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Enjoy Good Health In Later Years With Yoga For Older People

Not just wrinkles and gray hair, aging brings with it a host of issues that you can feel like problems with movement. As you age there are a lot of physiological changes like loss of flexibility, less body endurance and strength, and a different perspective on life. Moreover, your body is vulnerable to numerous physical and mental health issues.

Exercise should be an important part of your everyday routine especially as you age. However, participating in high-intensity activities like gym and running can lead to an injury at this time of your life, so yoga for older people is the best way for you to stay fit.

With that said, let us check out some advantages of practicing yoga in the later years.

Benefits of Yoga For Older People

Yoga offers a lot more besides helping you maintain bodily flexibility even in old age. Given below are five major advantages of practicing yoga during the later years.

1. Better Mobility

In comparison to strenuous activities like running or cycling, yoga helps you move your body in a slow and gentle way. It minimizes the chances of an injury and handle any joint-related problems like arthritis.

2. Minimizes Anxiety and Increases Mindfulness

A major part of your body movement during a yoga session includes having intense focus on the center of gravity, withdrawing your attention from distractions, and following the right breathing technique. You come out of a yoga for older people session completely relaxed and at peace with yourself.

3. Minimizes Risk of Stroke

Yoga for older people asanas helps create a healthy mind-body connection. Meditation done in the yoga session keeps your mind clear and alert which makes sharpens your memory. Moreover, the right breathing not just improves your blood circulation it also minimizes the risk of a stroke.

4. Develops Balance and Strength

A common worry in old age is the injury caused by a fall. The yoga for older people improves your body balance and strengthens the core muscles. In short, you minimize the risk of an injury due to a fall.

5. Improves Mental Health

Another problem you might face especially after crossing the age of 55 is mental health issues. Some common mental health ailments include anxiety, depression, both of which are a result of social isolation during old age. However, doing yoga in old age positively impacts your overall health and mood.

For you to experience the full benefits of yoga for older people it is necessary to practice asanas which will help you enjoy good mental and physical health in later years.

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Yoga Poses to Stay Healthy in Later Years

Aging is an inevitable truth of everyone’s life. However, that does not means you cannot possess good health during this time of your life. Yoga is a holistic way that combines asanas, breathing, and meditation techniques to boost your immunity and enjoy good health.

Given below are three yoga poses to help you stay healthy in old age.
1. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

The name Adho comes from the Sanskrit word Adhas that means Down, Mukha means Face, and Svana stands for a Dog. This yoga asana provides your brain with fresh blood which eliminates memory problems. It also plays a vital role in minimizing stress levels.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

In Sanskrit language, the word Bhujanga means Snake. This yoga asana helps you get rid of constipation by stimulating the abdominal organs. It also strengthens your back and legs.

3. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana, also known as Mountain Pose improves your body posture. It strengthens your weak thighs and ankles which helps you move around without any hassle.

However, that is not all. Whether you are a beginner to yoga or possess some experience with this ancient art there are mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

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4 Mistakes To Avoid In Yoga For Seniors

The goal behind a yoga practice is for you to enjoy good health and flexibility in later years. It is an excellent way for you to stay away from some of the most common ailments that come with age.

With that said, given below are four mistakes you should avoid when during a yoga for older people session.

1. Comparison Is The Killer

One of reasons behind many a yoga injuries is the game of comparison you might be tempted to play during the session. Your body is different from the other yoga practitioners and you never know how much experience they possess beforehand.

Always remember, yoga is a journey to unlock your true potential and not a competitive sport. In short, you should focus more on your practice rather than paying attention to how the other person is doing the same asana.

2. Pushing Beyond Comfort Level

Practicing yoga in later years does offer you some impressive mental and physical health benefits. However, what you should never do is push your body beyond what is comfortable when it comes to practicing yoga for older people. Listen to the instructions of the yoga teacher and ask for assistance when you are unable to do a specific yoga asana.

3. Holding The Breath

The primary mistake many yoga practitioners make is holding their breath while doing yoga asanas. Unfortunately, holding your breath during the yoga practice always leads to more anxiety and stress something which you want to get rid of in the first place.

4. Not Disclosing Health Problems

The first thing a yoga teacher in a yoga for older people session would ask for is your medical history and if you have any injuries they should know about. Do not be shy to speak up or try to hold this vital information. Let the yoga session be a relaxing experience and not a visit to the emergency ward of the hospital.


Although aging comes with its share of problems like decreased flexibility and increased risk of bodily injury. The regular practice of yoga for older people helps you not just move around with ease but also enjoy good physical and mental health in later years.

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