Exploring Day 1 CPT Eligibility Requirements

Day1 CPT is a program enabling students to start working from the first day of learning through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Employment through the CPT program can be either an internship or cooperative education. Here are the eligibility requirements to be satisfied if you wish to benefit from this program:

Have a Valid F-1 Status 

International students who wish to enroll in the day 1 CPT program must have a valid F-1 status for at least one year. The F-1 status allows them to be full-time students in the US. If you have a new I-20 status, you must wait for at least two terms before undertaking an experiential internship course. Passing the experiential internship course enables you to enroll in day1 CPT programs.

Be a Full-Time Student at the University 

Only full-time university students are eligible to enroll in CPT programs. To be a full-time student at the university, you must undertake at least two classes. Your performance in all the modules of study must also be exemplary. Talk to your advisor to get more information on becoming full-time.

Have a Job Offer

To request for consideration on CPT, you must have a job offer. The job description should be closely related to your field of study. The CPT program impacts practical skills related to the respective course pursued by the student at the university.

Be Enrolled in an Experiential Internship Course

An experiential internship is learning through practical experiences. It enables students to relate theoretical aspects taught in class to real-world situations. The practical skills acquired in these internship courses prepare students adequately for CPT programs. To apply for day 1 CPT, you must undertake at least one experiential internship course and attain good grades.

Have Authorization From the University

The university must authorize your application to enroll in CPT programs before you can start working. You will get authorization from the Designated School Official (DSO) if your application satisfies all requirements of the program. If your application is allowed, the DSO will issue a CPT I-20, which gives you the green light to start working.

Students must reapply for CPT after every term or semester through the DSO. Universities have this provision to assess if the student qualifies for the program after every term. One area that is usually under constant assessment during reapplication is academic standing. To keep your CPT active, you must work hard in your studies and post good academic grades.

Maintain Good Academic Performance

During CPT, you must maintain good academic standing in your field. Academic failure can lead to cancellation of the CPT program agreement, denying you the chance to work. This condition also applies to international students enrolled in experiential internship courses to qualify for CPT programs.

Enroll for Day1 CPT 

Working while studying at the university helps students acquire practical skills necessary for the job market. It also enables them to earn income that can sustain them during their studies. Enroll for day 1 CPT now and start earning while acquiring essential skills related to your field of study at the university.

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