamics’ three year worry free warranty, make these bulbs a great option for any vehicle.

So if you are shopping for automotive LED replacement bulbs, check out Diode Dynamics and their powerful LED bulbs. You can find SL1 bulbs and other automotive bulbs that will fit your vehicle using their convenient vehicle search feature. If you want to learn more about their automotive LEDs, you can visit them at and see their full line of quality lighting products.

For more information about LED Light Bulbs For Trucks and Jeep Lights Please visit : Diode Dynamics.

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