Do You Need a Non-Filer Statement?

If you are currently in the college financial aid process, you may be selected for Verification, a process that requires you to submit tax documents (and possibly other documents) to the college’s financial aid offices. If you have not filed taxes, you may need to submit documents that prove that you have no taxes on file with the IRS. We have outlined here the essential information needed to give you the process without sewing.


To verify your status as a taxpayer, you need to secure a Non-Filing Confirmation Letter (VNF) from the IRS if you are an independent student or parent of a trusted student. Trusted students do not have to verify their non-file status.
Your VNF does not apply if you were required to file taxes, but instead you do not have tax returns on file with the IRS (from the date you applied).

Your request

You have two VNF protection options:

Use the Get Transcript tool at Click Get your tax record and select the blue Get Transcript Online button.
To use this option, you must have a credit card, a mortgage loan, a home mortgage loan, a home loan line, or a car loan.
Use IRS 4506-T Form (Tax Return Application). Complete the form and fax or fax it to the IRS.
Make sure you enter your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (ITIN) on the form.
The IRS will send the requested documents within 10 business days of receipt of Form 4506-T.


If you cannot secure VNF, you can submit any other documents from the IRS that indicate a non-filing status if those documents include a tax year, your name and your SSN or ITIN.
If you cannot find any documents in the IRS confirming your non-file status, you can submit a signed statement proving that you did not have to file. The statement should state that you have tried but failed to obtain a VNF and must also ensure that you do not file and do not need to file a valid tax return form for the year, and must list the sources and amounts of income earned.
In response to 4506-T, the IRS can submit a Form 13873 version if the 4506T was incomplete or incorrect. Throughout the Department of Education, “any form of IRS 13873 which clearly states that this form is given to each person as proof of non-filing or means that the IRS does not have a tax return record, are acceptable documents for exemption.”

Once you have received your relevant tax documents, send them immediately to the office (college financial aid) pending your paperwork. If you have any questions about your needs, contact the financial aid office directly. For IRS-specific questions, use their toll-free help line: (844) 545-5640. An IRS representative is trying to resolve your issue or schedule an appointment for you at the local IRS Help Center.

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