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Copper Flower Boxes Are Durable and Distinguished

Copper Flower Boxes Are Durable and Distinguished

Shopping for flower boxes isn’t tough. They’re basically a dime a dozen and you can get them at any department store, big retailer, or outlet. When the question becomes one of not only finding a flower box for your springtime venture but flower boxes that are unique and will last season after season, then you will run up against a challenge.

The unfortunate reality is that a lot of window box planters and planter pots are cheaply made and not built to last season after season. As you can probably imagine (or as you have perhaps experienced) they are also not remarkable for aesthetics.

Luckily, though aesthetics are not always linked to quality, quality is usually linked to aesthetics. That means if you can find some high-quality window boxes for sale for your flower garden, aesthetics are likely to follow.

On that note, make it a point to visit H Potter and investigate some of their copper flower boxes before you give your window garden a makeover this upcoming spring. You will find some of their copper window boxes and unique metal planters may suit your design scheme well – but most importantly, you will love the high quality of their decorative window boxes. With the right care, they will last season after season.

Some of their window boxes are made with stainless steel and completed with a copper finish for a dash of heightened curb appeal. Though they are not made from pure copper, they are beautiful nonetheless, and stainless steel is noteworthy for its ability to resist corrosion. It’s also strong and sturdy on top of that. They are also thoughtfully designed with a liner, complete with drainage holes, and a wide mouth construction that affords plants a lot of soil surface area for growth. The antique copper finish is simply the icing on the cake.

It’s their 100% copper flower boxes that really steal the show, though. Some of their copper window planters are made from pure, raw copper and given a clear lacquer finish to resist the elements. With the right care, they will gleam brightly, season after season.

Even after the finish wears off, you can reapply some clear coats to the copper so that it keeps its luster, but if you prefer an antique finish, copper will develop that on its own. Copper will turn a beautiful, deep brown, or bright green patina during the course of exposure to the elements, which will only increase its charm over time.

Not only are they beautiful and durable, but copper is also a naturally occurring nutrient that forms compounds and nutrients in the soil that plants need to grow. Functional and beautiful, the copper window boxes at H Potter are one of a kind. They’re not just for flowers either- grow herbs, succulents, or other greenery in them too – they’re perfect for it.

Also, like all of the gifts for your home and garden that you can find at H Potter, they are made from high-quality materials. This has been well represented in their flower planters, but if you are interested in some of the patio torches, candle lanterns, trellises, or other planters on their website, they are made from copper, stainless steel, hand-blown glass, and other high-quality raw materials.

If you want to learn more about their unique gifts or get inspired with ideas for how you can decorate your home, visit hpotter.com today, or get in touch with a member of their customer service team. You’ll come across many noteworthy designs on their website, and if you have any questions, call them at 208-640-4206.

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