Embrace Your House With Wooden Temples

Wooden temple at our house is not just a part of the decoration, but a very sacred place. A place where we connect over selves with God. House temples are the legacy that is the sign of belief by our ancestors in us. It is a place that holds our spiritual ideas and gives us positivity and energy to do the right things.

Among various temples, wooden temples are mostly preferred for home temples.

Some of the designs incorporated into wooden temples are:

  • A hill 
  • Block 
  • Batik painting, 
  • Ikat dyeing
  • Miniature painting,
  • Straw craft

There are some of the points which to be considered while choosing a wooden temple to avoid mistakes and ensure positivity in the house.

  • The wooden temple should be properly chosen and well maintained.
  • The size of the temple should be customized according to your house.
  • The design of the temple should specify all your requirements including front drawers, gate, frame, etc.

Factors to be considered while incorporating a Mandir

1. Orientation

The direction in which the temple mandir faces plays a major role. According to Vastu, it is somewhere between the north and east of the house. People believe that the correct direction brings prosperity and positivity to the house.

2. Size

Beginning from the smallest to the largest, there are a variety of sizes available. The size of pooja mandir depends on our house and requirements.

3. Material

The material used for preparing a pooja mandir for home varies from marble to wood. It depends on our choice or requirements which one to opt for.

4. Security

Factors related to security include keeping the temple away from volatile areas. Temple should be in an area away from fire or any other volatile thing.

Wooden Mandir

Places where Mandir can be incorporated in house

Various corners in your house that can become the medium of your personal space with God are:

1. Pooja Mandir in Living room

A beautiful arrangement in a region of your sitting room is often perfect if you’re searching for a wooden mandir architecture that isn’t too noisy but still attractive. You may choose from dark wood to neutral shades and add delicate embellishments. A big darbar bell and an artistically carved wooden doorway design may enhance the attractiveness of your temple significantly. This little beauty ensures to make an impression with the proper lighting.

2. Pooja temple in Kitchen

The majority of people believe that the kitchen is the best area to put a mandir. 

Wood pooja units brighten your home’s decor and infuse it with positive energy. You may have a little wooden temple structure put in your cooking area or have it hung on the wall. You may also personalize the size to ensure that the item fits precisely in the kitchen’s preferred location.

3. Designed Mandir on walls 

Are you bouncing off the walls due to a lack of space? Consider using your sidewalls with this next idea, which is more about trying to make the most out of minimal space to create a simple wall-mounted teak temple for your house.

Installing a wooden board on a wall as the backdrop for your worship room and mounting cabinets and shelves beneath it for deity as well as other pooja-related stored items is one method to integrate this concept. With the appropriate arrangement of backlights, the borders of the panel may be further emphasized, giving your sanctuary a beautiful shine.

Wooden temples designs which could be incorporate into our houses are:

1. Portable wooden Mandir to pray anywhere

Your house mandir does not have to take up a full room. Mobile wooden mandir styles appear to have taken the furniture industry by storm. Because of the limited apartment proportions in today’s cities, moveable furniture is essential. Have visitors but don’t have enough seating? It’s no issue! You may now relocate your tiny wooden mandir throughout your home as needed – it is now a work of art in and of itself. Aside from convenience, customizing tiny furniture is a piece of cake.

You can go with a basic dome-shaped wooden temple with a simple bell while a somewhat more sophisticated design with gallery work doors on both sides and two pillars along either side and this design resembles an exact copy of a Hindu Mythology temple.

2. Behind shuttered doors

It makes no difference whether the item is little or large. What matters is your belief in God. We easily create a small or big pooja chamber in the space inside the hallway or beneath the stairs. Moreover, a wooden shrine with gates is excellent for these locations because you can lock the doors as once-daily holy rites are over, maintaining your sacred sanctuary hidden.

3. Rings and brass embellish the design

This design maximizes the coupling of wood and brass, which is an unexpected amazing combo! Brass knobs on a dark stained wood door, brass chimes in a wooden window’s grids, and classic brass lamps and statues on and also against wooden shelves are just a few examples, with that We soften the hardness of the timber, with a delicate ikat-pattern wallpaper here on ceilings.

4. A traditional design from South India

While it may be impossible to replicate south Indian style in our city flats, you can still achieve a few small details efficiently. Secondly, it offers your pooja chamber a timber-framed design, which includes hefty, carved doors, artistic door structuring. A wooden paneling in the middle to hang paintings from, and a curving platform and store design, all made from wood, apart from all the pavement is laminate, yet it doesn’t detract from the puja room’s overall classic appearance.

Our company’s expertise in providing our customers with a wide variety of Decorated Temples. People really like these temples making them quite well-known in the market for their excellent finishing and designs. We manufacture them under the supervision and experienced leadership of our employees.

A home temple enhances pleasant vibrations and a spiritual connection to the Lord. The company offers a diverse selection of gorgeous home temples to complement your spiritual space. By combining these home temples with some other religious accents, lights, and lighting, you may make a lovely pooja area.

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