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Reference and Education

Education Or Experience: What Do Employers Want More?

In recent times, undergraduate students prefer summer internships to a long summer vacation with nothing to do. Have you ever wondered why? It is believed that a degree alone can’t help you ace a decent job interview in all fields of study. As a result, the education versus experience debate has heated up even more.

According to experience versus education statistics, they both go hand in hand. You can’t do away with the practical appliance of the theoretical knowledge gained in school and college. While education sets the foundation of knowledge, experience gives you an idea of how to implement the same in real life.

“Education or life experience: which do employers prioritize?”

This paradoxical question will chase you even in dreams. There is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on who you are as a person and whom you are asking this question. So, without any delay, let us begin this discussion that will put you in an odd spot of perpetual dilemma.

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An instance where education is more important than experience –

There are a couple of job skills that can’t be attained by extensive experience. Examples of such jobs are doctors, lawyers, and engineers. One can’t become a surgeon by not learning its concepts. In these cases, education is valued more. Prior experience won’t help you become a refined doctor who knows the intricacies of the field.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in areas of study you want to excel at will help you learn time management skills, research skills, and analytical skills. Once you learn all these, you will be able to land a high-paying job and a legitimate work-from-home job during pandemic times.

The question that arises here is – how can an MBBS and BTech degrees help you with remote jobs during adverse times like this?

The answer is simple. You can acquire the job of a medical content writer or even a biology online tutoring job. With an engineering degree, you can apply for the technical content writer’s position.

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An instance where experience is more important than education –

If you go ahead and ask an entrepreneur – “what helped you to make a self-made career out of a basic education?”. The answer will be a prior experience of the harsh realities of the workspace. A freelancer’s choice on putting education first or experience first on a resume is made without any hesitance.

Let us elaborate on this with the help of a small example.

Freelance writers usually get introduced to the work field straight out of high school or at times while doing undergraduate degrees. Initially, the pay scale is lower than those who have done a Ph.D. in the same subject. However, as one week transcends to three years, the experience grows and pay improves by a huge margin.

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Why do education and life experience both are important for a successful career?

If you want a lucrative job offer, grades alone wouldn’t help. In case you can manage to study and work as an intern simultaneously, your professional career wouldn’t get punctured ever. Employers can be greedy. They want a candidate who has an amalgamation of school/college education and life experience in his resume.

Experience or education: which one should you choose over another?

1.   Prefer application of the concept over repeated learning of the concept –

Einstein has rightly said that there is only one source of knowledge which is experience. The struggle of any job lies in decision-making skills. You can perfect this through repeated exposure to the hands-on implementation of the knowledge gained in school and college.

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2.   Don’t stick solely to old school learning –

Let us divulge a secret to all those who are applying for jobs. Keep learning under all circumstances. However, only learning topics wouldn’t suffice. Along with it, you have to practice those lessons so that you are equipped to deal with practical matters in your job.

3.   Be sure of your passion-

The question that people like you face all the time is –

Education or labor experience: which one lands you the job?

It is, indeed, a difficult choice to make at an age where you would prefer to explore your options. Having said that, landing a job gives you much-needed financial independence. So, to find out where your true passion lies, you need to gain some labor experience besides studying hard.

Let us give an example –

Have you come across people whose educational background is different from their job area? Many a time, right? It happens when they lack self-awareness. They study for four long years without having any knowledge of how jobs work. Hence, they end up shuffling jobs as jugglers do in the circus.

4.   Networking is the key –

If you ask a career-oriented person whether education or experience is more important for a successful career, they would say both. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles of people seeking jobs help to establish a network of people from whom you can learn various nitty-gritty.

How is networking important?

With the proper experience, you get the proper access to people who are in the same business as you are. For example- you are looking for a copywriting job. Through copywriters themselves, you will figure out the job openings, requirements, and so much more.

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Our final words on life experience versus formal education –

Employers aren’t satisfied with only education or only experience. They want both. Although, there are government jobs where no prior experience is needed. For example – Civil service candidates need an impeccable educational backbone. They learn about the workplace reality by getting the job. It solely depends on what you want from your career.

Know yourself to figure out what your future employer will want from your resume – just capabilities or a first-hand experience of the same abilities.

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