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Now in 2020, Digital India Job we all know that most women are independent and doing jobs to live a better life. But still, some women are present in this world that are not working and looking for online jobs to do from home and earn some money to live a better life. With the help of online jobs, they want to access the household work with professional work also. To make this thing very easy and straightforward, we will tell you the digital India jobs for the Indian housewives, so read the complete article very carefully.

Graphic Designer

If you are familiar with the different tools of graphic designing and all the concepts, then this is the best option for homemakers. Almost every industry, the need for graphic designers increases day by day because companies want to promote their products and want to convey their messages with the help of photos and arts. A graphic designer is one who can create visual concepts to do all these things for different companies. If you want to do graphic design, then you have the opportunity to work for different magazines, marketing agencies, and also for the advertising firms.

Customer Service Representative

This type of job is always the best option for women to work and earn money from home. The customer representative’s primary work is to interact with the different types of customers for the benefits of the organization. Other than this, the customer representative provides complete information about the service and its product. They also respond to every customer complaint and even take orders from the customers and many other tasks. With the help of email, chat, or voice calls, this communication process can be done all the time.

Virtual Assistant

If you have a little bit of office management experience, then this digital India job is the perfect option for the Indian housewives. The main work of the virtual assistant is to provide administrative services to every client. This service starts with digital marketing tasks and includes managing different types of events, scheduling appointments, and handling personal charges.


Most of the time, the translators use specialized software to increase consistency and efficiency in the work. The main work of the translator is to listen to the content in one language. After this, they understand the entire context with meaning and then convert it into the other language. The translation process can be done in different ways, including video chat, face-to-face, and television media, by providing subtitles.

Data Entry Operator

We all know that data entry digital India job is exciting and easy for homemakers. In this job, the skill you need is typing, which is used to enter the different types of information in the Microsoft Word document or words excel with computers’ help. If you know how to type on a computer or laptop, it is the best option. Other than this, you can also search for different digital India job opportunities with in.fratres.net. You can easily do this job from home when you have spare time; this job doesn’t spoil your personal life.

Freelance Writer

If we talk about the freelance writing job, it depends on creativity; you have to convert your thoughts into the words. Most people express their thoughts with the help of poems and blog articles, and for this, they need a freelance writer. In this way, you can quickly get a job as a blog writer, and you can do it easily from home. In this era, every digital industry needs a writer for their websites and promote their products. You can easily earn too much money with the help of this writing job, so if you are going to this job, then it is the best option for you.

Search Engine Optimization

If you know very well about the SEO techniques’ complete concept, you can do this SEO job. It is one of the highest paying digital India job that every homemaker can do. You can earn too much money in this job; you can also do this for the big company to rank their websites and even rank their products with SEO. If you want to learn SEO, then too many online courses are available for it.

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