Expert Guide to Choosing an Eternity Ring Styles

Eternity rings are an everlasting symbol of love and affection. They are available in many styles and designs, most notably the claw set, pavé set, channel set, and cut down set.

An eternity ring, also known as an eternity band or an infinity ring, is a ring made of a precious metal set with diamonds. Eternity rings symbolize the never-ending and eternal nature of true love, with the use of its characteristic loop of diamonds. They have been revered since ages for being one of the most beautiful, enduring, and undying symbols of love. One of the most attractive aspects of eternity bands is that they are not just romantic gifts. Although most of these bands get presented during significant anniversaries and wedding ceremonies, they can also be used to commemorate birthdays, graduations, etc.

Eternity Rings: Styles and Designs worth Falling For

Traditionally, an eternity ring gets worn on the ring finger of the left or the right hand. There is no fixed place for an eternity ring. Both men and women can wear the ring on whatever finger they feel comfortable. Although eternity bands are suitable for many auspicious occasions, they are generally associated with weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and other similar romantic events.

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Eternity rings get constructed of precious metals like sterling silver, gold, and platinum. Recently, options like titanium and palladium have also gained a lot of popularity in the jewelry market. Most eternity bands get set with diamonds. However, there are other varieties where the ring is set with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. These stones get placed across the entire circumference of the band. These kinds of infinity bands are called full infinity bands. However, there are some varieties where they extend only across half the ring. These are called half eternity bands.

Infinity bands also come in twin or complementary varieties, and can thus be used as unique matching wedding bands. The types of eternity bands generally arise due to the different ways the stones can be set. These are the claw set, the pavé set, the channel set, and the cut-down set. These different eternity ring sets get designed to hold various styles and cuts of diamonds.

Diamond Eternity bands for Women

Here Is An Explanation Of The Different Kinds Of Eternity Ring Varieties:

  1. Claw Set: Claw set eternity bands are the most traditional and simplified setting available. This set makes use of 4 metal prongs attached to the band to hold the stones in place. These prongs are usually made of more robust metal than the ring itself and can thus keep the rocks in place securely. The advantage of a claw set infinity band is that the prongs can accommodate a variety of diamond shapes and sizes.
  2. Pavé Set: The pavé set eternity bands are an exquisite new addition to the world of eternity rings. This set derives its name from the word pavé, which means pavement. In this setting, the diamonds/stones are set into the ring like cobblestones on an old-fashioned street. The rocks get placed together near each other, and the ring is also encrusted with several small diamonds.
    Diamond Eternity Bands
  3. Channel Set: In the channel set, the stones get continuously placed on the ring. There is a channel created in the chassis of the ring, and the stones are fit into the channel one-by-one, where they fit snugly and securely. The rocks stay side-by-side and don’t get separated by the metal. As there is no metallic separation, the ring looks like it has been set with one circular cut of the diamond.
  4. Cut-Down Set: Cut down eternity rings are a very modern design that has only recently gained popularity. These rings get placed on a thin strip of metal. The piece is almost as wide as the stones set on it. Sometimes, the metallic ring is even more delicate than the rocks, which gives the resulting band the appearance of being entirely made out of stone.

Make a Choice

Different people prefer different cuts of the same ring. Some people prefer the claw set because the prongs system allows more light to illuminate the diamonds. It makes the ring sparkle more, and it looks prettier. Additionally, it increases the number of angles from which light can approach the stone, giving it a dazzling and attractive appearance.

Diamond Eternity Rings

Although it is an unconventional choice, eternity bands can also be considered as diamond bridal set rings. Eternity bands have started to replace traditional engagement and diamond wedding rings as well. Quite a few people are considering these bands as unique alternatives to conventional wedding and engagement rings. Not to forget that they look great with the every attire.

Signing off

So, it is okay to wear an eternity ring instead of a wedding ring now. Eternity bands are one of the most undying and everlasting symbols of love and devotion, and they also function as the perfect gift ever.

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