Feeling sleepy all the time? Reasons and Ayurvedic Remedies

If you had less sleep last night. And today you are feeling sleepy, throughout the day. Then it is quite normal. But if you feel sleepy during the day, Every day then there is a problem in the body or mind which needs to be fixed. Sunshine Ayurveda offers ther natural remedies and holistic management of sleeping problems.

Feeling sleepy throughout the day cause many problem such as

According to the Ayurvedic doctor, there can be many physical and mental causes for feeling excessively sleepy during day time. The solutions are hidden in the causes itself.

Fix your sleep – wake up schedule

One of the major reasons for feeling sleepy in the day is lack of proper night sleep. Make sure that you have 6-7 hours of sleep. Follow all the sleeping etiquettes like avoiding coffee, at least 3 hours before sleep, keeping your room dark at bed time etc.

Tamas – Negative force

If you are lethargic by nature, do not have a positive outlook towards your future, it is time to change that and lead a physically and mentally active life. Include Yoga, Pranayama,, Prayers, Panchakarma in Australia, Reading positive self help books in your routine.

Digestion- People with digestive problems may have excessive sleepiness. In them, use of ginger and pepper or proper treatment for indigestion helps to resolve the issues.

Regular exercise

Lack of an active body and mind is the root cause for many diseases, including sleepiness. Regular exercise will pump oxygen to all parts of your body. It also helps lungs to draw in more oxygen and keeps you energetic.

Ayurvedic Medicine

There are a few ayurvedic medicines that help to keep you energetic and awake during the day. There are also herbs and remedies like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Bala,  which helps  you to sleep better. Consult with your Ayurvedic doctor and get a right prescription and diet/lifestyle advice.

Pranayama –

Breathing exercise will help you to make use of available energy in a better way, leading to energetic days.

Stress, fear, anger and depression

All these factors can make you dull and tempt you to avoid active life, leading to sleepiness all throughout the day. FIx your issues with relationships, duties and your responsibilities. Ask for help from friends and family or go for a counseling session or find a solution for your emotional problems in a self help book. Get rid of depression.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Keep your body well nourished and hydrated. Lack of nutrition leads to lack of energy, lethargy and sleepiness.

Sit straight and alert– Casual sitting postures, with head resting, with pillows all around, will definitely make you sleepy.

Diet avoid heavy food-

If you feel sleepy after a heavy meal, then consider reducing the quantity of food. Instead, have light food many times a day.

Not always, lethargy and laziness are causes for exercise sleepiness. Read more information and articles about sleeping in the Ayurveda blog. Success in solving this problem lies in finding out the exact reason and solution.

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