Comprehensive Guide On Odoo Project Management

Odoo Project is a time-saving software that provides information regarding ongoing projects. This software helps to manage employees, daily activities, delivery dates, managing several projects, and many more. The significant feature of the Odoo Project is that it manages several projects at the same time.  It also provides graphical charts, Gantt charts, etc to visualize the progress of projects.

The application enables the organization to manage several projects with individuals working all across the globe. With the help of this software, the organization easily manages their activities for their customer’s projects as well as their support issues in real-time, agile, social, and flexible ways.

Various views are available to suit users’ needs: work on projects and issues; schedule tasks in the Gantt view (enterprise), and manage deadlines in the calendar view. Keep track of everything, from the grand picture to the finer points, from the client contract to the invoices. Assignment management with alerts to keep users informed about everything that matters to them, collaborative writing to work on the same task at the same time, task delegation, and chatter to collaborate. It creates new tasks and issues automatically from receiving emails, allowing them to collaborate with clients more effortlessly.

Modules of Project Management

  • Create Project and Manage Task:

    The module for project management Odoo assists users in planning and forecasting each task. They can start new projects, assigning a project manager and team members. Also, organize activities and label projects and tasks using specific tags. Furthermore, the jobs are organized for different personnel according to varied time schedules.

    Each work can be divided into subtasks, which can then be assigned to staff. Each task can be divided into phases based on the completion of tasks or the current condition of the project. Users can also prioritize the task based on the urgency with which it must be completed or the requirements. Each employee can keep track of their work status and hours spent on the timesheet.

    We can see how many hours each employee has budgeted and how many hours they have really spent. The project’s budget and invoicing can be managed in this way. You may rapidly create invoices based on project timesheets or analytic accounts by connecting them.

  • Planning of Project:

    It is simple to plan by project or by staff. When projects plan by the employee, that can see each person’s scheduled tasks, as well as their time duration, role in the task, start and end dates, and so on. This is used to track and update the availability of resources, as well as the leaves of resources.

    The Gantt chart allows users to drag and drop resources when planning tasks. There may be open shifts available, and duties can be given to staff based on their availability. Users may also use the Calendar view to keep track of the most important deadlines and assignments.

  • Service Contracts Management:

    Odoo project management modules are adaptable, allowing them to handle a variety of contracts and projects. It can manage fixed projects, such as invoicing based on the quantity ordered, as well as billable projects, timesheet projects, and other types of projects. Contracts can be billed either when the service is done or as the service is being performed.

Benefits of Odoo Project Management

Odoo is the greatest open source project management support solution available. Odoo helps the users to plan the projects, set tasks, manage invoices, schedule work hours with the help of a timesheet, and use spreadsheets for effective project completion with its complex features and functionalities. 

  • Fast and efficient operations:

    The Odoo Project module was created to provide clients with rapid and effective project management help. This program, which has a modern and user-friendly layout, assists users in managing various projects to the best of their abilities. It is adequate to match all modern criteria and assists the team in gathering all data in seconds.

  • Mobile phone friendly:

    The project management tool may be downloaded and installed on a mobile phone, allowing it to be utilized while on the go. This tool allows you to keep track of your tasks from any location. This tool allows team members and supervisors to stay in touch at all times. At the same time, the Odoo Project module allows you to use PCs to acquire huge screen views. On the huge screen, there is also a chat feature.

  • The customizability of projects:

    When you’re using Odoo to manage projects, you may easily change or customize them. One can use this tool to rename the project or rearrange the stages. They can also send out automatic emails and schedule events. Furthermore, the Filters and Groups tools make it simple to keep track of projects and tasks based on our metrics.

  • User-Friendly:

    This program was created with the user in mind, and as a result, it provides the finest perspectives to the users. The project data can be seen in a Kanban format, which allows users to quickly scan projects based on activities and stages. We can also track deadlines to take advantage of the project management team’s efficiency. Users can construct different stages of the project and see how many hours they have worked and how many hours they have left.

  • Time tracking software:

    To complete the project, effectively manage your time. The Odoo Timesheet interface with the Project module allows us to track each employee’s time and working hours. This also aids in the evaluation of the work’s progress.

  • Schedule and Plan:

    Odoo Projects has been linked with Odoo Calendar. This aids in the management of deadlines and work schedules. Rescheduling the events is also an option.

  • Customer management made easy:

    Users can generate customer tickets using the project module. Furthermore, it will enable consumers to watch the progress of the project and maintain continual contact with the project team, allowing for project adaptation. If they are using Odoo, customers may also communicate with their project management team’s clients via email. Furthermore, the project manager may automate client communication by sending out project progress emails via email.

  • Improved Communication Support:

    Odoo allows users to integrate their email accounts and administer their own email aliases. This allows managers or customers to generate tasks automatically by sending emails to the chosen alias. Everyone who receives the message will be automatically assigned to the assignment. It also allows customers to receive warnings based on their behaviors.

    The Activity log assistance, which can be traced across all tasks, will assist us in keeping track of previous activities and is a type of documentation support. Odoo Project also allows us to speak with team members by just clicking on the team member’s image. This saves time by allowing us to collect data in real-time.

  • Quick Management of Sales:

    This open-source Projects application assists us in creating invoices based on the number of hours worked and the cost of materials. A timesheet can be used to automatically calculate the amount of time spent on each project. In addition, we can enable material pricing and include them in the invoice. Orders may be managed with simplicity with this program, from task creation through sales.

  • Report Generation:

    The reporting capabilities of all Odoo tools are a strong selling point. With this application, we may generate reports in an easy-to-understand style. The team can also control the reports using filters, measurements, and group-by options. On the basis of cost and income, we can also measure profitability and get a general overview of the project. This will also aid us in our task analysis.

  • Integration with other Modules:

    Other modules, such as Accounting, Expenses, Timesheet, Calendar, Planning, and so on, can be coupled with project modules. The integration aids in the management of accounting operations, the planning of expenses, the tracking of working hours, and the scheduling and planning of activities.


The Odoo Project Management module is a smart business solution. It allows corporate executives to get a complete picture of their undertaking. The project management module takes care of everything from project billing to customer contracts. It sends out alerts so that businesses can keep track of deadlines and stay informed. Businesses can use Odoo project management to create new tasks and issues automatically from incoming emails.

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