Complete Guide of Transport and Cargo Company in Abu Dhabi

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How can I start a freight company in UAE?

  1. Documents needed to set up a logistics company in Dubai:
  2. Shareholders’ passport copies.
  3. Personal data of shareholders and managers.
  4. Proof of trade name reservation.
  5. Proof of approval of the first activity.
  6. Attested Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA)

How Can I Start a Transport Company in Abu Dhabi?

You need a transport permit from the UAE National Transport Authority. The transport vehicle must be equipped with safety equipment and all technical terms must be completed. The applicant for a transportation permit must be a citizen of the UAE.

Is Owning a Cargo Ship Profitable?

If freight rates continue to rise, the container lines could collectively generate $100 billion in business revenue by 2021, according to Drewry Maritime Research. For context, that’s more than 15 times the profit they generated in 2019 and almost as much as Apple Inc. in a normal year.

How can I get a freight permit in Dubai?

The license can be applied for online through the Emirates Post Group Portal. When applying to a companies based in mainland Dubai, you must apply directly to the Ministry of Economic Development of Dubai, or the local equivalent in case you choose to settle in another emirate.

7 Questions To Ask Transport And Cargo Companies Before Signing The Contract In Dubai

Connecting Asia and Europe, Dubai’s tactical location provides ideal trading rules for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Freight and logistics goods have grown gradually, mainly driven by the compatible and rapid growth of e-commerce across the GCC district and rising global trade. The logistics department in the state is expected to donate 8% to the UAE’s wealth by 2021, up from the current 5.4%. To increase uninterrupted growth and make trade and e-commerce smoother, Dubai has embarked on initiatives to support the evolution of its foundation and robotics, focusing on a mainstream freight transportation structure and an excellent logistics base.

Of these varieties, it is not surprising that the logistics and transportation sector in the UAE is extremely broken. Therefore, there are several transport companies in Dubai like BrightLink that offer land transport services for deliveries within the UAE and in the GCC state along with heavy transport companies that transport solid or over-dimensional cargo (ODC).

The excessive number of existing transport and Cargo companies poses a challenge for many companies that need to ship their products through the UAE or to other GCC states. Gathering the right transport companies is crucial to a company’s victory. So, the question is how do you select a transport partner you can trust, who will meet your expectations and ideally help you grow your business? Well, you have to do your due diligence. That means exploring, seeking advice, checking the company’s websites, checking consumer reviews, tracking their track record for attributes such as opportunity and cost efficiency, and asking the right questions. All of this gives you permission to assess your options. 7 questions to ask your likely Cargo company before appointing them as your Cargo partner.


1. Do you have experience transferring any type of product/material to this particular station?

Not all transport and Cargo Company in Abu Dhabi carry all kinds of products. Some are distinguished by the transportation of unmistakable goods or cargo, such as giant or inversion-controlled transfers. A company will most likely be able to pick up your freight better if they have moved the same or similar goods before. Before Cargo, therefore, ask if they have experience with your type of products and if there is anything similar to consider. They are the specialists and should give you all the guidance you want.

2. Quotations, costs and payment conditions?

The obligations mentioned primarily must always be free of charge. A company that demands you in advance as long as a quote is not worth thinking about as a transport partner. If the submission is unclear or contains unclear charges, ask for an idiomatic list of each individual invoice before thinking about signing the Cargo in Dubai agreement. The quote should indicate where your shipment will be picked up and dropped off once it reaches your location, to avoid any nasty surprises.

When recording, make sure you are understandable about the truck company’s down payment phrase. Ask them how they will charge and compare it with other transport companies. Talk about their terms of approval, such as whether they ask for full payment in advance, after the service is shipped, or relatively 50% in advance and 50% after the load is completed.

3. Do you provide freight insurance?

Freight insurance is a type of insurance that covers/indemnifies a buyer or retailer of products against cargo destruction or loss of cargo.

If you look at the gesture of cargo on the road, there are many effects on the cargo during transportation, caused by the movement of the truck, the slope of the road, the convexities of the vehicle, the speed of movement, unforeseen stops and more. This intensity can cause cargo sliding, tipping and wandering, which could solemnly destroy the cargo and/or other assets. Therefore, the load must be adequately secured to withstand all these forces. You can purchase freight insurance yourself through a third party, but preferably the carrier and Cargo company you are considering working with can offer you freight insurance as part of their value-added services (VAS). It will save your time and effort as well as money and additional hassles could actually cause some damage to your shipment

4. What kind of measures do you take to prevent cargo destruction?

Operative and reliable transport and Cargo companies in Dubai. As everywhere else, must take steps to eliminate or reduce the risk of destruction of their consumer goods. This can significantly save monetary and operational losses, as well as additional work and worthless problems. The following precautions can be taken over by the carrier:

Use of the appropriate type of ship or truck for shipment of the respective goods. For example, for mass transport cargo, a ship plan is needed to transport heavy items, food or pharmaceutical products may need temperature-controlled trucks.

Make sure that the correct lashings and dingbat equipment are used in the ship to prevent the cargo from sliding.

Make sure that colliding goods are not delivered together in the same truckload as they can damage each other.

If the cargo is fragile, make sure the packaging is suitable. And that a suitable route is taken to avoid rough streets, for example.

Presenting technology-authorized solutions that allow consumers to get real-time updates on the position. And shape of their cargo to prevent damage and take energetic measures to reduce further excrement in the event that the cargo has already been damaged.

Should damage nevertheless occur. The company you work with should facilitate the claim process by having a clear plan of action that can be easily resolved from both sides. Therefore, request the on-site collection process for destroyed cargo before signing the agreement.


5. What should you pay attention to when Cargo company cross-border? What about customs documentation?

Customs directive poses a confrontation for many retailers, sellers and consignors. States have specific rules when it comes to importing shipments from idiomatic languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat can change every day, in part due to external circumstances such as a global epidemic.

Transport companies and forwarders are specialists in customs planning. That is often one of the reasons why companies decide to partner with third-party transport companies in Dubai. Individually, the GCC countries have specific individual adjustments. Customs declaration must be ready for examination at customs entrance. With a community declaration attached to accompany the value and state of origin of the products. Sound complicated? It is continuous. So, make sure that you look for a mate who is adequate in terms of customs clearance. Who provides you with detailed information about the laws and regulations and who helps you with all the written work.

6. Will the cargo Company be safe if I send it to another country?

When Cargo to another state, it’s critical to recognize. What happens to your cargo that was previously in the target country. Who will collect your shipment on arrival and ensure that the representative is renewed on time? If the mate you are working with is not present in that state himself. Make sure that they work with agents or partner companies who will perform the cargo professionally on your mate’s behalf.

7. Do you have your own delivery system?

Transport companies in Dubai and UAE run their Cargo company by owning their trucks or by hiring them from a truck distributor. Because trucks are expensive assets, having a fleet comes at a price. That is why widely accepted and large transport companies manage to run their own fleet of vehicles. Related interests are that they have control over the car. Be more flexible in terms of truck availability and hire and instruct their own drivers. In the case of shock damage or other issues. Consumer service is likely to be more responsive. As there is no other meeting that can be called in for simplification.

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