It is very often that those who have little experience in the kitchen consider cooking as something very complicated to do. It is rather confusing since there are so many various techniques or recipes you can try. However, cooking does not have to be such a drain or complicated.

    Fortunately, there are numerous techniques of easy cooking that one can learn and has no reason to give up. Here in this blog post, I will be able to discuss twenty basic tips that anyone can master in cooking. With these Cooking techniques, you will have a proper grounding in the fundamental cooking methods that will sharpen as you progress in your cooking skills.

    But with the help of these meals, I promise you that you will be cooking homemade meals like a pro in no time.

    1. Sautéing

    Sautéing is one of the fundamental techniques of cooking that is also quite handy. To sauté means to fry or cook the food in a pan using olive oil or any other kind of oil at high heat with constant stirring. It is effective when used in the steaming of vegetables, steaming and grilling of meat, boiling eggs, and many other foods.

    There are no special requirements needed, just a pan, cooking oil/butter, and the ingredients you would be using. The use of sautéing is effective in developing and enhancing the flavor and texture of the food in record time while at the same time not compromising on the tenderness of the food items being used.

    2. Pan-Frying

    Like stir-frying, pan-frying also involves the use of a pan where the ingredients are prepared over high-intensity heat. However, pan-frying foods are allowed to sit for some time before flipping upside down to the other side. This method is suitable for foods that are usually cooked like steaks, chops, and fish fillets amongst others. Pan-frying forms a crisp outer skin while the internal part remains nice and moist.

    3. Stir-Frying

    There is a Chinese short cooking method known as stir-frying, whereby ingredients are cooked on high heat, and you keep stirring them. Normally, this is done in a wok but using a large skillet is just fine as well. Stir-frying is a convenient method for cooking tasty meat and vegetable dishes such as sea shrimp fried rice, chicken and broccoli, and sweet and sour pork.

    4. Pan Roasting

    Pan roasting is the process whereby foods are roasted in a skillet and on the stovetop as opposed to the conventional roasting in the oven. This dry heat method helps to enhance taste and also delivers a lightly browned surface to your foods. The vegetables that can benefit most from this method of cooking are Brussels sprouts, broccoli, potatoes, and asparagus while the best pan-roasted meats include the tenderloin or the chicken thighs.

    5. Braising

    Braising consists of searing food items in a pan and then cooking them at a gentle heat with a limited amount of liquid. Apart from the tenderized joints such as chuck roast, pork shoulder, and short ribs, the tough fibrous meat is made tender when braised. Even the braising liquid that is used in the method is perfect for making a sauce or gravy for the dish.

    6. Poaching

    Sautéing is the process of cooking foods quickly in hot oils or butter, while poaching entails cooking foods in water or broth until they are barely done. This moist heat method is effective when cooking tender products such as fish, chicken breasts, and eggs. Turns out poaching is a great approach to retaining flavors and textures without the necessity to cook the food further.

    7. Steaming

    Steaming involves exposing the foods to hot steam heat whereby the Basket or pan, containing the food is placed over boiling water. This method of cooking maintains the nutritional value of the food as it imparts a light and tasty flavor to the vegetables, seafood, eggs, dumplings, and rice.

    8. Boiling

    Sautéing involves frying foods in a small amount of oil while boiling refers to cooking foods by immersing them in boiling water or any other liquid. It is great for pasta, and root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, and of course, boiling is an excellent method for cooking eggs. Some foods have to be cooked in a way that they don’t become soggy; for instance, overboiling some foods makes them absorb too much water.

    9. Simmering

    Like boiling, simmering is also covering food and cooking it with hot, but not boiling water on low heat. The heat is maintained below 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and this helps the flavors to be created and not overcook the foods. Courses such as soups, stews, sauces, and stock can be cooked through the use of simmering.

    10. Pan Searing

    Pan searing is the process of rapidly browning thin cuts of meat in a skillet on the stovetop and then transferring the skillet to the oven or slow cooker to continue cooking the meat. This technique imparts dishes with the enticing look of caramelization on the surface. Cut of meats such as pork chops or steaks, chicken breasts, and even more are best prepared by pan searing before roasting or braising.

    11. Grilling

    Grilled applies dry open flame heat to impart a smoky barbecued taste on food products. Grilling is one of the conventional methods of cooking because it involves roasting the food stuff over a fire on the grill. It is important to note that grilling does not entail the use of much cooking fat thus making it one of the healthier cooking methods.

    12. Broiling

    Although grilling is done at a barbecue area, broiling gives a similar treatment in your oven. The use of the broiler can provide food with a crispy outer layer in the shortest time due to the amount of heat overhead. Broiling is best suited for fatty and thin meats, bread, and open sandwiches, it is common to find home-use ovens that have a broiler.

    13. Roasting

    Roasting involves exposing the food to dry heat in an oven with a moderate temperature and is used in preparing large joints of meat or poultry which are put on the rack without a lid. The outer surface of the meat forms a crust with its juice as it browns while the inside part cooks slowly with little moisture making roasts very tender. This technique can also be applied to potatoes or any vegetables to yield tasty meals.

    14. Baking

    Grilling is often done for meats while broiling is a technique used on bacon, sausages, and chops; baking on the other hand uses dry ambient heat from the oven for breads, desserts, casseroles, and savory pies. The gentle heat engages and immobilizes batters and dough, aiding in its rising as well as crisping, browning, and sealing. The food stays uncovered in the oven until well cooked as a measure to avoid over-browning of the bread.

    15. Sous Vide

    Sous vide employs heated water baths and controlled temperatures to cook foods that are enclosed in vacuum-sealed bags. In sous vide, the ingredients are cooked for a long time without reaching the foods’ undesirable state of overcooked. It aids in enhancing the juiciness of meats and means that one cannot overcook the foods prepared with sous vide.

    16. Deep Frying

    Deep fry admits foods into hot oil to give them a crispy surface. The temperature of the oil (350-375 F) results in the moisture of foods expanding and pushing out moisture rapidly for it to be absorbed by the oil. The enticing crispiness is the result of deep frying, popular items include doughnuts, french fries, fried chicken, and so on.

    17. Stir Baking

    Stir baking or sticky buns involves kneading the dough with butter, sugar, and spices and rolling it up before placing it in a baking pan. When baking, the buttery filling will sink to the bottom and caramelize to form a glaze while the dough turns golden brown at the base. Sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and monkey bread are some of the recipes that employ this stir-baking method.

    18. Slow Cooking

    A slow cooker is a cookware that utilizes low gentle heat for a long period to turn cheap and less desirable cuts of meat into delicious tender meals. Soups such as chili, stews, and shredded meat tacos are best when cooked in a slow cooker for 6-8 hours while meals like ribs and roasts are also best prepared with the use of slow cookers. It is used by adding ingredients in the mornings and by evening one will have a home-prepared meal.

    19. Microwaving

    The microwave oven works by heating the food from the inside out with the help of some electromagnetic waves. Microwaving is excellent for reheating food and does not dry out foods or for boiling water, steaming, heat frozen dinners, and melting butter. Simply ensure not to overdo it as this may destroy the foods that require short and tender cooking methods.

    20. Pressure Cooking

    The most common pressure cookers now use pressurized steam heat, which cuts down the time required for preparation significantly. Pressure cooking is a means of cooking that normally takes hours to prepare different foods but can be cooked in a few minutes. Meats get very soft and moist, beans soften up in no time and do not need to be pre-soaked and the stocks get made very quickly. Everything from cheesecakes, egg bites, and more simply fares excellently well in the pressure cooker.


    Acquiring several simple cooking skills will go a long way in providing aspiring chefs the esteem they require in their line of duty. If you grasp the techniques of sautéing, stir-frying, braising, and others, you can apply basic raw materials and develop them into delicious home-style meals.

    The best way is to begin with a few of the simplest methods you find more attractive and then progress. Practicing them time and again will make cooking as much a joy as it is a worthwhile task and not as daunting a task as people would wish it to be. With these few simple cooking techniques under your belt, it is finally time to go and cook tasty food for you to eat!


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