Features of the Updated QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software

QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software

When it involves accounting and financial management, QuickBooks is one among the foremost popular software’s used. Using it you’d easily be ready to trace your expenses also as record the revenue of your businesses.

There are many features that are added to the newest release of QuickBooks and a few of the foremost prominent ones include:

Average Days to Pay Reports

Using this feature you’d be ready to determine the typical number of days that every of your customers took to completely pay their invoices that were sent to them by your office. Using this you’d be ready to determine which clients got to be served better and which are not all that important to your business.

Balance sheets by class report

There’s a new option wherein you’d be ready to create balance sheets by class reports. Users are given the choice wherein they might need to select a category – Profit Centre, Location, funds or the other category of their choice. Therefore, you’d be ready to quickly perform divisional accounting using QuickBooks.

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Batch Invoicing made easy

Well, batch invoicing is basically important in large businesses as there are many invoices that require to be sent. Therefore, once you create an invoice you’d love the choice to send it to multiple clients at an equivalent time with or without minor changes.

Using this new feature of QuickBooks you’d be ready to streamline this complete process and hence save time and energy .

Closing Date lock changes

Ever since QuickBooks 2011 you’ve got the power to exclude various things like sales orders, purchase orders also as rough estimates from the deadline lock. Basically the deadline feature of QuickBooks is meant so as to assist you together with your project transactions from previous times.

Improved multiuser limit

As you’d know there are different levels when it involves QuickBooks and QB Pro allows you to possess three simultaneous users whereas QB Primer allows you to possess 5 users. If in the least you would like to figure closely with more people, you’ll always switch to the QB enterprise edition wherein you’d be ready to add up to 30 users.

Improved Search

Well, regardless of what we’re doing we fairly often tend to use an enquiry feature. But, most accounting software doesn’t include any quite search feature. However, QuickBooks pro comes along side an enquiry function using which you’ll quickly locate what you would like .

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