Engagement Ring Designs That You Can Choose From

Without any doubt, engagement is one of the most special and memorable moments in the life of a person. And your choice of engagement ring can make your special day even more special. To put it simply, picking out the perfect ring for you and your fiancé is crucial, and you shouldn’t make any compromise in this regard. 

A lot of people prefer engagement rings in Dubai as they are high in quality and there’s a wide variety of modern designs available. Furthermore, the rates of gold are comparatively lower in this part of the world.

Speaking of designs, jewellery trends, particularly, when it comes to rings, change from time to time. Today we’re going to discuss some trending designs for engagement rings.  Each of these designs has a unique character and value that will depict the wearers’ aesthetic sense and taste.

Let’s take a look at them:


It is the most classic and traditional design of engagement rings. As the name suggests, only one stone is used in its design. So, to enhance and fully portray its beauty, the stone is usually mounted on a simple metallic band in a claw or prong setting. This whole design has a touch of elegance, class and is timeless, so you can wear it forever.   


Cluster rings are popularly known as ‘illusion’ rings as they use smaller stones to create an image of a larger one. In this design of the engagement ring, many small stones are combined together in the form of a cluster to replicate a large stone. These rings are comparatively budget friendly as smaller stones are cheaper than larger counterparts. Therefore, it makes for an ideal choice for people looking to buy an engagement ring without breaking the bank.


The cathedral design for engagement rings is another popular choice that has been in use for decades. This design is quite chic as the stone is supported by metal bands in an arch shape. It resembles the arches of a church; thus, getting its name. The stones can be set plainly on the metallic bands or if you want an added sparkle you can go for the pave setting.


It is one of the most famous engagement ring designs as it creates a mesmerising shimmer that highlights the centre stone. Meanwhile, a row of smaller diamonds in the form of a pave set surrounds the centre stone. This makes the centre stone standout even more. The surrounding smaller stones create a border or halo around the central stone that makes it look even more stunning. However, if you want to create an even classier, look go for a coloured central stone like ruby or sapphire.


The pave setting is an elegant way to give personalisation to any engagement ring. Using this setting, you can embed any stone or gem into the band of your ring. This design is perfect for adding personalization to any ring even after your engagement you can get this design modified as per your taste. You can easily get the stones replaced with your child’s birthstone or your husband’s.

Shank & Split Shank

The metallic band of the ring is known as shank and this design focuses on it. There are many ways using which you can recreate your ring and one of them is splitting it. using the split shank design the band is broken in the middle and a stone is added. This design layout creates an exquisite yet traditional looking engagement ring.


Bezel design is the most secure ring design for stone as the stone is embedded in the metallic band. This setting makes the stone free from the risks of getting scratched or falling out. Nevertheless, this setting is pricier than the others but doesn’t require any additional care as it’s not delicate like the rest.

Three Stones

This ring design is for the romanticists who want to add symbolic meaning to their ring’s design. The three stones design or ’trilogy’ have three stones that are placed on the band. These stones represent the past, present and future or in other words you, me and us. Additionally, there are many designs in which you can customise these rings. For instance, you can use a large centre stone and two smaller side stones.   


If you want to have a ring that looks unique, elaborate yet artistic and classy, then baroque style is for you. In this design, you can combine different settings to create one unique ring of your own. You can easily get these rings designed at any of the renowned jewellery shops in Dubai.

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