Dipak Nandi MD: Rising Issues in Medical Billing During The Corona Virus Crisis

Dipak Nandi MD: Rising Issues in Medical Billing During The Corona Virus Crisis

Today globally the COVID – 19 has affected more than 19, 18,138 people around the world with more than 10,000 lives claimed to be dead in the U.S alone. In fact, many health systems still lack the resources needed to handle this corona virus pandemic as it requires a versatile response.

However, with the outburst of the COVID – 19, the healthcare provider now has even bigger responsibility on their shoulder as they not only have to respond on the front lines of the COVID – 19 pandemic, they also have to plan to survive when it’s all over.

In fact, to make the medical billing easy in this COVID – 19 period of crisis, many healthcare practices have taken measures like canceling many unnecessary surgeries and treatment.

As the healthcare practices have to preserve supplies and reallocate staff for medical billing in this crisis period of COVID – 19, all they are looking for the perfect operational extension.

Even though surprise medical billing was a growing matter of concern for consumers even before the arrival of the COVID- 19 pandemics, but the current health crisis is expected to intensify. Giving healthcare providers to worry about issues like handling medical billing processes in this COVID -19 situations where there is a scarcity of expert medical billers and coders.  This is why healthcare provides finds opting for operational extension offering a complete telemedicine platform and medical billing support during this COVID -19 crises is the perfect solution.


Dipak Nandi MD, a New York based entrepreneur and veteran in the healthcare domain observes “This is the perfect time to find the ideal operational extension that not only helps you in your medical billing problem but also provides you with complete telemedicine support, that you need in this period of crisis.”

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