From this fashion week, it is easy to determine some of the most popular makeup, hair, and nail trends that consumers will be able to see in the coming year, of 2024. Across the fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion models took the runways with dramatic and artistic beauty trends including graphic liner and jewel-toned hair. To continue reading and discover the top fashion week beauty trends that you’re going to see everywhere in 2024 based on the FW, scroll below.

    Bold and Graphic Eyeliner

    Trend number two of the makeup for 2024 is graphic and daring lines applied to the eyelids. Thick cat eyes in eye-catching colors such as cobalt blue and emerald green were also a highlight and celebrities at Altuzarra and Oscar de la Renta included awesome liner on their lids. The Novartis that has been introduced in the recent collection used in the liner at Thom Browne where sharp points go down the temples is also worth mentioning. Lightheartedness will continue to reign supreme in eyeliner trends, so next year, you might expect people to start having some fun with bright eyeliner designs.

    Jewel-Toned Hair Colors

    The jewel hair colors that are dense and vibrant and seem to be designed by the gems will be strikingly popular in 2024. Celebrities like Julianne Moore and Anna Kendrick were seen wearing clothes from Rodarte, Valentino, and major fashion brands as models dazzled in wigs in striking ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple with contrasting color blocks at the bangs and tips. Given that individuals are increasingly bored with their natural hair color, it is possible to predict that such regal jewel shades that resemble beautiful semi-precious stones will be in high demand.

    Exaggerated 60s-Inspired Eyes

    Since trends of the past are going to be the trends of the future, makeup inspired by the swinging 1960s will also not be far behind, around the end of next year. Chanel’s Twiggy-esque geometric lower lashes and attached full false lashes, or the vibrant electric blue and emerald smoky eyes of Givenchy are both loud but equally as mod as the 60s. Draw on overlined lips, heavy arachnid-like lashes, and bold color splashes for the makeup look that defined the 60s beauty that is set to dominate the season.

    Pops of Unexpected Color

    One must not hesitate to incorporate the jarring colors in the beauty looks in the year 2024, if the fashion week is a sign to go. From blue mascara at Altuzarra to violet shadow painted in the mask form at Givenchy or fuchsia highlighter on cheekbones like at Prabal Gurung, these unforeseen creative uses of shade were ubiquitous. If you are going for one focal feature and coloring beyond its outline, you are going to find a way to have fun with your makeup in a year that will look bold and liberated, celebrating yourself and your individuality.

    Graphic ‘Face Jewelry’ Embellishments

    Graphic face embellishments are also set to be one of the most directional beauty trends for 2024 as they appear like fashionable jewelry. Next year; as has been witnessed in Thom Browne and Rick Owens fashion shows, glamorous goddess-like golden wire headpieces, chain work around eyebrows and jawline, rhinestones and pearls affixed around the eyes and lips and even noserings made of linked silver or gold will become the fashion statements of the world. These designs of face jewelry are artistic and innovative and redefine how minimalists can afford to adorn their best facial features.

    Sweeping Fringe Hairstyles

    Hello to no more sleek bobs! During the fashion week previews, it was revealed that ‘shag haircuts’ will be the centerpiece of 2024. Starting with feathery bangs that delicately swept across the eyelashes at Altuzarra and simple chin-length shags seen at Saint Laurent, these less severe fringes with texture are a very cool girl that isn’t unkempt. To get tips on the more elaborate boho-chic inspiring relaxed texture and volume, look at the spring/summer 2024 runway shows so that you are prepared for when this freeing hair trend catches on in the latter half of the year.

    Glittering Bold Lips

    Rock 2024 trends and pay attention to your pout by applying glitter, metallic, and high-shine glossy lip products as was depicted in the fashion shows. At Rodarte, lip glosses were made to resemble ruby red glittering glass; at Christian Siriano, lips were glistening silver and gold, as if they were submerged into metals. And mirror-like high-gloss lips prevailed at Lanvin. And so when you wish your lips to illuminate for that irresistible shimmer then the glittering bold lipsticks will do the magic as this future aspect becomes more apparent.

    Futuristic Neon Nails

    The FW fashion shows present several neon designs, which look like something from an alien movie; adopt them in 2024 to give your nails an ultra-modern look. Essie has collaborated with Chromat and introduced neon nails with dense shapes and thick lines illuminated in yellow, green, and orange. Equally audacious neon nails also prevailed at Christian Cowan with the sharp tips turned into long dagger-like forms to be as extreme as possible. Unleash your inner geek nouveau by rocking these groundbreaking sci-fi-inspired nail shapes and designs in eye-popping neon shades of green, blue, and pink.

    Regal Gold Beauty Looks

    Luxurious, kingly/queenly, golden aesthetics are scheduled to grow in demand in the following year based on the instances of gold tones on makeup and hair witnessed in FW’s high fashion shows. Gold stripes at the hair at Carolina Herrera, metallic liquid gold lips and nails at Tom Ford, and Egyptian-style fine antique gilded jewels for updos at Valentino mean that the golden fingertip makeover will be around. So take inspiration from ancient goddesses in addition to the fashion shows, incorporating the gleam of gold into your beauty practices for that royal, luxurious, and sophisticated look appropriate for 2024.

    Minimalist Skin Preparation

    Although striking creative makeup emerged as trend dictation for 2024 from the fashion week, the return of uber-wet and dewy skin will provide a counterpoint to striking and dramatic accents. Fewer make-up products were applied and the major focus was on indulgent skin treatments, which were best demonstrated by The Row and Victoria Beckham. To highlight the complexity of the dewy finish, glass skin refers to non-shimmery luminous radiance which is expected to be delivered using intense hydration and next-generation skin perfectors as a flawless and natural background for the vivid graphic eye, lip, and hair make-up designs. If anything is to be more, it is less cosmetics so your skin stands out.


    Fashion mavens walk the catwalks of the most prestigious fashion events to let people know what hair, makeup, and nail looks the masses should expect next year. Graphic multi-colored eyeliner, jewel-toned hair, excessively dramatic eye makeup from all the 1960s, flashes of color, face jewelry decorations, sweeping fringe haircuts, glittery statement lips, neon nails of the futuristic kind, rich gold beauty looks, and beautifully luminous skin will be the biggest fashion week beauty trends in 2024. Using these tips you will always be ready to look like you just stepped out of a fashion show – playfully daring or sleekly simple, it is all up to you!


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