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Does the Manager Look For PRINCE2 Project Management?

This project assessment question has two answers: Does the manager look for project management talent or a “proven” approach to a certain part of the business? It can be hard and is outlined on a prince2 training course glasgow.

“Finding a way”

The answer to this question is the simplest: “He looks for someone who is willing to take on more responsibility.”

But there are others:

– checked out by outside sources that are objective and do not set their bias on how he thinks he is doing- is not a “spark-of-the-day” story that was given to us to keep the boss happy- does not have a built-in evaluation clause, is not limited to a year’s cycle or quantity of work to answer from him- does not have the extra cost of a special visit, like a “visit by inspection” from an outside developer- is not a subject matter expert in the topic- the “story” is not that important anymore- has a team that would want to work on it and not just have an “opportunity” to fix it. An example of dialogue. How do you think this project would go?

There is a grain of truth in the (unfounded) assumption that this manager would put their third-grade development graduate in charge of doing a project from scratch. But there is a grain of truth in the ( justified or assumed) notion that a 20-year old has the “necessary ear” of his boss and that he will keep the entire project up to date.

“A proven approach”

The answer to this question is: This project assessment question can have at least two answers:

– this system that the company uses to assess project management skills pretty much does it very well- this manager is using the system that is used to assess liner managers

Proceed flawed, yet containing repellant elements. Essentially, the system is flawed for the number of ways it evaluates. That leads me to the first question:

Questioned: is there such a misalignment?

Answer: Yes, such a misalignment is very much present. But on the rare occasions when we think of an approach to organization and then start applying these tools appropriately, the mistakes are very limited. Otherwise, the ones that occur are more than questionable.

Disasters at first glance

So of course, the disaster is everywhere and it all starts at the point when the manager does consider the solution he thinks is “the way”. Unfortunately, there is no way of saying this is the right approach. Or indeed, the system is the right approach, because if there are problems, when the manager starts to think of solutions, he should not only consider those that are tried and tested. He should consider innovative solutions that would benefit his client and his company.

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