Create Value: Bring Your Team Together and Produce More

When you’re trying to build a productive business, make creating a unified team your top priority. Everyone should feel empowered to take ownership of their role — and support their coworkers. Establishing that environment requires an intentional approach to communication and feedback.

Wondering how to set your team apart from the rest? Keeping reading to learn how you can bring your team together to create value and produce more!

Encourage More Employee Participation

When you bring your team together at different stages in a process, you create opportunities for engagement. As a manager, if you’re seeking the input of your employees, you also build trust. Employees who trust their bosses will feel valued.

Give out anonymous surveys and hold brainstorming sessions. Schedule brief meetings with employees to gauge their opinions on important matters.

Your employees will appreciate having a voice. And in the long run, you’ll create a better pool of perspectives as you take on new initiatives. In fact, your employees may point out flaws or better solutions to issues.

Employee participation can happen effectively over digital platforms, too. Look at Agreed Software Reviews to see the value of using software to bring your business together. Make decisions, solicit input, and share information with key stakeholders.

Build Better Retention in Your Business

When you have great employees, make retaining them a top priority. After all, you don’t want to lose them to the competition. The reality, however, is that good employees are keeping their eyes peeled for bigger and better opportunities.

Hosting work events to build social connections is an easy way to show you care. Hold office parties for special achievements or upcoming holidays. Offer impromptu gatherings to acknowledge strong work publicly, too.

What’s another way to keep a good team in place? Giving your employees a clear path to promotions lets them know that they can keep growing. And provide financial rewards in the form of raises or stock options with each promotion.

Create Value through Constructive Feedback

Creating a strong team requires regular and constructive feedback. While performance reviews are a fairly common part of the workplace, aim to go a step further. Schedule coffee or lunch meetings with employees to offer feedback and encouragement in a more relaxed setting.

Be aware that what you share with your employees may see an outside audience. Employees can write reviews on job search sites that will shape perceptions of your organization. If you’re hoping to hire and retain a strong team, keep your communication constructive.

Constructive feedback can happen through other channels, too. Look into the possibility of assigning mentors within the organization for new employees. Empower the mentor so that the mentee knows they can trust their feedback.

Make the Workplace Comfortable and Inviting

The physical space where you do business is an important consideration, as well. How are the office spaces set up? Is there a break room for employees to connect?

A drab space that’s uninspiring could deflate productivity. Consider modifying the color scheme and furniture to help spur your employees to greatness. And when possible, avoid creating a maze of cubicles.

Introduce calming colors, like blue, to facilitate a relaxed yet focused environment. Or try using sunnier colors, like yellow.

Choose an office space with ample natural light. And introduce new lighting to replace dated fluorescent lights. Hang some vivid artwork on the walls to add punches of color.

Incorporate natural materials, like wood, to add a more inviting vibe. Choose office chairs with good lower back support. And provide enough distance between desks to allow the perfect blend of privacy and collaboration.

Assign Projects to Provide a Sense of Ownership

One of the best ways to create value is to give your employees ownership of projects. When you entrust them with some managerial responsibilities, you’ll help build their confidence.

Don’t always assign the same individuals to head up projects or committees, either. Spread the wealth to create more camaraderie and diversify ideas. Keep track of employee strengths and weaknesses as you appoint people to teams.

While it’s important to establish checkpoints and monitor progress, avoid being overbearing. In other words, when you hand over the reins — really hand them over! At the closure of a project, ask for confidential feedback from team members about their leader.

Your team will love having the creative freedom to run with a project. You’ll enhance the sense of unity in the office, create value for those involved, and enhance your business production!

Show Your Appreciation to the Team

When you want your employees to create value, make a point of offering plenty of positive feedback. If you don’t, you’ll leave employees feeling unnoticed. And in some instances, they might feel resentful.

How do show your support? When an employee hits a milestone or secures a new client for the firm, show gratitude. Congratulate and thank them in person, and share the good news via email with others in the office.

You also can host a banquet or party to honor employee achievements. No gesture is too small. And know that handwritten notes never go out of style.

Active Participation Will Make a Better Team

When you’re trying to create value in your workplace culture, take the time to map out a plan. Mentor new employees and reward veteran employees for their good work. And most importantly, bring your team together for projects to keep them involved.

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